Catherine Austin Fitts

In this breakthrough episode Dark Journalist welcomes back former Assistant Secretary of U.S. Housing and Urban Development Catherine Austin Fitts to outline the new Goverment Accounting Practice called FASAB 56 that allows their agenices to hide transactions and take the entire Federal Budget Black. Fitts shows that the Missing Trillions research she has done with Professor Skidmore of Michigan State University that revealed 21 Trillion missing from the Department of Defense and the Department of Housing and Urban Development, has triggered the covert elements inside the Goverment to push FASAB 56 which was passed by a bi-partisan vote between the Trump administration and Congress.

[Editor’s Note]

For many years Fitts’ was stating that there was TRILLIONS of dollars missing from the federal budget, and many people, scoffed at such a statement.  “How could the government ‘lose’ so much money?”  Those that have been paying attention know that it happens far more regularly than most realize and that the mainstream media would care to admit.

All her hard work paid off when Dr. Mark Skiddmore found documentable evidence that $21 Trillion Dollars was in fact missing from government coffers.   If that doesn’t leave your head spinning, nothing will.  By Fitts’ estimates, the missing money actually goes into the 40-50 Trillion Dollar range, which is money at scales hitherto unprecedented when it comes to stolen money.  And if you think that stolen money is being used to simply being used to purchase condos at the beach, I got a cheese cake factory to sell you on the moon.  You need to think bigger, much bigger. 

If you want a full crash course on this audacious story, please click here.

The video is a must watch for everyone if you wish to comprehend the world we live in from a financial point of view.

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