Zy Marquiez
March 31, 2020

Not only has CBS recently been caught using fake footage in the latest most blatant attempt at Fake News, but one only hears crickets from the mainstream media regarding that very glaring issue.

It’s not hard to see society has entered the realm of the twilight zone.

Plain and simple, the reason CBS chose to employ fake footage was because there is an agenda to provoke and push maximum fear at any cost, which is exactly why individuals should be skeptical of any stories that seek to focus on fear, rather than focusing on the numbers around the Coronavirus contagionThat is one of many reasons why the story continues to unravel at warp speed.

It’s either that, or one can blame it on incompetence.   I’m not buying the incompetence excuse though.  Why not?  Because it’s one of the many fallbacks of the establishment to sweep away otherwise severe issues that should be critically considered.

You might be asking, how do I know that?  Because I learned that from former Assistant Secretary of U.S. Housing and Urban Development Catherine Austin Fitts.

In her website, Catherine Austin Fitts has created a series called Deep State Tactics 101 in her member’s area that elaborates at length on the Deep State playbook.   Specifically, in Part 6 of the series under the part labeled Politics is where I learned that the establishment often blames incompetence for something that was deliberately engineered.

Fitts knows exactly what she’s talking about, and not only has she survived multiple assassination attempts, but my former internet provider Sudden Link here in North Texas took it upon themselves to censor Fitts’ website over a month ago, prompting me immediately to pursue one of the simplest solutions an individual can follow when a corporations seeks to socially engineer your reality: vote with your dollars.

An hour later, and over a dozen conversations with various customer service agents arguing at how they could rectify their mistake, the truth was clear: voting with your dollars works.  It was incredibly stark how intense each customer service representative was at attempting to keep the account.  There really was no choice to make though, as Sudden Link chose for themselves.   Sudden Link showed that they do not respect First Amendment Freedoms nor Freedoms from an overarching perspective, which was why it was obvious it was time to move on.  Now back to the main point.

It is crystal clear that what CBS did was not a mistake, and incompetence as an excuse is simply not going to flyIt was obvious CBS was desperate to keep fanning the flames of fear at ANY cost, and it blew up in their face.   This is because the more fearful the mainstream media gets an individual to be, the more and more emotional they become, and therefore the less and less logical they are able to be, which is one of the many reasons why this is done in the first place.  The last thing the establishment wants you to do is think logically about any given issue.

Now, I just screenshot the first page of a Google search “CBS caught faking coronavirus footage”, and this is what I found as of 3:12 AM, which was corroborated at 6:48 AM when I was revising this article:


There isn’t ONE report of this story by ANY mainstream outlet that I can find on the first OR second pageThe news outlets reporting are all alternative media outlets and there isn’t even too many of those as of yet

Why isn’t that surprising?   Please keep in mind, the mainstream media lying happens far more often and more nefariously than most people realize.

In a world in where responsible journalism is said to take place by the mainstream establishment that often attacks Fake News at every turn, such a blatant lie would be ALL over the news.  Think of it this way, if Trump’s latest tweet gets significant air time ALL over the media, why can’t an issue like this?

Doesn’t the mainstream media love scandals?  Apparently not.

Then why hasn’t the mainstream media widely reported about CBS using fake footage?

That should be clear, because Piranhas don’t eat each other.

And just like Piranhas, what else does the mainstream media pray on?  Your fears.

Which is exactly why you should be skeptical of anything that fans the flames of fear, like CBS has clearly taught everyone, irrespective of how they claim it is an editorial ‘error’.

The Coronavirus fiasco cannot even hold water anymore, and nothing screams louder than hearing the mainstream media drown in their own silence.

If you find value in this information, please share it.  This article is free and open source.  All individuals have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Zy Marquiez and

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