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Zy Marquiez
April 11, 2020

Crossfire – The Plot That Killed Kennedy is a remarkable book by Jim Marrs that is incredibly thorough and mindful in its investigation of the John F. Kennedy Assassination and the Coup D’etat that took place on that horrid day.

As in his other books, Marrs carries out a methodical examination of all the intricacies that revolved around this incident with seeking to dissect fact from fiction.  In fact, after finishing with his exhaustive examination, Marrs still had the presence of mind to center on some pressing questions about the official story which will be centered upon later.

Succinctly put, throughout his investigation Marrs left no stone unturned, even if his findings ventured far beyond the official story.  In Crossfire, Marrs took note of everything from the nefarious dealings of the CIA, to witness accounts that eviscerate the official narrative showing how duplicitous the official story was and still is, while also going through examinations of the grassy knoll as well as the depository, to countless other issues inherently woven within the official narrative.

Throughout his extensive investigation, Marrs found peculiar “coincidental” instances throughout the event.  For instance, Marrs centered on the issue with the ambulance that was to serve as the reason for President Kennedy’s motorcade having to stop, to countless dead witnesses (and people in the know) totaling a jaw-dropping 143 individuals, and even extremely suspicious dealings with the Secret Service and more.

What’s more, the cover up that ensued about what truly took place, which possibly involved Lyndon B. Johnson as well as insiders from the CIA, FBI, Secret Service, and more, is also examined at length.  This provides a variety of rabbit trails that will leave the reader incensed at the fact that either many people turned their backs on Kennedy when he needed them the most, were part of the conspiracy in the first place, or it was just ‘coincidence’.

Issues with the infamous Zapruder film are also given a fair glance given all circumstances revolving around it.

Marrs also sifts through the possibilities of how the CIA and its notorious mind control experiments via MK Ultra could have played a role the assassination.

As the author saliently notes:

“Since Oswald may have taken a mind-altering drug; since his killer, Jack Ruby, told Dallas police he had no recollection of shooting Oswald; since Sirhan Sirhan, the presumed assassin of Robert Kennedy, still claims he can’t remember what happened in the Ambassador Hotel; and since a San Quentin psychologist, Dr. Eduard Simson, proclaimed that Sirhan has been “programmed” by drugs, hypnosis, or both, the possibility of mind control in the JFK assassination…cannot be ruled out.”[1]

Likewise, while focusing on Lyndon B. Johnson, the author also narrows in on J. Edgar Hoover, whose ability “to gather information and then to control it” gave him enormous power throughout the events.   This along with other suspect dealings within the assassination, are more than ample reasons why Hoover could have been complicit.

Marrs also mentions the fact that many witnesses were in fact intimidated by the authorities into going with the official narrative.   Regarding this, the author soberingly notes:

“Witnesses Charles Givens, James Tague, Phil Willis, Kennedy aides Kenneth O’Donnel and David Powers, and former senator Ralph Yarborough were pressured to alter their statements, while others – including Ed Hoffman, A.J. Millican, Sandy Speaker, Acquilla Clemons, and Richard Carr – were threatened into silence.”[2][Bold Emphasis Added]

Predictably, the mainstream media – being part of the establishment – didn’t even bother in examining their testimony, nor anything else that might blow the lid on the cover up.

Likewise, the author also examined the interests that revolved around the assassination from Big Oil, to the Big Banks, the Mob, the Cubans, FBI, CIA, and more.

How Jack Ruby’s role plays out around this conspiracy is also given more than a fair glance by Marrs.  Interestingly, Jack Ruby dying of cancer dovetails eerily with information in the book Dr. Mary’s Monkey – How The Unsolved Murder Of A Doctor, A Secret Laboratory In New Orleans and Cancer-Causing Monkey Viruses Are Linked To Lee Harvey Assassination And Emerging Global Epidemics by Edward T. Haslam.  Haslem found that cancer was able to be induced via injection, which rings ominous since Ruby dying of an unexpected cancer was exactly what some researchers had postulated took place as a covert method of murder.

One of the worst parts of all this is that the cover-up still continues until this very day.

Regarding this, the author notes the feelings of a discerning individual in a JFK assassination research website, JFK Facts:

If JFK was killed by a deranged lone nut, why are so many records from 1963 considered so significant in 2012?  Why were records destroyed?  Who ordered their destruction?  Where are the Air Force One tapes?  Why can’t they be found?  Why are so many CIA documents about undercover officers with pre-assassination knowledge of Lee Harvey Oswald classified for reasons of national security?  Why doesn’t Congress oversee the JFK Records Act?  Why don’t they hold public hearings on these issues and get answers to these questions?“[3][Bold Emphasis Added]

Or, as Governor Jesse Ventura intimated:

If the government were telling the truth, there would be no reason to lock up anything from the people of this country.  Clearly, they are not, because here we are 50 years later, and they are still withholding documents from us.”[4][Bold & Underline Emphasis Added]

Without a doubt, Crossfire not only proves that the official story of the JFK assassination is hogwash, but it also proves that there is overwhelming evidence that Oswald was a fall guy.  Beyond that:

The Dallas police paraffin test showed no gunpowder on Oswald’s hands or cheek, evidence that he did not fire a rifle…”[5][Bold & Underline Emphasis Added]

Couple to that other evidence that seemed to have been tampered with that only a select few had access to, and the story unravels rather incredibly quick.

All things considered, this book is a masterful analysis that not only eviscerates the official narrative, but also sheds light into many of the darker threads of those that played a role into the assassination of President Kennedy.  And given how much our nation has deteriorated incredibly since the assassination with every new scandal and with every new crisis thereafter, it’s not hard to see why Dr. Joseph P. Farrell has often intimated that in order to understand modern history, individuals need to begin seeing the arc of history that begins with the JFK assassination in full swing, for without doing so, they will not be able to comprehend how America got here in the first place.

And America must seek understanding beyond the conventional narrative, for how can true change ever take place if those tainted tentacles that orchestrated part of the assassination were never brought to justice, and whose spirit ultimately remains embedded deep within the substrata of society, even if most (or all) of the people that played a role on that ghastly day have already passed.

Consider Crossfire mandatory reading if you care about what’s happening to this country.  For if America simply forgets about what happened to John F. Kennedy over time, and official history is allowed to stand, not only will lies be allowed to stand in place of truth, but all those involved will have truly gotten away with the assassination with no true justice ever having been had or truth been found, with those very sinister elements having shifted the power structure to such an extent, that the damages that shattered the foundation of America on that dark day, still reverberate despondently into this day, and will do so far into the future as well.

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