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Zy Marquiez
April 12, 2020

LBJ & The Conspiracy To Kill KennedyA Coalescence Of Interests by Dr. Joseph P. Farrell is an incredibly unique book for numerous reasons.

At the outset, Dr. Farrell doesn’t simply seek to pin the assassination on one person, or one faction.  Dr. Farrell takes a much more overarching vantage point from which to view the assassination, and that is easily one of the book’s greatest strengths, if not the greatest.

In many conspiracies such as 9/11, those seeking truth and researching the subject often only end up looking at a select few individuals, only one tentacle of the power structure be it Deep State or otherwise.  Or those researching might only look at one faction, one country, even though it is very possible that various groups (or factions) played a roll directly or indirectly, or as Dr. Farrell himself argued, that 9/11 turned into a hijacked operation, which he argued incredibly well in his landmark Hidden Finance, Rogue Networks, and Secret Sorcery: The Fascist International, 9/11, and Penetrated Operations. [Note: The book doesn’t simply research 9/11 though, as it fuses into many other notable research threads that go overlooked or unconnected into the events of 9/11 and modern day, but are in fact crucial to understanding how America as a nation got to where it is.  If you are ready to truly dive into 9/11 research in an incisive way, that book is the best starting point that I know.]

The point is that the larger the vantage point from which you view a (potential) conspiracy from, the more dots you will see, and the more likely is that you’re going to be able to connect those dots that you otherwise wouldn’t have if you weren’t privy to that information, or didn’t even realize belong in the analysis of what happened in the first place.  That’s why I say without equivocation that the overarching vantage point Dr. Farrell takes in this book is easily one of the greatest strengths of this book and it is easy to see why.

In Dr. Farrell’s own words:

“As has been indicated, the basic thesis of this book is that the conspiracy involved a coalescence of interests of various groups that other researchers have proposed were involved in the assassination.  Methodologically this implies, to a certain extent, that other assassination researcher’s conclusions are essentially correct and that they are not, in the end, mutually explosive.  They form a vast network, a web of relationships and motives.  The question is, how are their motives related?  How could they have all been coordinated?  What was their level of probable involvement, and in what aspect of the conspiracy – the murder itself, the creation of the Oswald-Lone Nut Theory, or the alteration of forensic evidence and the perpetuation of a cover-up – were they most likely involved?  In short, what was the structure of the conspiracy?”[Sic][Italics Emphasis In Original].[1]

That is the premise that provides the core foundation for all that follows.

In essence, LBJ & The Conspiracy To Kill Kennedy is a book that seeks to reverse engineer all the factions that exhorted their power in order to carry out one of the greatest conspiracies in modern times, while looking at the substrata of interests that exhorted the most power in that conspiracy and what they all stood to gain.

Likewise, the book also sifts through three classes of assassination literature from those who have thoroughly researched the John F. Kennedy assassination.  Each group takes a distinct approach, and Dr. Farrell analyzes each for its strengths, weaknesses, as well as what missing components a particular group of researchers ignores.

For example:

The second group tends to ignore the three components of the conspiracythe crime itself, the framing of Oswald, and the ensuing long-term cover-up by focusing only on the first, or the first two, components, and by ignoring the evidence for the wider involvement of other groups, individuals, and interests implied by the third.”[2][Bold Emphasis Added]

What precisely is Dr. Farrell’s approach then?  In his own words:

“..the question this book attempts to answer is not so much who was involved, but how they were involved.”[3][Bold & Italics Emphasis In Original]

As such, Dr. Farrell not only analyzes the potential coalescence of interests that had a hand in the assassination – FBI, CIA, Banksters, Nazis, Masons, Mafia, Big Oil, The Military, The Secret Service – but further distills these to the core nexus that arguably played the most prominent roles in the assassination of President Kennedy.

In addition, and more importantly, Dr. Farrell centers upon one of the public power players that played a notable role in the architecture of the conspiracy: Lyndon B. Johnson.

At minimum, the turn-coat and traitor Johnson slithered his tentacles all over the official “investigation” derailing the possibility of any semblance of truth from rising to the foreground.

As Dr. Farrell notes:

“…it is certainly clear that Johnson, by his policies and behaviors after the assassination, acted as if he knew who was ultimately behind the murder, for at every turn, he acted in their interest as well as his own, in suppressing any evidence tending to incriminate him, or themNowhere more did he do this more clearly than in his selection of those members of the Warren Commission itself.”[3][Bold & Underline Emphasis Added]

At its foundation, what LBJ & The Conspiracy To Kill Kennedy does is not only recast the official story in starkly different light, but also extends the vantage point from which to view the overarching conspiracy in much greater depth, and still ventures deeper still into the darkest elements at play, and what those elements really stood for.

Those are sinister elements that not only made it a point to arguably carry out the largest conspiracy of the century, but also transformed the consciousness of Americans by infusing enough trauma into the social psyche the likes of which western society had not witnessed in modern times.

With everything noted and still so much left unsaid, LBJ & The Conspiracy To Kill Kennedy offers not only a more comprehensive understanding of what took place that day and the resounding possibilities, but also shows you the core structure of those groups responsible for the coup d’etat that took place on that horrid day.

Just as so, given its breadth, scope, and analytical overlay, this book will help individuals ultimately understand why we are witnessing many of the issues we are in our society at our current juncture, and why things haven’t changed.  That alone should be reason enough, but the book offers countless additional incisive reasons for one to read it, as all of Farrell’s books do.

Note: This review has been updated given additional readings in order to really focus on Dr. Farrell’s methodology and how that offers a much broader vantage point from which to view this conspiracy, or any potential one as well given the wider tapestry available.

Such a technique allows for individuals to really see the kaleidoscope of possibilities that are otherwise unavailable when individuals enter this (or any other conspiracy) with only one road in mind, or one group, or one method.

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