TheHighWire with Del Bigtree
April 14, 2020

Ohio residents protesting #Coronavirus lockdown at state capitol. Live-feed Source: Scott Shoemaker Facebook

[Editor’s Note] It’s great to know that the police is supporting this in Ohio.  This is also going to start taking place in more and more places with time, as I don’t see people losing jobs, losing businesses and livelihoods, all the while the leadership’s credibility continues to slip further downhill, all continuing support of what’s going on like no serious ramifications are being had by these lockdowns.  For instance, in Tenessee, more people died of suicides than they did of Coronavirus last week.  Why isn’t the mainstream media widely reporting that?  To think that locking down nations, be it America or otherwise, wouldn’t have serious consequences on mental health (and other health conditions) is shortsighted, but that’s not a consideration that the establishment ever gets near.