Zy Marquiez
April 14, 2020

When’s the last time someone handed you a red pill, and what did that person change about your personal paradigm, or your world paradigm?  It’s an intriguing question that could have resounding implications depending on how impactful that red pill it was.

Not long ago, someone was kind enough to hand me a red pill that changed my life in ways I didn’t think possible at the time.  And people have been handing me red pills ever since that day.  Except, sometimes I didn’t know they were red pills, but looking back they truly were.

The truth is that life offers opportunity at every turn.  Some opportunities are vapid, but others change your life.  And red pills are one of life’s greatest opportunities because they change your life by incredible degrees, as they allow deeper understanding that paves the way for increased growth that one would otherwise not have without them.

Once upon a time, a complete stranger was kind enough to drop one byzantine red pill at the time in the form of a sizeable stack of Vitamin B-12 studies while I was at a library.  I found out after incessant inquiring on my part, that a couple of the staff members had asked some people about what they knew regarding my inquiry given their lay of the land, and where they could find studies or any articles about B-12, since at the time I was having trouble finding that information.  Lo and behold, after days at that library someone found out, and that person just dropped a stack of files right out of the blue in front of me, and just disappeared amidst my shock.

I had no idea what had just happened.  Let me put it to you this way, say you’re out minding your own business and someone just hands you not a sheet of paper, but dozens of them simultaneously, what would you do?  You would be shocked, no?  That was my response.  I was so dumbfounded by what was handed to me, that by the time I realized what had happened the person had left.

Later I found out that they worked in the field of medicine, and chose to used resources from the library to access information they knew about, but which the library didn’t have, in order to help me out.  Ironically that’s not the only time I’ve had a total stranger change my life simply because they were kind enough to take time out of their lives to act as they saw fit.

All red pills work the very same way.  If one were to see a red pill as an opportunity for truth, via a moment, a fact, a documentary, a person, a book, or anything similar that has the capacity to get you to see reality as it truly functions from a lager vantage point, then red pills are a lot more prevalent than people realize.  The issue is that the mainstream media and the establishment do not provide red pills by design, for they are there to tow the (divide and conquer) party line.  That doesn’t mean you can’t find red pills on your own, or, have someone hand you some.

Why would was information on B-12 crucial anyways?  Because my interest in B-12 was purely incidental at the time, but changed my life later on because I became B-12 deficient to such a severe extent that it spawned health issues that landed me in the hospital, and that incident and everything I learned from it changed the course of my life.  Call it coincidence if you must, but I call it synchronicity myself.  What’s more, B-12 deficiencies are in fact linked to many diseases, but that’s beyond the scope of write-up, but I mention it for those individuals who might be curious about it.

In retrospect, what’s the biggest stack of red pills that I ever found?  The work of 2-time award winning teacher of the year in New York, the late John Taylor Gatto.  The amount of red pills that Gatto provides regarding education and public schooling through his many interviews, or his absolutely incisive books that showcase the truth behind public schooling and what it has been about for a very long time, is truly something to behold given how important education is, and how lacking it has become.

Why do I find John Taylor Gatto’s work downright incredible?  Because once you realize that the system doesn’t teach what it should teach by design, then you realize that you must take it upon yourself.  And there’s nothing more liberating than you knowing that, regardless of what others do, you control your own path.

So if the system seeks to undermine your learning process, then flip the tables and seek to undermine that type of social engineering by not only learning what you can on your own, following YOUR own path, which isn’t just possible but invigorating, but by handing out red pills every single day.

Everything follows from education, as without a sound education, one cannot understand the larger tapestry that life provides.  But with education, anything is possible.  This is one of the many reasons why self-directed learning is crucial to understanding what is going on in the world and in life.  If an individual lacks the education, and we all do to varying extents given that the public schooling system makes sure of this by design, then how is an individual going to comprehend what is going on?  That person can’t.  It’s impossible.  That’s akin to setting out for a voyage across hundreds of miles without a ship, a map, a compass, and all other tools you will need for your voyage.  Education is no different.

Therefore, education is paramount not only to understand the larger vantage point that life provides, but also to make sure that what has already happened, stops happening, and doesn’t happen again.  And to help that take place, I know no better place than to start then with John Taylor Gatto’s magnum opus, what one could argue is the culmination of his life work in one video: The Underground History Lesson. 


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