BAQ#1 - CAF - ID2020, Crytos, Bill Gates
Zy Marquiez
April 14, 2020

In a recent interview with Greg Hunter of, former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development in the United States Catherine Austin Fitts made the above statement:

“If you move to crypto, and I just want to really underscore this, crypto is not a currency, it is a control system.  So you move to a crypto, and you are on the company’s system and you have a credit at the company’s store, and if you have a crypto and I have a crypto, your crypto can be arbitrarily taken away or changed in value if you don’t behaveIt’s not a currency; it is a credit at the company’s storeThat is not your asset.  That is a credit at the company’s store, it is an asset of the company and they can take it away or change its value like that [finger snap].  Now, if you look at the current currency, it’s on a petrodollar standard, it used to be on a gold standard, it went to being on a petrodollar standard after the Nixon shock broke the gold standard.  Now they are talking about a credit system on the company’s store that will have as its collateral a human being.  So you see Bill Gates come out with…ID2020, so every human being has a biometric ID and that can be tied with the currency system, we can talk about how that may or may not happen, but they are talking about changing from an oil standard to a human standard, and where I come from we call that slavery.”[Emphasis Added Throughout]

Fitts’ warning is notably sobering and might even seem outlandish, please keep in mind that Catherine Austin Fitts has already warned others about other incredibly significant issues such as the missing $21 Trillion from the Department of Defense (DOD) and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), that turned out to be right, which shows her incredible foresight when nobody else was even in the same realm of financial analysis.

Plain and simple: if she’s concerned, maybe individual’s ought to take a much closer look and pay attention because ID2020 is a lot more nefarious than it seems at first blush.

Please check out Catherine Austin Fitts’ work at and Greg Hunter’s work at