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April 16, 2020

Nigh two weeks ago, I penned an article stated “Hindsight In Foresight – Social Distancing As A Social Engineering Meme To Look Out For”, and in it I explicitly stated:

“…do keep your mindful eyes open and ears to the ground, because regardless of what the Coronavirus pandemic is, the Social Distancing Meme will be pushed, and it will be pushed relentlessly.”[1]

That is exactly what is taking place, with a link by CNN alludes at the ‘need’ to social distance until 2022 due to the Coronavirus.  And yet the article itself avers that the speed of immunity acquisition to COVID-19 is not known.[2]

So how is a model that doesn’t know how many people are immune, and will be immune, which is something that should take place to some extent, be accurate at all?  Doesn’t that seem paradoxical?  It should.

What’s more, the team from Harvard School of Public Health, published their findings in the journal Science which concluded:

“Intermittent distancing may be required into 2022 unless critical care capacity is increased substantially or a treatment or vaccine becomes available.”[3]

Translation: society must social distance because medical infrastructure is lacking, and because society needs a treatment of some sort.  But most healthy people recover from COVID-19, as will also be discussed below, so why should healthy people even social distancing in the first place?  Many studies already show that social distancing worsens people’s health.  But that doesn’t fit the propaganda machine.

In one study, isolation was shown to cause significant psychological stress such as PTSD and depression symptoms, and in another, social distancing was shown to increase mortality risk by 29%.[4][5]  Where are those considerations?  There are none mentioned.  Don’t you find that a bit odd?  PTSD, depression, and mortality are not even mentioned in the study. 

Let’s move on to the next statement.

“The authors are aware that prolonged distancing, even if intermittent, is likely to have profoundly negative economic, social, and educational consequences.”[6][Bold Emphasis Added]

Translation: it is known that social distancing is going to make things worseSince when is suggesting something that make things worse even sensible to begin withLet’s take a look at the next gem.

“We do not take a position on the advisability of these scenarios given the economic burden that sustained distancing may impose, but we note the potentially catastrophic burden on the healthcare system that is predicted if distancing is poorly effective and/or not sustained for long enough. The model will have to be tailored to local conditions and updated as more accurate data become available.

Translation: there must be multiple models tailored for local conditions that need to be updated, which means that we cannot know how accurate this is in the first place.  As has been shown in the past, fatalities from Coronavirus tend to affect older people, as it was shown in Italy that the average fatality age as of March 17 to be 79.5, and those underlying health conditions, of which 99% of people that died had disease(s).[7]  And yet, the model is making the overarching assumption that everyone must follow the same protocols in order to stay healthy.  That’s a farce.

The highest at risk population and the healthier category are not even in the same realm.  How is it sensible to lump everyone together?  It isn’t.

This is clearly a propaganda push to normalize social distancing, even though there are serious consequences to it, all the while it hasn’t been proven that social distancing has worked this time around.  The establishment tells us it worked, but it hasn’t been proven.  The establishment also mentioned many things that turned out to be wrong, way wrong, or admitting that lying was okay.

For instance,  the establishment also used a virus model that was 13+ years old from Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx admitted that it was okay to lie on National Television, Dr. Fauci’s virus model had to be revised by over 10 orders of magnitude, and Neil Ferguson’s virus model had to be revised TWICE from 500,000 down to 20,000, and then down to 5,700, off by many orders of magnitude.

Plain and simple, the establishment has lost all its credibility, and many other issues were not covered as well.  And as I showed, the social distancing model doesn’t even make any sense, will probably make things worse in their own words, while social distancing is already also shown to lead to depressive states, PTSD, and higher mortality.  THAT we know.

What we also know is that once the establishment loses all credibility, particularly when they’re wrong quite often, trust can no longer be involved because failure was what took place repeatedly

And another thing that failed is this blatant attempt at socially engineering the normalization of social distancing with an argument that was incredibly flawed in countless ways  It will also continue to fail because it will become more and more obvious with time, just as was shown.

Please keep your eyes open, because this type of social engineering propaganda around social distancing is not going anywhere.  But as long as you keep your eyes open to the facts, this social distancing propaganda is guaranteed to fail time and time again.  Just like the establishment continues to do so.



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