Zy Marquiez
April 16, 2020

In the previous part, the overarching backdrop of secrecy that undergirds the Kennedys as a family was discussed, in conjunction with the long list of fatalities that the family has experienced.  The importance of the Kennedy name as a symbol was also touched upon given what follows in part 3.

Likewise, the deliberate precision and intent throughout pivotal portions of Kennedy history up until recent time was touched upon lightly as well, in order to paint an accurate picture of the consistency of the ‘accidents’, secrecy, and conspiracies that are obviously taking place in their truest form around the Kennedys, whether you trust the official stories or not.

As in the previous part, a handful of substantial historical markers will be planted for those seeking to pull some threads, while simultaneously setting up the background to argue for a possible foundational element of the Deep State with a past precedent as witnessed through historical statements, and as was previously defined with the work of former Canadian diplomat, Peter Dale Scott, renown author of American War Machine: Deep Politics, the CIA Global Drug Connection, and the Road to Afghanistan.

Before moving forward, I need to be clear, while most of everything that I share on this website is reasonably supported around mainstream and even alternative media articles, books and documentaries, podcasts by various researchers and the like, a lot of what follows is in the realm of what is called high-octane speculation, the term that Dr. Joseph P. Farrell of coined many years ago to describe his attempt to speculate on a whole kaleidoscope of pressing issues that are incredibly abstruse and yet paramount to understanding reality from the highest vantage points.

Therefore, after what follows you will have to do your own due diligence and look into all things yourself, all the resources, links, books, and websites provided, in order to attain a deeper understanding than anything the mainstream media and establishment provides because there is a fair amount of speculation that will be involved in what follows.  And given the veneer of secrecy and the possible conspiratorial nature of these latest Kennedy deaths, there will be a lack of verifiable data at key points, but where there is substance those cited statements, articles and quotes will be provided.  All the same, I do hope that what I surmise with the information provided creates a concrete argument that helps individuals follow threads to where they may lead regarding all of the issues discussed.

For a few years now, Dr. Farrell and Catherine Austin Fitts have discussed the possibility that the American Deep State could be at war with one another.  Or, another way to view this issue is that there could be factional infighting within the Deep State, as Dr. Farrell has often stated in some his interviews and website, which could also dovetail a into other geopolitical situations.

One of arguments that have been propounded on the Deep State is that there are multiple factions of the Deep State, not unlike multiple factions of cartels, mafias, secret societies, and the like.  As it goes, one faction of the Deep State backed Trump, and another backed Hillary during the last election.  Whether Trump or Hillary were privy to ‘direct’ contact with the Deep State when they ran against each other is not an argument here.  The argument is that regardless of what either of them wanted, it’s what the Deep State seeks to accomplish that ultimately matters to them, because they are the ultimate power players given how their tentacles are embedded deeply within the power structure and has been for many decades now before either Trump or Hillary rose through the ranks.

This runs counter to what some people believe, which is that unilateral control is already employed top down by the globalists and the Deep State, with all criminals simply following the party line because those on top say so, thus it being impossible that there could be more than one faction because everything runs flawlessly to perfection according to the globalist plan because we are headed to a one-world government as the League of Nations and United Nation models sought to do.  While I do believe the argument of nations heading for a possible one-world government type of scenario would have held some ground in the past, I do not believe that to be the case any longer and allow me to explain why.

I’m a very reasonable person, and while I can see top-down control being followed in criminal enterprises and cartels for the most part, it is hard for me to really believe that everyone in the criminal syndicates and rogue groups is simply going to follow orders all the time.  Particularly when incredible amount of power and money lay on the line.

To put it differently, what’s more likely, that some of the most brazenly corrupt, ruthless, soulless, child-molesting, child-trafficking, and insane people that the world has ever seen (and those that support them) that are also not beyond killing, are simply going to follow orders, never backstab each other, not have their own agendas and their own conspiracies and so on, or, as is in their nefarious nature, that they are going to act like criminals do? 

Can one not deduce that at a certain point and time these rogue groups might act in their true nature, as certain factions, cartels, and groups often do, and someone (be it a person or a group) might wish to move up the chain of command and seek more power, money, or control, and that person (or rogue group) might just orchestrate events that seek to undermine those below, overthrow those above, and perhaps even those laterally as well?  Indeed.  And if one person can do it, so can another.  And if one group can do it, so can another. 

Does every single person in the Deep State have to behave like that?  Negative.  Just enough shades of blacks and grays to mute the whites that might want serious change.  But given possible overwhelming corruption with a long historical basis and roots that are inherently embedded within the substrata of society, it’s probably not easy, or perhaps even possible without some serious ramifications.

As far as infighting goes, mafias and criminal enterprises are notoriously known for this, so it isn’t just very reasonable that there could be more than one faction, it is highly likelyConsequently, that is why it is not hard to see why there could be at minimum two Deep State factions, if not more, that are vying for power in America, particularly at this moment in time as it will be argued.

This does not mean that one group is purely honest and good while the other one isn’t, or that there isn’t corruption on all factions of the Deep State, that undergirds the Democrats and the Republicans.  This isn’t black and white.  That is not what I am alleging.  Though I must make it clear because it must be mentioned, there’s evidence in what follows later that the Pro-America group is carrying out significant operations that undermine criminal operations throughout the nation.

Inherently, the argument is that the group that backs Trump is loyal to America, not unlike a mafia is loyal to their own country, and the Italian (Sicilian) Mafia (a.k.a. La Costa Nostra) is historically one the best examples of this, while the group that backed Hillary is not, and is (or could still be) loyal to the group that historically pushed for one-word government, the same group that would have backed Obama, the Clintons, and the Bushes, and could also have their own agenda to control America not to make America great again, but to impose their rule like any tyrannical government would, regardless of what political party was at the helm.  The Deep State is not exactly the paragon of all that is good and noble, so that supposition is very plausible.

In what follows, the argument for the group that is traditionally seen as the (unified) Deep State will be addressed in a very cursory way by taking sample statements that seem to alluded to these very elements, and later on it will be argued for another group seeking retrenchment within the United States, standing against that group.

To support the argument that a variety of elements within the United States could have been or may have become part of the foundation of the Deep State, I will cite again the work of the late Jim Marrs, who was an award-winning journalist with over 30 years of experience, in the book that made me begin to appreciate history in a way that no other book had before, Rise of The Fourth Reich – The Secret Societies That Threaten To Take Over America.

In Rise of the Fourth Reich, Marrs centered upon a 1940s address by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, in which he states that the president “had to deal with a previous “New World Order”.[1]

President Roosevelt stated:

“The history of recent years proves that the shootings and the chains and the concentration camps are not simply the transient tools but the very altars of modern dictatorships.  They may talk of a ‘new order’ in the world, but what they have in mind is only a revival of the oldest and the worst tyranny.  In that there is no liberty, no religion, no hopeThe proposed ‘new order’ is the very opposite of the United States of Europe, or a United States of AsiaIt is not a government based upon the consent of the governanceIt is not a union of ordinary, self-respecting men and women to protect themselves and their freedoms and their dignity from oppressionIt is an unholy alliance of power and self to dominate and to enslave the human race.”[2][Bold & Underline Emphasis Added]

That statement, coming from a President of the United States, echoes statements made by the only General ever elected as POTUS, and that was President Dwight Eisenhower, that follows hereafter, but also eerily mirrors President John F. Kennedy’s most significantly speech later on.

On the very similar elements that President Roosevelt centered upon or perhaps even the exact elements, President Dwight Eisenhower warned in his political farewell speech on January 17, 1961 about some significant issues, two of which will be discussed.

One of the more overlooked remarks that President Dwight Eisenhower centered upon was when he stated:

We face a hostile ideology — global in scope, atheistic in character, ruthless in purpose, and insidious in method.”[3][Bold & Underline Emphasis Added][4]

This statement is rather notable for what will follow later on in pat 3, but I mention it because not only did America (and other nations) face an enemy that was global in scope, as the previous statement avers, but President Dwight Eisenhower also cautioned about another enemy. 

On this, President Eisenhower forewarned:

In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.

We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together.”[5][Bold & Underline Emphasis Added]

Not only did President Eisenhower clearly air his concerns, but he also noted the importance of ‘an alert and knowledgeable citizenry’, which is paramount now more than ever.  Ironically, President Eisenhower’s speech took place not long before President John F. Kennedy took the helm in the United States.

As can be gathered by what follows, it wasn’t just President Roosevelt and President Eisenhower who knew something was wrong within the substrata of society.

Before the American Newspaper Publishers Association on April 27, 1961, former President John F. Kennedy stated:

For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence–on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by dayIt is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.”[6][Bold, Italics & Underline Emphasis Added]

Those are three remarkably incisive statements by American presidents centering heavily upon a kaleidoscope of concerns that they had about the criminal syndicates, rogue groups, and corrupt elements operating within the substrata of America.  Given the precision of language that the presidents centered upon, it’s hard not to see how these very elements could have been what eventually became known as the Deep State, even if they weren’t known as such back then, except in ideology only.  What’s more, in eerie coincidence if it were, both Eisenhower and Kennedy both focused on the “ruthless” nature of those groups, which will be touched upon later.

These three presidents are either talking about the same sinister (Deep State) culture that was entrenched within America for decades now, criminal syndicates that either became subsumed by the Deep State through treaty or by force, or ended up becoming part of a larger parasitic entity as it were later on given the long history of integration between many of those groups.  Either way, it was rather obvious that President Kennedy in his day was willing to go after criminal syndicates of all shades like nobody had ever done before or has done since, which made him an incredible threat to all criminal syndicates and rogue groups involved in that era whose echoes are still heard now.

Tersely stated, those groups that Presidents Roosevelt, Eisenhower and Kennedy spoke about are surely the best candidates for what was later termed by former Canadian diplomat Peter Dale Scott as the ‘Deep State’.

Peter Dale Scott defined the (Deep State) machine as:

“Today everything that has ever been labeled “invisible government” or “shadow government” can be considered parts of that machinenot just the CIA and organized crime but also such other nonacccountable powers as the military-industrial complex (now the financial-military-industrial complex), privatized military and intelligence contractors, public relations agents, media magnates, and even Washington’s most highly organized lobbyists”[7]Bold & Underline Emphasis Added]

That statement by Scott is in a essence a fusion of all the previous statements brought about by all three aforementioned Presidents.

It’s distinctly clear that once the tentacles of the Deep State reached outwards from the substrata of society from where it lay hidden (so to speak) up until the John F. Kennedy assassination plot they carried out once it felt threatened, which will be touched upon in Part 3, it began overtaking the very system that sought to fight corruption, the very system that now paves the way for a full fledged surveillance state that data mines people’s information as if privacy was an afterthought and not a right.  It’s the same system that allows for wars to be based on lies such as “weapons of mass destruction”, and yet holds no accountability for such blatant lies that lead to the loss of tens of thousands of people, without counting the many thousands of suicides of American soldiers, all the while ignoring $21 Trillion siphoned from the public that former Assistant Secretary of U.S. Housing and Urban Development Catherine Austin Fitts of had predicted was missing for well over a decade from the Department of Defense (DOD) and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).[8]

To be precise, I’m focusing on those corrupt people within the system, and not all other individuals that seek to do the right thing, which I would wager would have to be majority given that if it weren’t, the system would have probably fallen apart by now, or their agendas such as Transhumanism, Technocracy, Digital Currencies, tighter overarching Surveillance than even know and other agendas, would be farther down the line.  Even so, only a system that is tainted deep within its strata and has corruption and rampant secrecy embedded deeply within its DNA allows for such blatant disregard of the law be it international law or otherwise, besides all the other issues that have not been covered.

Call it the Deep State, call it anything you want, the point is that this very system of abject corruption has been sucking the life out of the American populace as well as the world at a much greater length ever since the assassination of John F. Kennedy, not unlike a tapeworm to borrow Catherine Austin Fitts’ term.  It is not hard to see how such a system of  corruption would have eventually upset a group that might have once lost its loyalty to the nation or sold out altogether, but perhaps sought to regain the power it lost over time, which could admittedly be moral, immoral, or somewhere in between.  And a Deep State group that saw those issues (and others) taking place and got weary of them, would seek retrenchment into America rather than continue to see the downfall and undermining of America and its culture.  There could be certainly other reasons as well.  Either way, if there were a group that sought to retrench within America there would be evidence of it, and that is what we will explore now.

The first of the three factors that will be discussed showing evidence for a Deep State group retrenching within the nation is America having achieved energy independence.  It’s straightforward conclude that if there were an incoming one-world government, whether it’s something under the United Nations banner or otherwise, be it officially or unofficial, such a group would not have wanted America to achieve energy independence as it would lose its influence over the US, as it had before energy independence was achieved.  That would be one way that the globalists, those vying for a one-world government, could keep America on a ‘leash’ if the American political apparatus and Deep State in America did not want to play ball with globalist’s interests.  And yet, energy independence is exactly what America achieved a few years ago and has helped the country come back strong as a recent article on The Hill covered.[9]

In conjunction with America achieving energy independence, America has also had a remarkable increase in the construction of spaceports all across the nation.  Not only is Spaceport America in Southern New Mexico seeing a lot of success as “the world’s only purpose-built commercial spaceport” (as of 2018) that’s seen over 100 rocket launches into space, but oddly, Wired reported in 2018 that construction of Spaceports in America was so vast it was outpacing the industry’s need to go to space.[10][11] This last oddity will be touched upon in a moment.

Why are spaceports popping up all over the America landscape paramount?  Not only is it perilous from the point of view of a one-world government or Mr. Global (to borrow another one of Fitts’ terms) because America, having the most powerful military, would now have significant capabilities to openly head into space via the corporate (and private) sector, extending its capabilities beyond its atmosphere, thus adding another theater of operations (officially) under its wing.

A question individuals might have before moving forward could be, “How could an corporate sector that is outpacing the industry’s needs to go to space be a good thing?  Isn’t that risky?”  It is.  Unless you, as Mr. Global, know what’s coming.

To showcase what I’m talking about, allow me to illustrate two examples provided in a recent podcast that Catherine Austin Fitts did in her members section at  While interviewing Dr. Joseph P. Farrell in Part one of the 1st Quarter 2020 Wrap-Up where they discussed news and trends, Fitts mentioned two separate examples where she witnessed significant corporate construction that was quite confounding while traveling through the United States that seemed audacious at the time.

While traveling 10 years or so before 9/11, Catherine Austin Fitts mentioned the following:

“In the 90s I would fly around the country in the United States and they were refurbishing and spending a fortune rebuilding or reconstructing the airports and turning them into shopping mallsAnd I kept thinking how are they going to get people to shop at the airportsAnd then 9/11 happened…ten years after this started and I thought.  Oh, they knew, they knew they were going to be able to force people to spend two hours at the airports…But if you looked at the planning and the design they were building out the capacity knowing that [in] 10 years somebody would hit the switch and we’d all be at the airport for 2 hours before the flight.”[12]

Either Catherine Austin Fitts is correct, or its just coincidence and airports were doing construction 10 years in advance to integrate malls, which requires serious planning to do so at a mass scale, and were just lucky with fate falling on their laps for something that should have been illogical by all measure of reason.  In other words, what is normal now, spending hours at the airport in veritable shopping malls, was unthinkable decades ago.  Plain and simple, it would have required incredible foreknowledge for construction to take place that integrated malls into many airports ten years in advance.

In another recent example that should really be quite sobering given the circumstances we are currently undergoing with COVID-19, Catherine Austin Fitts saw something eerily similar taking place, but instead of airports, it was Amazon warehouses being built at a scale that wasn’t commensurate with the need at the time.

What Catherine Austin Fitts observed regarding this perplexing phenomenon was as such:

“…I’ve been driving all over the country and looking at all sorts of Amazon warehouses coming up and they are building massive warehouses so they can deliver and basically reengineer most retail into online, online…plus delivery.  And I’ve been thinking how are they going to use all that capacity this quickly.  And then BAM, [COVID-19] happens and of course Wal-Mart and Amazon are going gangbusters.  And I said Oh…there you go.  So we’re all having to buy online.  I’m buying online, I’m sure you’re buying online ‘cuz that’s what we’re having to do.”[sic][13]

My argument is that America could be very well seeing the same scenario play out, though in a significantly different way.  And if my assertion is incorrect, that’s on me.  Fitts’ hasn’t said anything about this exact scenario mirroring the previous two examples (that I know of), although she has talked about spaceports and the space industry in the past, the growth that it is experiencing, and the global push to make space fashionable as she covered in the Space Based Economy presentation she gave at the Secret Space Program Conference in 2015 that was held in Bastrop Texas.  Given how similar the growth of spaceports is to the two previous examples she shared, I find it quite noteworthy, particularly with President Trump’s new executive order that is making a serious push for space under the guise of mining minerals on the Moon and beyond.14]

Likewise, multi-billion dollar corporations don’t build significant infrastructure without serious reasons to do so, or foreknowledge, particularly at a large scale.  The scale that is required to build extra warehouses, airports, or space ports, that are not going to be employed at the time in any significant capacity if at all is not something that’s exactly cheap, either.  If many companies aren’t beyond letting go of hundreds or thousands of employees to maintain profit margins and bottom lines, they’re not going to be investing without vital information.

An interesting consideration given what’s transpiring: imagine if all those additional warehouses weren’t available at the current moment?  I’m not sure how many new ones there are, but Amazon can barely keep up with demand as it is, having items prioritized and such.  The bottleneck that America is seeing now would be incredibly more drastic if all the additional warehouses that Amazon created weren’t there.  In fact, a sound argument could be made that without Amazon having made those additional warehouses that at the time didn’t makes sense to Catherine Austin Fitts, a significant amount of the population wouldn’t be receiving essentials, which could have easily led to significant civil disturbances given the lack of availability of key items.

And yet now, those Amazon warehouses are conveniently set up just in time when they are coincidentally just needed the most.  What else is something that America needs on a long term basis besides energy (if it is to be independent) and space ports (if it is to have infrastructure to publically head into space)?  It would need increase manufacturing; specifically, 3-D Printing manufacturing.

3-D Printing is intriguing consideration for many reasons and has incredibly resounding implications, but we will focus on only some of them.

For this, let’s dive into Dr. Farrell’s striking and forward-thinking book, Covert Wars and The Clash of Civilizations – UFOs Oligarchs and Space Secrecy.  In this book, Dr. Farrell focused on Catherine Austin Fitts’ question during one of their conversations that touched upon 3-D printing:

Why else release three-dimensional printing now?”[15][Italics Emphasis In Original]

Dr. Farrell expounds upon this:

This is clearly…a technology coming from within the black projects community.  It is, as it were, one half of a “Star Trek” transporter system.  Why release it now, unless one wanted to both increase and to disperse production, in addition to bringing manufacturing back to the devastated manufacturing infrastructure of the Western world in general and North American in particular?”[16][Bold, Underline & Italics Emphasis Added]

This helps iron out the argument for serious retrenchment by at least one faction in America given what follows:

“Indeed, with three-d printing, covert projects manufacture can be given a public basis, while no one individual ever sees what the final assembly of his production looks like.”[Bold & Underline Emphasis Added, Italics in Original].

With 3-D printing coming into the fold the last few years, what does America have with every discussed under such a basis?  America would have (1) energy independence, (2) backed by a growing and robust space platform for future operations, (3) coupled with decentralized 3-D printing manufacturing capabilities, (4) backed by a powerful military, all of which clearly help solidify the retrenchment of America, on a long term time line.  As Dr. Farrell himself stated:

“…while no one individual ever sees what the final assembly of his production looks like.”[17]

Possible large scale decentralized manufacturing that could serve a deeper agenda, hidden in plain sight, under the cloak of secrecy, and yet there, all along.  3-D printing not only makes sure that production is dispersed throughout the continental United States, which has tactical implications from a militaristic point of view as well given the decentralization of manufacturing, but it also brings large scale manufacturing back to America, all with an eventual push to space that will have robust capabilities, backed by energy independence as well.

Therefore, it isn’t just possible that America is retrenching strongly, but it is highly likely.  Taking these 3 significant things into consideration, it’s hard not to conclude the obvious: not only is the retrenchment of America already taking place, but the Deep State faction of the United States that seeks to ‘Make America Great’, isn’t simply thinking of America maintaining a strong posture in its traditional theaters of operations, but also into space, and its thinking very long term simultaneously given the roll out of spaceports taking place for many years now.

It is not unreasonable to think there is a priority for the Deep State faction loyal to America to make sure that that the military seeks to (publically) attain superiority in space, if they don’t already have it, because to not have it from the military’s point of view, or to lose it, is a glaring mistake that is inexcusable in Mr. Global’s eyes given how much is riding on the line.

And a faction of the Deep State loyal to America would be the very group that would be pushing for all of that to take place, which runs counter to the traditional one-world government that globalists have sought through the likes League of Nations and the United Nations.

Equally, if you were any of the other Deep State factions, and you knew all of that – the power that you stood to gain to control the weaponry, manufacturing capabilities, energy independence, and technologies (if you don’t already control some or all of them of them), or risk of losing them if you do control them – you would do anything possible to attain that power, or prevent losing that which you have.  At what cost though?  That’s an intriguing question, and I ask it because I got a feeling we’re going to find out one way or another because neither of these factions is going away any time soon without a serious fight.  I also believe that besides there being a high probability that the factional infighting this year will get more brazen given that it is an election year, in the near future, the closer America gets to heading into space, the more you’re going to see that infighting take place given the extension of war fighting superiority that would be gained by such an endeavor, as the space theater of operations could set the stage for significant  control of all theaters on earth depending on how it was it was employed.[18]

Now imagine this: you are part of the pinnacle of the global power structure, and you are one of the most powerful factions that remain deeply entrenched within America and incredibly loyal to America, and you have seen your country, the one you are faithful to, pillaged, plundered, debased, and reformed in draconian fashion, not only beginning the deterioration of the middle class which helped make America the country that it was in the past, but have also witnessed jobs shipped away by the millions offshore, along with every other issue that has transpired the last few decades.  Further, imagine that while all of that is taking place, you and your pro-America Deep State faction are losing considerable power in the process and your powerbase could be getting somewhat (or severely) compromised, what would you do?

You would do anything possible to get that power back once you lost patience and some of your clout with those that perhaps once promised you a ‘seat at the table’, but turned out to be only looking out for their interests – their one-world government and/or tyrannical interests.

It’s a reasonable supposition, so it isn’t very hard to imagine that at least one part of the Deep State could be quite enraged at another, particularly with all the infighting within mafias and criminal syndicates.  And what would that group that has lost power, the group that is seeking to ‘Make America Great Again’ do to try and get their power back if they had a chance?  They would seek to undermine the other group and carry out mop up operations of criminal networks throughout the entire United States, attacking part of the power structure that helped the other Deep State faction attain power, the criminal cartels, and that’s the very scenario that is ongoing and has been since President Trump took the helmAgain, look beyond conventional 2-party politics whose underlying Deep State comptrollers have historically been corrupt since at least the JFK assassination, because this is way more complex than Republicans and Democrats, and seeing this issue from that point of view misses the majority of the overarching tapestry that is available once you know where to look.

On the arrests of part of the criminal cartels, evidence of this very phenomenon can be seen from the significant surge of mass arrests of pedophiles in America and all over the country.  For a really thorough view of this, please read the investigation done by Adam Riva:

“Evidence of the Mass Arrests of Pedophiles | A Master List”[19]

Let’s keep moving forward along this road.  If you were the faction of the Deep State, the one that is loyal to America and not a one-world government, what would you do?  You would seek to continue mop operations of criminal networks and the like in some of the most significant ways possible.  And intriguingly, it’s not just pedophiles who are being arrested in the thousands, but also elements of the drug cartels and so on that are being apprehended as well.

Fox News reported on March 11 that the DEA arrested more than 600 people that were connected to the Mexican drug cartels in what is now known as “Project Python”.

As the article asserts:

“This investigation stemmed from an Executive Order signed by President Trump “prioritizing the dismantlement of transnational criminal organizations”.[20][Bold Emphasis Added]

That type of operation, coupled with the arrests of thousands of pedophiles, would deal a sizeable blow to any criminal organization, particularly a transnational one, one that has a power base that could stretch beyond America.  As the Executive Order itself avers:

“Transnational criminal organizations and subsidiary organizations, including transnational drug cartels, have spread throughout the Nation, threatening the safety of the United States and its citizens.  These organizations derive revenue through widespread illegal conduct, including acts of violence and abuse that exhibit a wanton disregard for human life.  They, for example, have been known to commit brutal murders, rapes, and other barbaric acts.

These groups are drivers of crime, corruption, violence, and misery.  In particular, the trafficking by cartels of controlled substances has triggered a resurgence in deadly drug abuse and a corresponding rise in violent crime related to drugs.  Likewise, the trafficking and smuggling of human beings by transnational criminal groups risks creating a humanitarian crisis.  These crimes, along with many others, are enriching and empowering these organizations to the detriment of the American people.

A comprehensive and decisive approach is required to dismantle these organized crime syndicates and restore safety for the American people.”[21]

This is crucial, because it shows that that the Deep State and its criminal cartels that support it in America might not only rely on the traditional criminal networks in America, but are also not beyond working together with other criminal syndicates and non-state actors to help them achieve their (transnational) goals.

Thinking laterally for a second, Catherine Austin Fitts recently stated in one of her interviews, one thing that compromises growth in any significant locale in America (or any country) is crime, and Trump and any real estate developer worth his salt knows this.  Therefore, the Deep State element that is retrenching deeper roots in America at the moment would not only have to begin clearing out pedophilia networks en masse, but they would also have to commence going after the drug cartels, not only clearing out the opposition (or perhaps even some of their own in order to consolidate their power structure), but dealing a severe blow to the Deep State faction that relies on these pedophilia and drug networks heavily.

Now, if the Deep State faction that would stop at nothing to regain control, was taking loses in the thousands from the drug cartels and the pedophiles getting moped up, what would they do?  That faction would try and reacquire personnel, and they might just do it fast.  How would such a faction do that?  By orchestrating the release of thousand of prisoners from around the world.

While this might seem outlandish, please remember that the Deep State and criminal syndicates in America have ties to transnational networks, and control files (through pedophilia, drug operations, etc.) are one of many ways they could make sure those releases take place.  Moreover, hiring many of those people and integrating them into their syndicates would make up quickly for those loses, while setting the foundation for new potential relationships that otherwise had not possibly been explored if such was the case.

And what a reverse-miracle it is, that in a few countries in the world including America, prisoners are being released on the premise of the Coronavirus and ‘concerns’ about those prisoners’ health, and they’re being released in the thousands

According to NBC News, Not only has Mayor Di Blasio from New York City released over 1,000 prisoners from Riker’s Island Jail, but Poland’s, after releasing some prisoners on home arrest to serve out the rest of their sentences, could still see about 12,000 additionally released convicts, while Iran is said to have released 80,000 prisoners as well.  California also announced it let out 3,500 non-violent inmates as well according to Vox.  And those are not the only countries releasing prisoners, but just some of them.[22][23]

There’s certainly no evidence that a Deep State faction taking loses was responsible for those releases, but given the drug cartel ties transnational criminal syndicates, as the White House Executive Order covered previously covered, it’s hard not to wonder if something more couldn’t be taking place.  I’m certainly not buying that the well being of the prisoners was the reason why they were released.  Do you?

Likewise, criminal syndicates aren’t just simply going to sit around and do nothing while their power base is being severely undermined.  Still, it’s a notable consideration given the magnitude of prisoners released around the world, more of which could come.

Now, if a Deep State entity that was used to being in complete control was taking heavy loses one way or another, what are other actions that such a Deep State entity might do?  That Deep State faction would continue to fight back as they have over the years in many numerous ways.

If there’s even a modicum of truth in any of the aforementioned, it certainly makes you wonder what else could be going on in plain sight.  Because if those Deep State groups are starting to each fight in their own ways to more significant degrees, we all as citizens need to pay attention because with some of the veiled threats that these groups are sending to each other, one can tell that strange things are afoot.

In other words, maybe its time we stop worrying about those cloaks, and begin focusing on those wielding the daggers.  And that’s exactly where we will continue in Part 3.

Author’s Note:

For anyone really interested in delving deeper in these confounding subjects, I suggest you read any Jim Marrs’ books such as Rule By Secrecy, Rise Of The 4th Reich, The Trillion Dollar Conspiracy, Our Occulted History, Population Control, and The Illuminati.  Any of those provides an excellent backdrop if you are new to any of these subjects.  Just read the blurbs and go with what interests you most, that way you can vacuum information incredibly quickly.

In every single one of those books, Jim Mars essentially carries out a clinic not only on Secret Societies and the power structure of Society in a direct and no-nonsense way, but he also couples the criminal elements and groups within each book and interconnects them into the larger power structure showing you how each of the tentacles connect, and what part of the society they control.  If you’re delving deeply to seriously research these subjects, not reading those books would be a glaring oversight, especially if all you’ve ever known are the establishment’s version of official history, or just random documentaries, most of which don’t really show you the actual documents ironically enough.  Marrs, like Dr. Joseph P. Farrell, Richard Dolan, whose books I highly suggest, all which give you cited footnotes on the bottom.  That’s paramount because you can pull threads on your own, and perhaps even interconnect things that others might not have seen by simply examining issues for yourself.


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