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Zy Marquiez
April 17, 2020

As a preamble, whether you believe in religion or are even spiritual is not the point of sharing this.  The point is that there’s respect in actions that people take for others out of Love, regardless of their beliefsThat is respect for life, and I believe one of the highest virtues any individual can hold.   

ThinkingHumanity reported nigh a month ago that a family had decided to decorate the church they go to in rousing support of the memory of the Grandma, Margaret, whose quilts were made in their own special way for family members.

Cut and dry:

“In honor of her legacy, her kids and grandkids decided to display all the quilts she had ever made at her funeral. They draped her amazing creations over the back of the church pews as a way to honor Margaret and remember her as the family’s matriarch.”

Let me tell you something, seeing people carry out actions like that is absolutely incredible, especially nowadays with so much fearmongering going on, and something that doesn’t simply invigorate the heart, but replenishes the soul. 

I would be proud to call myself a friend of a family like that, as their actions definitely resonate deeply.

Those people might forever be strangers, but I know that they will always be part of my vibe tribe.
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