“There is but one way all of this could have been managed, both before and after this elaborate coup d’état. That is with absolute control from the highest echelons of the superpower structure of this country and the world.”1
– Fletcher Prouty

“This must be the product of a great conspiracy…A conspiracy of infamy so black that, when it is finally exposed, its principals shall be forever deserving of the maledictions of all honest men.”2
– Senator Joseph McCarthy, June 1951


Zy Marquiez
June 4, 2020

There have been significant events that have transpired since part two, which have added a lot more to the argument that part of the Deep State is at war with additional waypoints that connect rather trenchantly. Before moving onward, let’s recap what’s been discussed in a cursory way for anyone that is just diving in for the first time.

The initial part to this series set up the historical backdrop with the long list of Kennedy fatalities, some of which have a strong conspiratorial undercurrent to them, others which on paper do not. Given the all-too-suspicious widespread backdrop of those unfortunate instances revolving around the Kennedy family, not only were those circumstances touched upon, but also discussed was the secrecy that undergirds the JFK Assassination and the still-unreleased files that have no reason to still be classified, unless the ramifications of such declassifications would open a veritable Pandora’s box given all the people and organizations involved in such a tectonic civilization-shifting endeavour.

On this very ongoing secrecy, Governor Ventura once stated:

”If the government were telling the truth, there would be no reason to lock up anything from the people of this country. Clearly they are not, because here we are 50 years later, and they are still withholding documents from us.”3

In the follow up sequence, the argument for there being separate factions of the American Deep State was brought about, one of which backed Hillary, and one which backed President Trump. Summarizing, the argument was that the group backing Hillary was arguably the same group that sought to take part in a one world government, while the Deep State group loyal to America sought to retrench within the country due to their underlying loyalty and interests. And while there are certainly many more moving parts to the Deep State factions, it’s not hard to surmise that such a stark division is taking place given all the aforementioned in the previous parts and all that follows.

The main evidence of the Deep State faction seeking retrenchment within the United States came about through: (1) America having achieved energy independence, (2) 3-D printing manufacturing being released serving a variety of factors, with the argument stemming from Dr. Farrell’s (GizaDeathStar.com) point of view that 3-D printing came from the black projects community, and finally (3) America having created a robust (and yet still mostly unused) space platform that is clearly being set up for use ahead of time, showing foresight and long-term planning, not unlike the malls in the airports that were created nigh a decade before 9/11 as well as the Amazon warehouses that were created far ahead of time before COVID-19, both insights which stem from former Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Catherine Austin Fitts (Solari.com).4,5

Succinctly put, retrenchment anchored the argument for separate factions at play given the obvious nature of American retrenchment stands in stark opposition to those groups vying for a new world order in any sense of the word.

Now the first of all the considerations that follow is easily the thinnest of threads that I’m pulling at, but given all that follows thereafter, it might prove noteworthy, though highly speculative to say the least. Let’s begin with something that took place a few months ago.

In a rather intricate circumstance, some of the Kennedy grandkids made a video in which they jointly sang the song “Timber” that went viral slightly over a week after drug cartel arrests were reported on the news.6


Why is that relevant? First, what does timber historically mean? It’s the call of a warning before a tree falls.

I find it incredibly unusual that right in the middle of a pandemic, the Kennedy grandkids took part in a video that seemed a little too orchestrated based on the timing of it. Either the kids themselves came up with the idea, or someone else did. If the video was not the idea of the grandchildren, then my argument is that the video was possibly orchestrated by someone near one of the Deep State factions, which was sending a message to the other as a taunt that operations against them were becoming quite successful. Evidence of these operations was covered in part two with additional examples of this Deep State war following, but for now let’s continue on this thread.

Hidden messages and symbolism might seem an incredibly odd consideration at first blush, so let’s delve into a crucial consideration researcher Daniel Estulin shared in his book Tavistock Institute – Social Engineering The Masses, that feature these notions on a much larger scale seismic event with eerie relevancy.

While explaining the deeper levels of the John F. Kennedy assassination and how that could couple to the aforementioned and what follows, Estulin notes that:

“To understand the Kennedy assassination and place it within the realm of Tavistock mind control, secret societies, One World conspiracy and Nazi occult, you must open the doors of perception into a nether world of the unknown by changing the way we look upon the details and the fantastic convergences of life. This is the way ancient man perceived the world, “encompassing a vision that detects every link and every symbol, beginning with the significance of names, then places, necessarily including lines of latitude and longitude and the divisions of degrees in geography and cartography and then the obsessive actions which stem from the confluence of the two and which have come to be known as ritual.”7

In conjunction with that, Estulin also states the following:

“Symbolism and other types of references can be flagrant and subconsciously picked up, but on a conscious level will not be seen by the naked eye. In film and videos, this type of subliminal messaging is achieved using scenes that contain brief flashes of light and dark quickly alternating video frames.”8

Hidden messages and symbolism happen a lot more than most could even fathom given that the subject matter isn’t even a consideration in mainstream thought. Therefore, most would be woefully unaware to the careful consideration that’s infused within the critical underpinnings that are part of media in various formats and how dark those are at times.

And so methodically precise are these esoteric practices when employed that:

“At times, the symbolism is blatantly clear and easily identifiable, but because the meaning or reference behind it are unknown to most people, the brain simply filters it out as insignificant and meaningless. However, none of it is meaningless. You will be shocked to see how nothing was left to chance in the JFK assassination, despite the apparent scenes of chaos and disconcert.”9

Just as nothing was left to chance by the orchestrators of the John F. Kennedy assassination, I do not believe this video to be coincidence, something left to chance, not when junctioned to so much evidence that abounds of a Deep State war taking place and the crucial hidden symbolism that took place during the calamitous John F. Kennedy assassination. And especially since some of those very elements that took part in the JFK assassination remained entrenched firmly within the underlying foundation of the American power structure, as was witnessed during 9/11.

Though it might seem outlandish that the JFK assassination and 9/11 might be connected, Dr. Joseph P. Farrell found strong similarities between those two tectonic events. What’s more, after noting seven major parallels in his book Hidden Finance, Rogue Networks, and Secret Sorcery – The Fascist International, 9/11 and Penetrated Operations, he postulated that:

“The disturbing implication about this comparison–and there are many more such points of continuity between the two events–is that the M.O. or modus operandi of the perpetrators is essentially the same, and this is an indicator of perhaps that the perpetrators, or at least the organizational structures behind both, are the same. This carries with it yet another equally if not more disturbing implication: the latter event was the logical end of the former.”10

The events during 9/11 are so recent that it’s hard not to reflect on how personnel from those operations could possibly be involved somehow in a current Deep State war and all which that would entail.

To be atomically precise, if it wasn’t the Kennedy grandkids that were part of this video even if the song and lyrics were the same, it wouldn’t be noteworthy because it wouldn’t be the Kennedy’s. But given that it is the Kennedy grandchildren, and given the power of the Kennedy name as I argued in the first part of this series, it is one megalithic coincidence in a holding pattern right in the middle of this whole series of dots that continue to connect creating a much larger vantage point from which to view these circumstances from.

The idea of that Kennedy grandchildren Timber video being orchestrated by someone might sound ludicrous to some, but not long after President Trump took the helm, countless arrests began taking place of pedophilia network members as well as drug cartel members that have been ongoing, which is unprecedented when you look at it at face value. And egotistically speaking, if one group had the Mars-sized-stones to brag about such events taking place even in veiled fashion, then a video just like that would get the point across incisively.

That said, is it really hard to believe that one Deep State faction wouldn’t want to taunt another, if indeed the video wasn’t the idea of the grandkids and someone else ‘spontaneously’ decided for it to take place?

Given how suspicious the timing of the video as well as the lyrics are concurrent with everything else covered, I’m going to follow along the lines that someone decided to gather all the kids together and make the video under what whatever guise was proposed. And if that wasn’t the case, this whole part of the argument can be canned. It’s also important to note that I’m not claiming that the grandchildren would have been privy to whatever was truly going on.

Simply stated, it’s not unreasonable to think that a select few that are part of the Deep State couldn’t send veiled messages in some capacity, whether the entire group agreed or was even privy to the info or not, particularly with so much power on the line and the egos that undergird that power structure.

Also, the same way governments, corporations, and organizations are infiltrated, families can be as well, especially when a wide array of long-term interests are on the line given the penchant of Kennedy family members being involved in politics and power positions throughout society.

There are antecedents to that line of thought, so while the possible orchestration of the video might or might not have taken place, it still doesn’t discount the fact that there’s way too many oddities that befall the Kennedy family to not think that something could be going on, particularly with the 2 recent deaths and their timing.

The timing of the video is incredibly suspicious when coupled to the two Kennedy deaths aftewards. Almost like one side of the Deep State got furious that the Kennedy family was employed as a symbol to prove a point, with that group retaliating in severe fashion. As such, if the deaths did not take place, I wouldn’t even mention the video. But given that they did, the video is mentioned as possible motive for retaliation.

The same reason why one Deep State faction would perhaps use the Kennedy name as a symbol through a veiled taunt, would be the same reason why the other faction of the Deep State would attack the family name: because it has incredible power that isn’t overlooked by those at the upper echelons of Earth.

That is why, as Daniel Estulin shared in Tavistock Institute – Social Engineering The Masses:

“Secret societies, Masonic lodges, cults and spooks use secret symbols to show their affiliation.”11

Not only can names be symbolic, but those symbols are part of the language in which those individuals and members communicate, and some members within Deep State factions undoubtedly employ them and know this as well.

Wading deeper into these aphotic waters, the John F. Kennedy assassination actually featured hidden symbolism, mind control, and other disturbing subtleties that transpired around it.

Citing authors Downard and Hoffman in their book King Kill/33o, Estulin states:

“The more one studies mind control, secret societies and the occult, “the more one understands the subtlety and hidden symbolism, the so-called “science of names” word wizardry of behind the scenes of Kennedy assassination. The JFK assassination encounters this science in a decisive way and contains a veritable nightmare of symbol-complexes having to do with violence, perversion, conspiracy, death and degradation.””12

Now, the simplest and quickest way to delve deeper into these abstruse subjects at the more obvious levels is to take a gander into the intriguing work of VigilantCitizen whose website is appropriately titled VigilantCitizen.com. This person showcases a wide array of esoteric symbolism that’s often used in society. There are hundreds of articles within that website that leaves no doubt as to the fact that there’s often esoteric symbolism in plain sight in various formats throughout media. That of course does not prove anything given the Kennedy granchildren’s Timber rendition, but it is mentioned to demonstrate how regularly esoteric symbols serving hidden agendas take place not only in magazines and movies, but also in songs, Super Bowl Half-Time shows, and more.

Secondly, as an adjunct to that individuals would also have to research MK Ultra, which was one of the numerous black project programs of the CIA that sought Mind Control. There is a lot of serious research done on those topics, but one solid starting point would be Jim Keith’s book Mass Control – Engineering Human Consciousness, as well as Estulin’s aforementioned Tavistock Institute – Social Engineering The Masses. From there, follow your instincts because those are incredibly dark subjects with resounding implications that seep in countless directions given the possible applications to social media and social engineering entrainment technologies.

Beyond that, the sphere of the mind also involves propaganda, manufacture of consent, mass scale social engineering and other methods. For social engineering, the best primer to delve into at this very moment online that I know of is by researcher and independent investigative reporter James Corbett of The CorbettReport and his Social Engineering 101, which I often share given how incredibly thorough and in-depth it is13:

The best documentary I myself have seen on mastering control and influence of the human mind comes from Aaron and Melissa Dykes of TruthstreamMedia.com and their documentary, The Minds of Men 14:

Each of those videos are well-researched references that show the agendas of Mind Control and Social Engineering in stark fashion, presenting the subjects from myriad angles while also noticing sources.

Once you venture through a lot of the work of Vigilant Citizen, James Corbett, Melissa and Aaron Dykes, Daniel Estulin, Jim Keith and others, it is clear to see the possibility of veiled messages being employed by elements within the power structure, and/or how the manipulation of the mind can come into play somehow. But am I alleging that mind control was used on the Kennedy grandchildren to pass along the message? Negative. For one group Deep State faction to send a message to the other, it doesn’t need to be that complicated.

All it would require is a person, a very trusted source from within that family, which is disturbing in its own right, to make the call to rally all the kids and the plan to ‘spontaneously’ make the video. Therefore, I do not think mind control was involved, but I do mention it because to not mention would be a glaring oversight because what is being argued involves some of powerful people on Earth.

And if the brass of some of those groups has historically carried out assassinations among other things, then mind control is not out of the realm of possibility. Essentially, if the grandkids didn’t come up with the idea, then a trusted source seems a sensible argument because a Deep State faction that possibly already assassinated 2 Kennedys if not many more, would employ spies for obvious reasons, and would stop at nothing to embed moles deeply within the Kennedy family to prevent their rise to power. This is because a name like Kennedy, just like an idea, holds significant power with the capacity of possible positive resonance that could reverberate from it and the individuals that have that name. And positive resonance through his actions was what John F. Kennedy sought to infuse into society when he was planning to go after the rogue groups embedded within the foundation of the United States when he was at the helm.

The actions JFK took aren’t traditionally seen as creating resonance, but that’s exactly what JFK sought to do, to change things at not simply superficial levels. This is vital because one action by one person has such power that it can create resonance that can echo centuries later or even longer.

A different way to look at this is that an individual rolls enough snowballs down snow-laden hills, avalanches will be created in myriad directions in the right areas. Except JFK wasn’t rolling snowballs in his day, he was rolling boulders that threatened to exacerbate change at such a rapid rate that the vested interests within the power structure coalesced against him rapidly, spawning what Dr. Farrell calls the ‘Coalescence of Interests’, which are all the people and rogue groups involved in the John F. Kennedy assassination. This is covered in Dr. Joseph P. Farrell’s landmark LBJ & The Conspiracy To Kill Kennedy A Coalescence of Interests.

That said, for argumentative purposes, if we simply hold the possibility that something nefarious did take place with that Timber video and that Kennedy kids were in fact being used for an agenda, then it is reasonable to surmise that the other Deep State faction would have gotten the message crystal clear. Given that, it’s not hard to see that strange things could be a foot. But is that the only strange thing revolving around factional infighting that could be taking place? Not at all.

What would be another happenstance of a different flavor that would indicate that strange things are afoot? A statement from the former CIA Director, current Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Weeks ago, Mike Pompeo stated in national television that:

“We’re in a live exercise here, to get this right…” Immediately afterwards, you can clearly hear President Trump say “You should have let us know.”15

Wait a minute, what’s going on here? You clearly hear those statements in the video. And as I inferred months ago, if Trump doesn’t know one thing, he can clearly be out of the loop on something else. Just as so, if Trump didn’t know, and it is clear that he did not, that means that Pompeo isn’t beyond holding back significant information, like the possible real purpose for an ‘exercise’, no? Yes, Pompeo could have a forgotten to tell Trump, and honestly, nothing would surprise me these days. But given how much the Deep State war reeks of a cloak and dagger war conducted on levels way beyond mainstream reality, it’s not unreasonable to surmise that something could be going on.

At this point, Pompeo either forgot, or something else is going on.

Another noteworthy reflection: why didn’t the media run with it? As well, who in fact told Pompeo that America was in a ‘live exercise’? Is Pompeo loyal to other interests, because it’s clear that he has information that the President of the United States does not have. That’s some serious clout. Or, just a coincidence.

Moreover, given Pompeo’s penchant for warmongering, it’s not hard to surmise that he seems to be galloping on his own horse possibly serving adverse agendas than the current administration. Pompeo certainly isn’t acting alone, as someone can’t have that kind of information without being directly integrated at the highest vantages of power.

Either way, there’s not just one person that did not tell Trump. There was minimum two. Mike Pompeo, and the person that told Pompeo, that didn’t tell Trump as well. It’s hard to think that that was just a mistake. Two mistakes stacked on top of each other, two different people (or perhaps more) that simply ‘forgot’ to tell the President. Right. Anyone that believes that should stop reading now because it’s just going to be more and more “coincidental” from here on out.

Isn’t it incredible, that someone would deliberately bypass Trump on something that seems incredibly important, and go to Pompeo? That’s a glaring oversight to say the least.

Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

Can you imagine being at the bridge of a starship and you hear the following:

“I apologize Admiral Skywalker! I did not mention that the Imperial Fleet just warped out of hyperspace with every single Sith in tow along with the entire armada because that’s simply privileged information and it’s on a need to know basis. And you weren’t cleared in the original memo.”

One certainly has to wonder what kind of excuse was employed to not explain what was going on to Trump, then of all things, go on to blurt it out on National Television.

Then again, maybe that’s the point, that someone can go beyond the president and speak directly to the national media right through the pillars of power without most noticing, except those in the know. This idea will be touched upon once again soon.

Some might argue that scenario being discussed sets up perfectly for plausible deniability, and while I could understand that argument revolving around the topic of extraterrestrial life for instance, in the middle of a Deep State war however, with elements seeking to compromise the current administration, amid a national lockdown, anything that deliberately bypasses the President is incredibly suspect because it clearly shows there could be multiple deeper agendas at play that one might miss at first blush, if not overlook altogether.

With that, if Pompeo is saying the truth and something else is going on, it’s reasonable to surmise that the pandemic could be cover of something else, something that part of the establishment and some of its ruling elements do not want Americans (or even another faction) to know. Trump certainly did not. And astute thinker would know that he of all people should be privy to such significant information given the tumultuous circumstances already discussed and which follow.

Additional indications of the factional fighting at the top, though under the unilateral and simplistic use of the term Deep State rather than the more incisive way that Peter Dale Scott used it, can be seen articles by Axios and The New York Times. On February 23, 2020 Axios published an article by Jonathan Swan titled ‘Exclusive: Trump’s “Deep State” Hit List’, while on October 23, 2019 the New York Times published an article by several writers titled Trump’s War on the ‘Deep State’ Turns Against Him.16, 17

The main takeaways are that these articles (and others) lend credence to the argument that there are active elements seeking to compromise the Trump administration, which would also compromise the Deep State group seeking to retrench within America by extension.

But why is it crucial to move beyond the general use of the term Deep State and employ the precise way that Peter Dale Scott used it? Because the way the term is often used significantly overlooks the deeper elements embedded within the substrata of the power structure since the John F. Kennedy assassination, though certainly many were there before hand. In fact, Dr. Farrell covers some of the old guard within the Deep State within his books McCarthy, Monmouth, and the Deep State, and McCarthy, Marshall and The Other International. All of that sets up the foundation for how Peter Dale Scott defined the Deep State as.

In The American Deep State – Big Money, Big Oil, And The Struggle For U.S. Democracy, Peter Dale Scott noted incisively that:

“All serious studies of the deep state, including Mike Lofgren’s The Deep State and Philip Giraldi’s “Deep State America” as well as [The American Deep State], acknowledge the importance of big money.”18

And as was shown in part two when drawing from Scotts work, not only is Big Money involved, but elements from organized crime, the CIA, part of the military industrial complex, part of the media, lobbyists, and more.

But there’s more. On the division within the power structure Scott notes:

“It is important to recognize, moreover, that the current division between “red” and “blue” America is overshadowed by a corresponding division at the level of big money, one that contributed greatly to the ugliness of the 2016 campaign. I mention on p. 30…the opposition of right-wing oilmen and the John Birch Society “to the relative internationalism” of Wall Street.” That opposition has become more powerful and better financed, than ever before.”19

As can be gathered, one group led by Wall Street & Co. traditionally follows more of an international (i.e. globalist) agenda, while the other group does not. Stating it differently, one group seeks business as usual, as took place during the Obama, Bush, Clinton, and other administrations and so on, while the other wants to breakaway from that model since it seeks to subjugate America to subsume it to become part of a larger global entity.

However, the American Deep State factions aren’t just part of the foundation of the power structure, but they’re ever-advancing as well. Scott aptly notes that the American Deep State:

…has also evolved. As I warn below on p. 14, the deep state “is not a structure but a system, as difficult to define, but also as real and powerful, as a weather system.” A vigorous deep state, like America, encompasses dynamic process continuously generating new forces within it like the Internetjust as a weather system is not fixed but changes from day to day.”20

And a weather system is a perfect analogy for the Deep State, because I believe with time the actions that the groups might take will get increasingly unpredictable given the stakes at hand with the latest election, coupled with America’s official venture into space and the Trump Administration’s action pushing towards it. This can be noted with the Executive Order on Encouraging International Support for the Recovery and Use of Space Resources, which is not to be overlooked as a huge puzzle piece to the ongoing Deep State War and some of the ultimate goals to be had.

Shifting back to the main track, what other evidence alludes that there could be a Deep State War? Quite a lot in fact.

In part two of this series, it was discussed that at the lower levels there was mop-up operations taking place of pedophilia networks, as well as those of drug cartels with thousands of arrests happening as well. What’s more, right when the COVID-19 crisis began, prisoners were also coincidentally being released in various parts of the world, America included, which I argued could be a roundabout way of getting hardened criminals in recruitment to fill in the ranks of those lost that were part of the syndicates. In other words, just because one deep state faction (or more) lost assets on the ground in America doesn’t mean they can’t be made up elsewhere, while also moving operations beyond American borders where they were compromised.

But if separate factions of the Deep State are at war, where else would one see evidence of this fight? At the highest vantages, closer to the top of the pyramid that doesn’t simply allow for acquisition of serious power, but also could compromise operations of the other Deep State faction, while possibly even gaining access to control files and technologies as well.

And isn’t it just a Saturn-sized coincidence that at the top of the corporate sector there are well over 1,000 CEOs that have stepped down.

On November 6, 2019, NBC News reported that more than 1,300 CEOs had left their positions in the last year up to that point. Again, by itself, it’s extremely suspicious, but upon the wider backdrop being presented, those CEOs stepping down start taking a significantly different picture.21

To be crystal clear, I am not implying that all of these CEOs stepping down has to revolve around a Deep State power struggle. I am simply drawing from the magnitude regarding the idea of 1,300+ CEOs stepping down, and how that doesn’t require all of them doing so for part of those resignations to have been caused by a Deep State war, but only a fraction of them.

CEOs stepping down is certainly notable, but not as notable as hundreds of CEO’s, which ought to be a megalithic consideration to keep in mind. Only in a mainstream-media laden America is such an intense matter glossed over as if it happens all the time. And yet, once that large departure of CEOs cracks through the 1,000+ CEOs stepping down mark in such a narrow time frame, now you’re in a completely different ballgame altogether where you can see the possibility of a serious power struggle at play. This issue isn’t just a couple of dozen companies that are losing CEOs, but a mass exodus the likes of which we have never before at an unprecedented scale.

Think of it this way, if the pattern of more than a thousand CEOs isn’t something that’s being explored by the mainstream media, what would it take? 2,500? 5,000? It’s a serious question, because the mainstream media ‘isn’t seeing’ that as a large pattern, when it’s the most obvious large scale pattern of ‘coincidences’ that we have in this entire argument. I am not implying nor does that mean every single one of those CEOs has stepped down due to nefarious reason, as even if only a fraction of them stepping down is due to the Deep State being at war, then that’s still serious power being acquired, and/or lost, depending on the corporations what they’re working on publically, and privately.

Also, even if overarching power of corporations wasn’t completely lost, it could be severely compromised somehow depending on what else is taking place besides those CEOs stepping down. Another consideration I haven’t seen raised elsewhere are whether or not other positions are being shifted around like dominoes through the global power structure that might or might not revolve around corporations or institutions.

Arguing differently, just like the Deep State factions are seeking to undermine one another on the ground, they would seek to do so closer to the top of the power structure with both sides vying for power, with perhaps other (transnational) factions being involved as well. I’m more likely to believe that both sides are fighting for control of the corporations, than one group fighting with the other one not seeking to do the same thing and just standing back while the other group goes to town. Again, it’s not hundreds of CEOs, but well over a thousand. Essentially, two or more Deep State factions being involved in some of those resignations would explain the magnitude of CEOs stepping down, which echoes something incredibly substantial amid the backdrop discussed.

With that said, what’s the simplest explanation of how one can get CEOs to step down so easily? Control files.

To be specific, control files are all type of files and information that are used to spawn the veritable seeds of blackmail that the Deep State, the Surveillance State and rogue agencies employ to try and control others when those targets get caught doing something that was a crime, or even morally questionable. Especially since almost anything can be taken out of context these days, particularly with the mainstream media often serving ulterior agendas.

For instance, something that takes place in Politics is that politicians are often conned into having sex with a minor without their knowledge in a classic set up and after that, those who have those files own them for life. The employment of such a control file in that instance paves the way for the acquisition of a serious chess piece for what’s likely the extended period of an individual’s life. Conversely, that very information could serve to explain why a certain person within the power structure might have followed a specific pattern of actions throughout their lives, but shifted drastically for seemingly ‘no reason’ whatsoever.

As it’s clear to ascertain, any Deep State faction or group would employ control files in order to get CEOs to step down if those corporations were not under their control, to get those that would be subservient to the Deep State group that backs them junctioned within that corporation so that particular faction’s agendas are followed methodically. And anyone that really thinks control files don’t exist really ought to start looking into Catherine Austin Fitts’ work. Not only has she survived multiple assassination attempts, but it was because those that were after her could not find anything on her that she was able get away from the establishment. To be thorough, Fitts has also stated how it was also because there were enough individuals within the establishment that were not corrupt that she was able to hold off the legal onslaught that was carried out against her. As such, Fitts was fortuitously kicked out because she quit towing the party line, but the point still stands.

Plain and simple, almost every single thing you do online matters, and more importantly, is recorded. It doesn’t matter if it’s on social media, forums, websites and the like. All of that information is being fed into the data-mining machines that seek to determine meta-data for individuals. This was covered many years ago by a whistle blower named William Binney. In fact, it’s so vital that Fitts mentioned it in her Deep State series as to why people need to be careful of what they say, do, and who they talk to so on the internet.

On how impactful control files can be, in part 4 of her Deep State Series, Catherine Austin Fitts soberingly stated:

The integration of control files with digital data bases has really significantly changed the operation of the world as we know it…For many years there was a big debate in the independent financial media where many many commentators said the dollar was going to crash and I said no it wasn’t. And one of the reasons was I had so experienced the control file system operating at close hand that I understood the power of digital databases combined with control files, because now you’ve got a way of being able with relational base technology to identify all the control points in a network, in a neighborhood, in an industry, in a business, and integrate it in with networks of criminal gangs, intelligences agencies, businesses, and local secret societies, with stringers on smart phones.”22

On this very alarming trend, Fitts continued on by saying:

The reality is that if you look at the speed at which the transnational organized crime or intelligence players can operate to affect control at a very granular level at high speed using the digital databases, it’s extraordinary. So digital collection and application, combined with control file technology is making a very dramatic impact on our world globally and yet, it is entirely invisible to most people, they can’t fathom that this has been developed over the last 3 decades. It has and I’m telling you it makes a huge difference. Because it means it is possible for the players who control the machinery…to move into any situation and get power and squeeze almost anyone they want.”23

And that’s only part of what Fitts discussed on control files. The point is that control files are a reality and cannot be overlooked. Control files are also the simplest and safest bet on how some of those CEOs could have been forced to step down without a fuss. To be more precise though, how exactly are these files acquired? Through mass-scale surveillance just as Binney discussed a decade and a half ago.

Former Intel official with the NSA, William Edward Binney, became a whistleblower after finding out that part of the program that he helped create called ThinThread was used to spy on Americans. Binney, addressing an article that ran on the New York Times on December 2005 titled Bush Let’s U.S. Spy on Callers Without Courts, aired his concerns regarding that on a PBS Interview:24

“Well, it touched on that real issues. I mean, the warrantless wiretapping was not really a major component of it, but it touched on the data mining, which is really, really the big issue, data mining of the metadata and content. That was really the big issue, because that’s how you can monitor the entire population simultaneously, whereas the warrantless wiretaps were isolated cases. You could pick an isolated number of them and do them, whereas in the mining process, you would do the entire population.”25

Ladies and gentlemen, that is the exact issue Fitts was warning about and how the Deep State and other agencies get control files on people.

It’s not difficult to imagine how those control files could be employed against anyone in the establishment in a serious power struggle at the highest vantages of the global power structure. This does not by any means prove nor mean that every CEO or even any of them stepped down because of control files, but, I find it incredibly hard to believe that the data-mining programs that run non-stop 24/7 could not have caught anything at all on any of them, and that they’re all stepping down in such large numbers by sheer coincidence.

Again, certainly not conclusive, but given 1,300+ CEOs have resigned, it’s hard not to wonder how the spirit of that stratospheric coincidence doesn’t have some underlying premise with at least some of those that have stepped down possibly being due to questionable reasons amid a Deep State war seemingly shifting to another level. Control files are the simplest way that the Deep State, or any faction, could get someone to step down without question.

Again keep in mind, if only a fraction of those CEOs stepping down is due to the Deep State war, that’s still quite a remarkable feat that not only has national implications, but transnational ones as well. One corporation being acquired by one faction could integrate into many different agendas in countless forms given how technologies and information can be leveraged. Therefore, just because ‘only a fraction’ of corporations could have possibly been acquired, if not significantly more, doesn’t discount the serious acquisition of power that can spawn tectonic shifts in the corporate power structure and could simultaneously integrate into whatever agendas the controlling faction would have.

In essence, what could be transpiring is a mass scale war of the corporate sector being employed in covert fashion, with groups retaliating against one another in seemingly uncomplicated ways for now. I say for now, because if this fight continues to escalate, many more oddities could transpire, but time will tell. Let’s shift now from the corporate sector to the military industrial complex and how that couples to how a Deep State faction can speak through the national media sending veiled messages that can easily go unnoticed.

On March 18, 2020, Newsweek ran an article by William M. Arkin, titled “Exclusive: Inside The Military’s Top Secret Plans If Coronavirus Cripples The Government.”

The title itself sets the foundation for what follows as it speaks of the possibility of “COVID-19” being what “cripples” the Government. The writer also makes no bones about it when it states that:

“…the “combatant commander” for the United States would in theory be in charge if Washington were eviscerated. That is, until a new civilian leader could be installed.”26

Eviscerated? Really? That’s a rather keen word choice.

Eviscerated is one of those words that one doesn’t hear often, like Iapetus, Antarctica, Phobos, Demos, Pyramid, Cydonia, and yet, it holds a lot of magnitude if one understands the implications of those words, particularly when those are within context.

Bottom line, I haven’t seen Corona itself cripple anything yet. Are people dying? Very much so, and it’s incredibly unfortunate to say the least. But just because people pass away doesn’t mean it’s due to COVID-19, when many tests don’t even take place to confirm its COVID and yet COVID-19 is slated as the culprit, while hospitals have financial incentives in treating ‘COVID’, all the while the mainstream media makes it seem like dying with COVID and dying due to COVID are the same thing.

But COVID-19 does make the perfect premise for Newsweek to run such a surgically precise article.

What’s more disturbing, the article by News Week doesn’t follow along the traditional sequence that one would imagine would take place in a scenario that follows a line of succession at the top of government. The article doesn’t even pull punches in what could better described by stemming from a war-like scenario, when it starkly states:

“…if Washington were eviscerated.”27

There are no mincing words there.

It doesn’t talk about Trump getting COVID-19, it speaks of Washington being eviscerated. Again, the choice of words is so astounding that it begs the questions: why is Washington the focus, and why not Trump? Likewise, why use the word eviscerated?

What’s another precise point about the article? It’s not subtle in its statement of the transfer of power going from Washington to the Military in all-encompassing and incredibly troubling fashion since it implies the simultaneously loss of the entire United States command structure at top, and not just President Trump.

In other words, the article reads more as if those are the steps that would take place if the line of sucession transfer of power were exacerbated by war. In that scenario, the article certainly makes sense. For COVID? Not. Even. Close.

“You’re clearly taking things out of context,” might be someone’s contention. If that’s the argument, then let’s see how out of context then this argument continues to be.

While discussing one of seven highly-compartmentalized secret plans around this scenario, which is the RESEM plan, or to be more precise, the Rescue & Evacuation of the Occupants of the Executive Mansion plan, it is asserted in the article that this plan is:

…responsible for protecting President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, and their families–whether that means moving them at the direction of the Secret Service or, in a catastrophe, digging them out of the rubble of the White House.”28

“…digging them out of the rubble of the White House”? I thought we were talking about a virus? Why even mention such a thing, unless of course, it’s supposed to be mentioned, which it clearly is.

Writing 101: “digging them out of the rubble of the White House” qualifies as a catastrophe. Therefore, there is no need to be that dark and disturbing unless that’s the whole point. Stating it differently, don’t say in 13 words, what you can accomplish in 3. But the writer and editor know that, so it’s a deliberate use of language, and like much of what’s going on, it is not subtle at all.

For anyone considering dismissing this idea as outlandish, please recall the information referenced within the introductory parts of this piece and how veiled messages and hidden symbolism take place far more often then people realize, and have also taken place not only during the John F. Kennedy Assassination, but 9/11 and other tectonic events. And if a Deep State faction, or factions, could embed hidden messages and symbolism within events of that scale, running an article as the one discussed would be a cinch.

Likewise, COVID-19 isn’t mentioned anywhere at all as part of the catastrophe, which one would expect and I thought was the main point of the article.

If you doubt my assertion, then read the article countless times from the point of view of a virus, and then from the point of view of a war. That way you’ll notice how reading the article from a COVID-19 doesn’t make almost any sense. But War? Oh, it makes perfect sense.

There is another puzzle piece that the article isn’t subtle about, and it is in its introduction of how America:

“…had better learn who Gen. Terrence J. O’Shaughnessy is.”29

Not should learn, not ought to learn – more in the line of, better learn it, as in: know your place. As in, threat. Again, deliberate use of language, like a scalpel, like the word cripples, and eviscerated, both of which did not have to be used, and yet, were slotted in meticulously and the (barely veiled) message is clear.

In fact, in an article on Defense.gov titled “General Compares DOD’s COVID-19 Response to All-Out War” that is exactly what Air Force General O’Shaughnessy compared the COVID fiasco to, war.30 Whereas Newsweek’s article the allusion to war is implicit, in the aforementioned article, it is not.

Not only was it clearly stated that the US Military is Considering ‘All Options’, but that is also the response that one would expect in an “All-Out War”. 31 Newsweek was incredibly precise when it spoke of the potentiality of:

“…catastrophe, digging them out of the rubble of the White House”.32

That certainly sounds like “All-Out War”, does it not? It sure doesn’t sound like any virus though.

Seeing as Newsweek urged us to pay attention to O’Shaughnessy, let’s follow suit.

Covering the Deep State, Continuity of Government Plans (COG), and O’Shaughnessy in early April, Daniel Liszt (a.k.a. Dark Journalist) stated in his X-Series Episode 84:

“[O’Shaughnessy]…over and over again, he will speak of the homeland. And I made the comment that looking through pages and pages of his interviews I found something quite fascinating, which was that O’Shaughnessy mentioned in…6 different interviews…homeland, are you ready for this? 67 times. He mentioned the United States, twice. What’s the problem?…Homeland is like fatherland in Germany, that’s a Nazi term that I’ve never resonated with for America…I want some of those people to stop and say, are you talking about the United States of America? Is it America that you’re talking about? Can you say United States of America? Seems to have a problem saying that word. It’s very odd. For me, when you look at the United States of America, the Constitution is embedded inside of it. Over here, if I just call something homeland, I can give all of these different characteristics to homeland, we defend against the enemy, we do this, we do that, but I don’t have to refer to the United States Constitution anymore. There is a lot of power in the name. So it bothers me that he is the top NorthCom Commander and he sparingly uses the term United States of America. I invite anyone to look through his interviews and find what I found. His frequency of using homeland over the United States of America is incredibly disturbing.”33

Those thoughts by Liszt are synchronistically extraordinary, because this 3-part series started by covering the power that a name withholds while discussing John F. Kennedy, and here the idea arises full circle again.

When someone, irrespective of who it is, deliberately uses the words United States of America, unification is implicit in the very language employed. But that’s not the case when one uses the word Homeland. The deliberate use of the word Homeland strips the underlying foundation, the underlying meaning of what America stands for and why it became what it did in the hallowed pages of the past. It was the confluence of different beliefs, all under a common culture, that while certainly not perfect found common ground in the very idea that created a tectonic shift in beliefs throughout the pillars power than sent shockwaves throughout all social strata not only America but throughout the world, and that idea was Freedom.

The strength of America stood in its differences, not in its similarities. People from different backgrounds were willing the fight for Freedom in an event that created the veritable foundation of the United States, which resonated so much that it spawned fertile ground for the common culture to move forward like never before. As this intensified, the United States continued to grow rapidly before noxious forces began slowly filtering deeper within the power structure and corrupting it as often happens in the endless waltz of good vs. evil, right vs. wrong, freedom vs. conformity, light vs. darkness, and all the endless permutations.

But America wasn’t born a one-size-fits-all conformist system, it never was, it never could be for it would stop being America and become something else, though there are elements that are pushing towards such a unilateral system. Likewise, America would have never became what it did under a conformist system because those type of systems do not allow for Freedom nor growth of the individual, communities and societies, or even ideas in any meaningful and resounding sense.

Former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Catherine Austin Fitts often states that the wealth in the world at the current moment is only 1% of what it could be if the system wasn’t structured as it is. What would that portend for the world if the wealth went up by only an order of magnitude? And yet, in Fitts’ view, far more than that is being left on the table from a financial point of view, and perhaps that’s the point: wealth distribution in such a world would filter into other areas as technologies, health population growth and longevity, and so on, but that type of world is much harder to control for those on top, which is one of the many reasons why conformity is the main recipe extolled.

Homing in more precisely, the issue with a conformist approach is the same problem that many empires, religions, institutions and even some cultures faced through the latitude of time: a persecutionist and unilaterally enforced one-size-fits all conformist approach that seeks to tell others what to do, or even force and/or control individuals in myriad ways, does not work on a long term basis because it kills the human spirit and it suffocates it to the point of rebellion as history has shown. This was the same type of system that Americans fought in the nascent stages of the country’s inception because it was antithetical to freedom.

Thankfully America isn’t there yet, but there are factions out there that want to compromise the foundation of the United States of America and change the nation’s identity outright, and if not in name, then certainly in essence. And what better way for those wishing the nation ill will than by beginning with the deliberate employment of the word Homeland instead of using the United States of America? The changing of a name doesn’t seem like a big deal on paper, but it in fact is, or the name United States of America would have never been shifted to Homeland, which couples directly to the esoteric subtleties covered beforehand that are hidden in plain sight that might seem meaningless, but in fact hold more power than most realize for it is an alchemical construction of a new vision for those that wish to take America in an Anti-America direction.

Either way, Freedom is the protection of the differences and not just the similarities that people held; freedom was the bastion against tyranny and was the very tip of the spear against all that held ill will against all individuals, communities and states; freedom was the shield that withheld when the British onslaught came, with hell and high water, and freedom is the very spirit of the American people that the globalists fear because they know what it is truly capable if that spirit awakens in truest sense of the word, which is why they work so hard at keeping their vision in play and not those of the founding fathers and all that embedded their essence into the foundation of the United States, or those that still fight to maintain a semblance of those roots.

And here we are, where humanity is finally publicly reaching for the stars once more, and now humanity, or at least some within it, don’t only have to juggle issues down here but are already juggling issues up there. But that’s way beyond of the scope of this, but I mention it because part of the Deep State fight is not only about who gains heavy influence of corporations, the United States, and so on, but who gains control of the most valuable gifts in existence: time the next 4 years, and all of the agendas that could be pushed during that critical time period.

Why? With many countries and space ventures planned around the 2020s, all that space-faring nations accomplish during this time period will set the foundation for all that follows in the future of all people on Earth, for what foundation is concretely set for the future regarding space in the official reality, which would undoubtedly have implications in the unofficial reality as well, though how much is hard to tell. And control of space, through the space lanes and the like, not unlike the sea lanes which were controlled by ancient fleets centuries ago, is where the next evolution of humanity’s endless waltz will take place. Space is where control of media and communication is at hand, where financial systems and other technologies are controlled, and where weapon platforms are controlled as well through satellite systems and the like. Space is where the greatest control will be able to be leveraged throughout the next few decades if not longer, and those in the pillars of power know this, how could they not?

One way or another, humanity is at the tip of the spear of destiny, with cultures at war as they have always been. And yet here we are in a world where it seems nigh nothing is going on except a pandemic and protests, when in fact there’s so much going on that most people would be shocked, except they aren’t privy to this information for countless reasons whether its media, public schooling or propaganda. Even so, in the age of information ignorance is no excuse. The time has come to know what you know, and know what you don’t know. Because then and only then can individuals begin to acquire the actionable information they need, the information that leads to growth in a resounding sense and not entropy.

But focusing on what matters most to you is critical, for when the future hangs in the balance, how you walk that tight rope counts as much as what vision you see at the end of that rope. If what you see at the end of that rope is shrouded considerably, then you might not bother walking that rope because you don’t see your pathway, something worth fighting or even living for. On the other hand, if your vision at the end of that rope resonates with you and seems incredibly tangible, or at least possible, then you adjust accordingly dealing with the winds of change that might knock you off kilter, though in reality only strengthen your ability to balance your way down that rope as you hold your own vision or whatever vision you see best.

No matter what takes place, its crucial to remember one of the most important things I’ve ever learned: being here in this world, at this very moment, is a powerful consideration because in some version of this story, I’m not here, or you’re not here, or other people aren’t around, or certain inventions aren’t created and certain actions aren’t brought to bear which could have created intensely positive resonance like the actions of John F. Kennedy would have, and on and on and on. Each of these instances would have affected many lives therein creating resonance within the very fabric of reality more powerfully than people realize, but that’s not the mindset people hold, but that’s also beyond the scope of this piece.

Subjectively speaking, one of the most important considerations to keep in mind is what vision you hold within you and the tangible steps you take towards that vision, as that vision is up to you and not other people.

What do you see? Because that vision can be your greatest asset, or greatest liability; what thoughts and actions you carry out can create or they can destroy; what you do can inspire and invigorate yourself and others, or it can siphon your energy and that of those around you; what ideas and philosophies you hold can create a world of change, or they can simply continue to feed the current systems that have gotten the United States of America, other nations and cultures into the very crossroads of history dancing on the most microscopic of tightropes with incoming storms on the horizon.

But the thing about storms, about change, is that sometimes you don’t have an option of going elsewhere during a storm, during change, as where you are is where you chose to be and you’re in the middle of it; where you make your home is where you have decided it will be no matter what takes place, and the only choice you will have in those circumstances is how to act when those events transpire, when change comes. And a lot of change is coming, whether we all like it or not, one way or another, for those at the highest vantages of power, those Deep State factions are fighting for just that, to create change, to paint their vision upon the canvas of reality.

But the Deep State factions aren’t the only ones that contribute to the future, for we all do in our own ways. And it’ll be all our contributions not only as individuals but as communities that will contribute to the position that not only the United States of America finds itself in, but also other cultures and nations as well as the Earth, be it years, decades, and perhaps even centuries from now.

What will it be: will humanity fall off the tightrope of destiny having lost its balance after spawning the veritable seeds of its own destruction? Will nations, will Deep States, will those within the power structure and those that support them directly and indirectly pave a path laden in darkness that seeks to keep humanity blind to how the world truly operates, to what our ancient history really holds? Or will individuals choose to light their own torch passionately and unabashedly showing what they truly stand for, blazing their own path, owning the vision and the culture that they seek to co-create?

So when Lady Destiny comes knocking, don’t close the door too quickly on your choices and how valuable time is. Don’t pass off seconds as they’re not more precious as silver, minutes more precious than gold, hours more precious than Burmese rubies, and days more precious than black pearls. And if someone might think that’s a bit too much, tell them this: how many metric tons of the aforementioned would you trade if you only had seconds to live? The answer is obvious.

Someone might contend that’s simply because of context. My rebuttal to that would be that both objectively, and subjectively speaking, most reasonable people if not all, would trade every asset they had including the galactic sink to spend more time with those they Love and care about even if for mere seconds, because that’s what’s best for them at that very moment. But individuals don’t treat every moment as if it has profound meaning and opportunity in the potentiality withheld, individuals don’t give moments significance by default because most of the time its “just” another moment, it’s “just” another day, it’s “just” a “random” opportunity to live the life that individual truly wishes to live, an opportunity to do what’s truly best for themselves, whatever that may be.

But every individual certainly can make those crucial choices. If you want to follow up on a version of this notion simply read The Biology of Belief, and The Honeymoon Effect, by Bruce Lipton Ph.D., and you’ll come to terms with what the power of the mind can achieve by focusing on infusing life with substance by default, though Lipton doesn’t use those exact terms.

“What the hell does this have to do with the Deep State?” might be someone’s contention. The choices individuals take have everything to do with what happens not only in America but all over the world. It’s how our energy is spent and the substance that we draw from that, how our time is spent, how money is spent, how human interactions transpire, and countless other considerations that feed the system that has been created, that helped feed the Deep State factions not only in America but elsewhere.  As Fitts often cautions, most individuals, communities and nations keep financing their own destruction, they keep contributing to the very things that are anti-human in countless ways, and then act as if they’re powerless when they’re handing that precious power away all along, every single day,with every single choice that contributes to that system, instead of making the choices that lead to something resoundingly better for them not at a superficial level, but at a deep level.

And that’s exactly where the greatest change will take place, at the deepest levels within ourselves, at the levels individuals rarely venture too because that’s not the mindset, that’s not what fashionable to talk about yet alone do and yet that’s exactly where the greatest change will take place not only for individuals, but for societies and cultures. As change begins within, it echoes without. The mindful choices that individuals take can collectively couple to create substantial change that ripples into to the world, but the power of those choices can only be created yet alone resonate when the choices are made.

It is only when individuals begin making mindful choices that their lives begin to change in the truest sense, where history begins to change, where possibilities begin to arise, where positive resonance begins to be created possibly affecting more lives than you can imagine, where destinies begin to interlock like puzzle pieces, because that’s how actions work, they are like ripples within the lake of life that can spawn pulsing waves in myriad directions, directions you choose and not those chosen for you, all of which collectively couple into the world we live in, the world we will see take place in the future.

And that world begins with choices, and those choices begin with You.


Author’s Note:

I thought about anchoring this piece drawing from a variety of other considerations, but ultimately, what matters most are the choices you make.  That said, I wasn’t about to do end this piece in fear, though there are serious considerations to be had within the article and its implications.  Moreover, fear is exactly what the Mainstream Media engenders, and it never leads to anything constructive, so I opted to take this in a different direction for myriad reasons.

May life find you all well and best to all of you.


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