“In science, truth is a moving target..”
– Michael McCollum, Procyon’s Promise

Zy Marquiez
June 17, 2020

For quite a long time, Mars has served as a place of endless wonder.

In fiction, there have been many authors that have sparked the imagination of individuals employing the red planetary body. It can be said that The War Of The Worlds by H.G. Wells, was perhaps the quintessential turn in fiction which served to firmly inculcate the ancient Red Planet into the imagination of individuals at that time. Another notable writer, Edgar Rice Burroughs, added to the Red Planet mythos when he published A Princess Of Mars, which was part of a series of stories he published on the Red Planet.

In modern times, it has been argued, that in addition to Mars containing artificial structures on its surface, the red planet also arguably contains what is known as the ‘D&M Pyramid’, as well as what has been come to be known as the ‘Face on Mars’, both of which are located in the Cydonia Complex.

Former NASA consultant, researcher and author, Richard C. Hoagland extrapolates in his astounding book, The Monuments Of Mars – A City On The Edge Of Forever, that Mars features a copious amount of evidence of artificial edifices such as the aforementioned, as well as many other anomalies that have precise mathematical properties on the surface. Beyond that, there are still many other intriguing circumstances that have revolved around Mars.

Just a few years ago, the CIA declassified highly provocative documents on Mars under the designation CIA-RDP96-00788R001900760001-9 which is titled Mars Exploration.

This declassification by the CIA was part of an extensive declassification of documents that took place not long ago, which cover a variety of highly thought-provoking topics. The Mars Exploration declassified document can be found at:


Starkly put and for reasons unstated, the CIA sought to explore Mars by the employment of Remote Viewing. It is now known that that the CIA admitted to Remote Viewing November 28, 1995.1 Before moving on, defining what remote viewing encompasses and how it was viewed in history is crucial for what follows.

To begin explaining Remote Viewing in a general sense, let’s start by delving into the work of the late Jim Marrs.

Marrs was an award-winning journalist with over 30 years of investigative experience into abstruse subjects such as the John F. Kennedy Assassination as covered in Crossfire – The Plot That Killed Kennedy, the Nazis as he covered in his landmark book Rise of the Fourth Reich, and many other subjects that are crucial to understanding the world as it is today in more ways than people realize.

The following citation is a snippet of the thought provoking book by the late Jim Marrs titled Psi Spies – The True Story of America’s Psychic Warfare Program. Through history’s broad lens, Marrs own words state that remote viewing:

“…had been called clairvoyance, prophecy, or soothsaying. Although recorded by all cultures throughout human history, it was believed to be simply an occult fantasy until scientific studies during the 20th century confirmed its existence.”2

As Marrs elaborates further:

“Despite the fact that remote viewing was developed by various tax-supported government agencies including the CIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency, and even the U.S. Army, a majority of Americans still have never heard of this faculty.”3

Not only does Marrs set the historical foundation under which Remote Viewing was most commonly known throughout history, but he also mentions how this faculty that humans are endowed with was also of great interest to government agencies and even the military. Even so, let’s recalibrate our definition a bit further in order to get as precise as possible with the definition of remote viewing.

To accomplish this let’s dive into part of the work of Joseph McMoneagle, which he covered in his book Remote Viewing Secrets. McMoneagle was in the Army’s remote viewing Stargate Program at Fort Meade, Maryland.4 Having been known as Remote Viewer #001 in this program, McMoneagle states in his own words that by the employment of an individual’s latent ability now known as Remote Viewing, such an individual has:

“…the ability to produce information that is correct about a place, event, person, object, or concept which is located somewhere else in time/space, and which is completely blind to the remote viewer and others taking part in the process of collecting information.”5

Therefore, not only can remote viewing targets be viewed, as it were, at any given distance no matter the coordinates provided, but a remote viewer may also view a target in the future, or in the past. Now, the past being set in stone so to speak, makes remote viewing it a lot more precise than the future, which is vastly more complicated given the fact that it is unknown, though potential possibilities can always be explored.

Just as so, the farther in the future a remote viewer attempts to explore, the harder it is to identify what will transpire with precision. In other words, remote viewing a set of coordinates 5 minutes from now will yield much greater accuracy given the narrower set of temporal parameters involved, rather than attempting to remote view the same coordinates 5 years from now.

With that foundation in mind, let’s delve back into the declassified CIA Mars Exploration document that discusses remote viewing Mars.

Carried out on May 22, 1984, the document in question purports to be a transcript of a remote viewing session of Mars that narrowed on a date around 1 Million years B.C. This is incredibly noteworthy because the coordinates given, which were 40.89 degrees north and 9.55 degrees west, are precisely the area that Richard C. Hoagland and other researchers have noted superficiality in the Cydonia part of Mars.

Towards the beginning of the remote viewing session, the subject, which is now thought to have been McMoneagle himself, begins:

As we can gather, the remote viewer has spotted what seems to be a pyramid structure, which could corroborate the possibility of there being pyramids on Mars, as suggested by the work of Hoagland and other researchers that noted artificial structures in the Cydonia area.

The remote viewer did not only find a pyramid, but also found what was described as ‘very tall’ and’ thin’ ‘people’. Later on, the remote viewer specifies further, stating that although they appear ‘thin and tall’, they are in fact ‘very large’.

After being told to proceed to new coordinates, the subject covers another notable point in the document, which is quite evocative:

The subject notes an object that seems like an obelisk, which is very peculiar to say the least. Not only is there an obelisk in the National Mall in Washington D.C. called the Washington Monument, but the most timeless one can be found in what was one of the oldest cities in ancient Egypt, known as Heliopolis, now known as Cairo.

Per Wikipedia:

“The major surviving remnant of Heliopolis is the obelisk of the Temple of Ra-Atum erected by Senusret I of Dynasty XII. It still stands in its original position.”6


“The 21 m (69 ft) high red granite obelisk weighs 120 tons (240,000 lbs).”7

An ancient marvel if there ever were one. We will return to Egypt in a moment.

Now here comes a reasonable inference:

The fact that the CIA individual that was prompting the remote viewer made no effort to spend additional time on the obelisk or the pyramid for that matter, which should have pegged their suspicion meter into the red zone, leads me to believe that this particular remote viewing session, or at least this particular coordinate reading, took place to confirm previous readings carried out prior to this session, rather than this remote viewing session having been the initial foray into the Cydonia Complex and Mars.

It’s highly intriguing, and profoundly suggestive, that each of the exact coordinates that were given yielded rather astonishing results.

That’s like me randomly putting a star chart on my wall, getting a throwing dart and tossing it towards Saturn, and the dart just happens to land on the one place in the Rings of Saturn where there’s an extensive array of ships docked in what looks more like a space port crossed with scenes from Star Wars and Star Trek to boot.

As such, the possibility of the remote viewing session carried out by the CIA in 1984, shown in the Mars Exploration document having been random decreases considerably, and the probability of it being a follow up remote view and reconnaissance session at that time increases quite drastically. If this contention is correct, Mars would have to have been under some type of remote viewing surveillance for some time, though for how much time exactly it is unknown. And what better way for the CIA to corroborate the work of other remote viewers in the program, the veracity of that work as well as the efficacy of the program, than with the findings of one of the better remote viewers of the time?

Interestingly enough, a place on Earth where we see Pyramids and an obelisk is Egypt. Now, to double-down on our megalithic coincidences, let’s take a gander at an excerpt that was published in the renown Journal of the British Interplanetary Society, which contained a chapter heading named, Signpost to Mars, that Richard Hoagland covered in his book, The Monuments Of Mars – A City On The Edge Of Forever:

“One of the weirdest coincidences of the whole affair is that Cairo, the site of the (two greatest) pyramids, was originally named El-Kahira, from the Arabic El-Kahir – “Meaning Mars…””8

As Richard C. Hoagland excitedly shares:

“Again – what were the random probabilities that there would exist two isolated worlds, both with “pyramids” and “sphinxes,” and now, that the one site on this planet where the most perfect, most archetypal form still stand – Cairo – would also form the key linguistic bridge that links those worlds…!?9

Hoagland’s excitement is well-founded, and it makes one wonder how many other stratospheric bits of information such as the aforementioned are already known and out in the open, but aren’t widespread knowledge given the significant implications they create for everything that we know, which is why the establishment acts as if this information doesn’t even exist.  As far as the establishment is concerned, the official reality must always hold, if not, The Matrix is seen for what it is and people will begin trading red pills like they do the latest memes, and voila, everything changes.

Recoupling to the CIA document once more, let’s take a look at the last tidbit of crucial information by taking a gander at the last peculiar bit of data:

Most noteworthy here is that the declassified CIA document contains information about there being an ancient civilization that lived on Mars undergoing some serious circumstances at the time. The remote viewer himself asserts that he perceived them to be ‘ancient people’ that were ‘dying’ at the time ‘past their time or age’.  Additionally, those ancient people were ‘hanging on while they look or wait for something to return or something coming with the answer…’. What’s more, ‘a party of them went to find’ a ‘new place to live’.  The document even details a brief interaction between the remote viewer and one of the people in the last coordinates provided.

Prudently, the individual giving the orders had the presence of mind to ask the remote viewer to follow where the people went, and ‘Go along with them on their journey and find out where it is they go’. Unfortunately, those people were said to have gone ‘from the frying pan and into the fire’ amid a ‘different kind of storm’.

Now, if the document in question is to be taken at face value for argument’s sake, and there was in fact an Ancient Civilization on Mars around 1 Million years ago, given their ongoing issues with ‘atmospheric disturbances’, ‘people’ ‘dying’, coupled with geological issues and some of those ‘people’ seeking help, it stands to reason that something caused a serious disaster at the time which could explain all of the issues stated forcing the relocation of some of the people on Mars elsewhere.

In its entirety, a pyramid, an obelisk, and ancient civilization all on Mars, are all stated clear-cut within a declassified CIA document from 1984.  However, while I wouldn’t go as far as saying this document is clear proof of any of the core details, the Mars Exploration declassified document certainly corroborates a lot of other findings about the mysterious Red Planet, expanding the field of vision from which to view Mars from, as well as the historical perspective from which to view ancient history of the entire solar system.

And if the Mars Exploration document isn’t a deliberate misinformation piece and I certainly do not think it is, then what else does the Red Planet contain within its confines? Is there anything else that Mars harbors in its history or its surface that’s quite anomalous, and could junction to the aforementioned information discussed in the document, while adding weight to the argument that Mars was in fact inhabited in the ancient past?  I certainly believe so.

And for that, we’ll wait until part two.

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