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June 23, 2020

As a preamble, what follows will not be conclusive by any means given the inherent secrecy that surrounds not only Mars, but archaeology as a whole, especially when it comes to ancient antiquity.  As such, the threads offered are simply shared for consideration purposes to show starting points that can be followed up on by inquiring minds, and to offer a different perspective coupled with a much wider vantage point to view history from.  And to be incredibly precise, the argument that follows is only one of many possibilities that could exist regarding Mars and a possible Ancient Civilization inhabiting it in the past, and is certainly not to be taken as the only way to interpret the data provided.  Please keep that in mind.

In the previous part to this, a declassified CIA document that discussed a Remote Viewing session that took place in 1984 titled Mars Exploration was sifted through, that touched upon possible evidence of Remote Viewing being used to reconnoiter an Ancient Civilization going through an apparent cataclysm approximately 1,000,000 Years Ago.

Additional touch stones were covered as well, from the connections between Egypt and Mars, with the word Cairo translating to signify Mars, as well as Mars and Egypt both having “pyramids”, “sphinxes” and “obelisks”. Lastly, and just as important, if not more so, the precision of the remote viewing session centering upon Cydonia with the coordinates provided, which has been thought to be one of the keystone to understanding Mars, was also trenchantly noted due to the work of Richard Hoagland, who was a former NASA consultant, researcher and author of The Monuments of Mars – A City on The Edge of Forever, and was also one of the authors in Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA.  Hoagland has spoken at length not only about the oddities on the surface of Mars and explicitly Cydonia, but the mathematical properties that the surface of Mars displays.

Given that the Mars Exploration declassified CIA document seems to be evidence that there could have been an Ancient Civilization on Mars, let’s continue on that very ancient thread and view what type of picture it creates.

Many years ago authors George J. Haas and William R. Saunders authored the highly provocative book titled The Cydonia Codex – Reflections on Mars.  In this book, the authors in my opinion argued convincingly that there is a significant correlation between the geoglyphs on Mars, and geoglyphs found on Earth.  Some of the cultures that are known to feature these geoglyphs on Earth are the Aztec, the Olmec, Maya, as well as others.The authors also wrote an additional book titled The Martian Codex – More Reflections on Mars, although I have not read it yet.

The photos that were examined by the authors were taken either by NASA or Keith Laney.  Also of note, are the intense parallels between the geoglyphs on Mars, and many of the geoglyphs found in the artifacts not only from civilizations in Mesoamerica, but by pre-Columbian civilizations as well.2

What follows are simply three photos, two of them employing the book covers by Haas and Saunders for simplicity’s sake, covering 5 different geoglyphs:



It’s one thing for there to be only one image of a geoglyph that could correlate to both Mars and Earth. It is something else entirely when individual shows evidence of what could possibly be the Free Mason Symbol of the Compass and the Square (you just can’t make this stuff up), a Buddha comparison, the Mars Ourobos (“the serpent who swallows his own tail” from MOC image M10-03053), a mirrored Mars image of the Maya God First Lord (wearing Quadripartite headdress), the Principle Bird deity (from a Mayan Temple), as well as numerous other geoglyphs.  The quantity and quality of the geoglyphs is quite astonishing and to be candid rendered me speechless quite often.3, 4, 5, 6, 7

The aggregate of these type of images leave an individual’s mind reverberating with such intensity to shatter the conventional reality bubble, leaving a kaleidoscope of other possibilities to be entertained given the wide array of provocative geoglyphs discussed.

What it seems to me at least, is that some of these geoglyphs, are as conclusive as it gets considering how intricate it is to deal with images taken from satellites, especially with images from other planets.

Are all images decisive or relatively detailed at least?  Not exactly, but many are quite detailed enough that the assemblage of the images, coupled with how detailed some in particular are, lends serious weight to the link between Earth and Mars.  Even so, the totality of the images discussed and notable details therein, are clear enough to note that something is amiss within the official Mars story.  Of that there’s no doubt.

What’s incredibly noteworthy is the magnitude of evidence for dozens of geoglyphs on Mars.  It’s not one geoglyph, it’s not two, or half a dozen, but dozens of correlations, supplanted upon the Cydonia Complex, which has already been reconnoitered through remote viewing at least once (but probably countless times as any sensible person would surmise), and found to have found mathematical properties by researchers such as Hoagland et al.  And yet….there’s still more!

Besides images of geoglyphs and artificial edifices on Mars, another intriguing image that can be found are some of hexagonal craters (MOC SP1-23903) that were taken on April 14, which is predictably, in Cydonia.

Surgically stated, there is an extensive array of incredibly intriguing images available of Mars that provide a refreshing vantage point not only from which to view ancient antiquity, but the course of human history given the extensive amount of ‘coincidences’ that overlay Earth and Mars, and how both planets share a commonality rarely discussed in modern minds, yet alone considered at length given how this subject (as others) has been all but buried from mainstream thought.8, 9

Now that we have delved into possible evidence of there being some type of Ancient Civilization on Mars, how about sifting through evidence of an ancient cataclysm, or perhaps war? Is there in fact any evidence?  To begin to contemplate such an idea there would have to be something substantial and worth serious consideration at least.  Let’s see where the fortuitous fabric of ancient history takes us.

Given that one of the avenues by which a cataclysm could have taken place is war, both ideas will be fused for simplicity’s sake, though each can be pondered separately under the right circumstances.  As such, for a war to have transpired in Ancient History on Mars there would have to be a clear indicator that implies both a cataclysm and war.  And the simplest ways to explore this hypothesis is either through finding evidence of ancient weapons, or the signature of a weapon used in some sort of ancient war.  For this, let’s take a look at another individual that worked within the realm of NASA.

To argue that there was a possible ancient war on Mars, let’s take a quick foray into the work of plasma physicist, and former NASA employee, Dr. John Brandenburg Ph.D., whose following presentation titled Death on Mars, is one that I was able to witness live at the Secret Space Program and Breakaway Civilization Conference in Bastrop TX in 2015.  That conference featured other notable speakers such as former Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Catherine Austin Fitts, Dr. Joseph P. Farrell, Walter Bosley, Paul La Violette PhD., and other speakers as well.

In no uncertain terms, Brandenburg has postulated that Mars contains evidence of a nuclear catastrophe in its past. How did Brandenburg come to this conclusion though?

Dr. Brandenburg has argued that he came to this conclusion after finding that Mars contains Xenon-129, Thorium and Uranium, which are elements that are not of natural origins, and only come about from nuclear explosions at extremely enormous yields.  Hold that thought for one moment.

To be brutally honest, if there really was an Ancient Civilization on Mars, it is not unreasonable to think that the Deep State, Mr. Global (to borrow Fitts’ term), or anyone within Earth is anywhere close to admitting such a thing, yet alone the possibility of war in ancient times for several reasons.  It’s my contention that whatever form of disclosure takes place around an Ancient Civilization on Mars, it will not be unlike the drip-feed disclosure as is taking place within the UFO field at the current juncture in time.

And if and when humanity does cross that threshold, which is probably decades away, we are going to get the official version of reality, that will undoubtedly be sugar coated with megatons of lies, rather than anywhere near what lies in the substrata of the real story.  Therefore, there is no other option but to speculate reasonably.  Giving the evidence discussed, either Dr. Brandenburg is right about his hypothesis regarding ancient war, or he isn’t.  There is no other option.10 But where does the yellow brick red sandstone road leads us?

If Mars does in fact contain signatures of Xenon-129, Uranium and Thorium, and those elements did not come from natural origins, then they must have been created by someone, some civilization. By way of example, the vanguard thought that comes to mind when one hears of the elements discussed by Brandenburg are nuclear weapons. And if one civilization can create nuclear weapons, then certainly another one can, particularly one that seems to have left its signature on Earth, which would imply significant and sophisticated technology tree, and also propulsion of some sorts. 

But are there any other remnants of an Ancient War, be it on Mars or on Earth, that could have taken place in Ancient Antiquity that adds another significant layer to this abstruse and yet highly evocative story?  What do your instincts tell you?

Simply put, all of this is barely scratching the tip of the iceberg, and that’s not a hyperbole either.

What I will say is that given the microscopic sliver of information that has been discussed, which is barely an iota of what lies within the work of what I would argue are reputable sources bringing about reasonable arguments and evidence, it should be no surprise that official history, particular ancient history, is riddled with as many lies, if not more, just like Big Pharma, Big Biotech, Politics, History, Geoengineering, The Deep State, Finance, etc.

Even so, what you draw from the aforementioned argument is for you ponder deeply at length as you come to your own conclusions.  If just a fraction of what is being discussed is true, not only has humanity been lied too for far too long, but the foundation upon which history lies is faulty at best.  So much so that it beckons a veritable reworking on a blank canvas to the utmost degree.

Time will ultimately tell whether researchers, inquiring minds and hopefully whistleblowers, will find out Mars’ true story, or anything emblematic of it.  Be that as it may, there’s still extensive evidence to be considered that’ll leave much for rumination, and that will be covered soon enough.

Author’s Note:

This write up could have been a bit more extensive, but given the magnitude of the information discussed, particularly Brandenburg’s hypothesis, coupled with the aggregate information touched upon from all aforementioned and all that follows, I didn’t think additional information needed to be added at this point given the article is meant to cover a complex subject in an interesting way, and yet keep it simple for anyone tippy-toeing into this subject for the first time.


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