Zy Marquiez
June 26, 2020

In life, sometimes you have to pull back mentally and hold still, anchoring in place, as the winds of change steer you to adjust or readjust your course.  This often leads individuals to a new template of possibilities that had not previously been considered given the newfound path, possibilities that were not pondered, that ultimately lead to change, or potential change.

But change can prove daunting to get use too.  Even so, an individual can either allow change affect them in a negative way, or an individual can embrace the change that comes, though it may be substantial, nerve-wracking, etc., and make the most of it.  I choose the latter.  Therefore, though life may be the one adjusting the course ever so slightly at times, I will not allow change, whatever it may be, to steer me away from my main course and all goals and dreams therein.  Nor will I fear change simply because I am navigating uncharted waters, no matter how uncomfortable it may be at first blush.

Newfound paths in isolated areas of the world, or perhaps even in the most random of trails that roads offer, are often where individuals find meaning, substance, treasure.  Sometimes literally, sometimes metaphorically, but there is always a lesson to be had, especially if one is incisively observant and mindful about what the path provides.

And one of life’s greatest treasures is the feedback that life provides, that shows an individual whether or not they are following a path of growth, or entropy.  Though it’s rarely pondered, the feedback that ignites change in individuals is often what shows individuals what’s possible, what dreams may be had.

Likewise, as some individuals tire of vapid circumstances that the world contains therein given the seeming constant state of flux and familiar circumstances that lock all individuals sooner or later in comfort zones, they often realize that once change is embraced, or goals are sought, then growth begins at an incredibly rapid rate.

To be fair, sometimes, an individual is forced to change, but most often an individual must choose for themselves, and that choice opens up potential possibilities that become available by the proactive choice of seeking growth in a self-directed way.  And it is the repetitive feedback of growth and decay that provides impetus for choice and furthers growth, though not always.

Does an individual keep doing the same things that they’ve always done, or seek something new leading to growth, even if it isn’t easy?  Does an individual stick to the same patterns of thoughts, behaviors, choices, or seek something different, something that fosters growth?  Does an individual see possibilities, or not?  Does an individual course-correct as needed, holding strong, or do they let life, obstacles, circumstances, sway them off course and away from their goals and dreams?  Thankfully, most often it’s up to the individual in how they choose to react, as choice is inherent in life.

The intriguing part of this conundrum is that the ability to make choices, monumental life changing choices is always there.  Individuals do not see choices as such however, given that is not the mindset, and that’s unfortunate because growth can be had at every turn, as the kaleidoscope of possibilities that life provides is endless, limited only by imagination.

When it comes to choices, most of the time, individuals view the template that life provides each newfound day as just another day; individuals see individual circumstances as just another circumstance; individuals see nigh all choices as just another choice, rather than a jump-off point for incredibly potentiality.  Essentially, most choices carried out by individuals are mostly done on autopilot, because that’s what individuals have always done, that’s the mindset, that’s what individuals have been programmed to do, or have programmed themselves to do.  I myself am also guilty of this.

But what if an individual sought to make moments meaningful as much as possible?  What if individuals sought to learn from all instances, from all people, and all that life provides?  What if individuals took a proactive mindset to growth, and not reactive mindset as happens mostly? 

For any goal to be achieved, any possibility to be explored yet alone explored deeply, the choice must ultimately be made, or the door will forever remained closed.

Unless an individual opens that door, then everything changes.

That’s what I’ve sought to do of late as I continue to take measured, mindful and thought-out steps towards all my goals.  Ultimately, I have no other choice but to be myself, and that means that I’ll keep pushing towards all goals, all dreams, even if failure is to be had at times, as failure is not the worst thing that can happen in life, not at all, not even close.  Conversely, not attempting specific goals, it doesn’t matter what goal it is, is not something that would be pleasant to ponder at the end of my life.  In fact, to me personally, it would be downright devastating knowing how much substance I seek from all aspects of life, but that’s just me.

Given that, when life provides a path and that path leads me to a door, a veritable choice, I know I will always choose to open that door possibilities.

Will You?


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