Zy Marquiez
September 14, 2020

I hope that wherever you read this from, life finds you and yours well.

My main moniker is Zy Marquiez, though I also write poetry under the pen name Noctis Blackburn.  The vanguard reason I decided to employ an alias that morphed into my pen name on social media was due to my overwhelming skepticism of the invasive surveillance grid that was being set up well over a decade ago and where that might lead. 

This all-encompassing engineered surveillance and spying grid is part of what individuals must deal with on a daily basis,  is now known as Big Brother among other things.  This is exactly what former NSA analyst Bill Binney has warned about at length, also stating once that the NSA’s ultimate goal was total population control.1,2

This surveillance grid has gotten so extensive, that not only do facial recognition cameras, neural interfaces and unrelenting data mining take place daily, but they have led to the growth of an entire industry called Surveillance Capitalism that has been defined as an ‘economic system’, among other things. 

Due to the growth of this system, well over a decade ago, privacy advocate Katherine Albright Stated in her insightful book Spychips – How Major Corporations and Government Plan To Track Your Every Move with RFID:

“…theoretically, the whereabouts of everything and everyone will be known at all times and accessible to anyone with access to the databases, authorized or otherwise.  Imagine the power of being able to log onto a Google-like Internet search engine and find out all the items associated with a particular person, organization, or government entity.  Then, imagine being able to find out where all those items are in real time, where they have been, and their historical relationships with other items, people, and events.”3 [Bold Emphasis Added]

And she wrote that nigh 15 years ago, and that is in essence how meta-data is created for individuals and families within the veritable matrix we all live in.  Beyond that, there are still many other reasons why privacy should be a key consideration for all individuals.  Either way, I found it better to edge on the side of caution given everything that was manifesting. 

How did I get to find an interest in the kaleidoscope of subjects in this blog?

That’s a rather intriguing question, and I will give a cursory synopsis of how my interest these subjects came to be.

What seems ages ago, I was born and raised in Puerto Rico and lived there until I was 14.

From my nascent stages, I was always interested in myriad subjects, from Pyramids, UFOs, Ancient Civilizations and more, but it wasn’t much later until I began delving into those.  Be that as it may, the first subject that I gravitated towards was UFOs ironically enough, given many of the odd things I saw in Puerto Rico, or heard about from individuals over there.  A few years after moving to the US due to my father’s job in FEMA, I began delving into the UFOs through the work of Timothy Good. 

I still recall how Good’s book Unearthly Disclosure significantly widened the tapestry from which to view life, even though those that have looked into UFOlogy know how inherently complicated the field is due to the subjectivity involved, coupled with the lack of evidence.  As such, it’s hard to find substantial information to latch on.  Even so, Good did an outstanding job of bringing this sobering subject to bear in a down to Earth kind of way, and thus became my go-to researcher for UFOs when I was a late teen after reading that book. 

From there, I ran into the work of Jim Marrs synchronistically through his exemplary book on UFOs called Alien Agenda, which I found illuminating from a vast array of angles, and the best book I had ever read up until that moment on the subject matter.  Immediately after becoming privy to the work of Jim Marrs, I purchased all of his books, and did not regret it one bit.  In fact, to anyone delving into conspiracies and wading through this mire for the first time, I would argue that Jim Marrs’ books are as good as anyone else’s in each of the subjects he covers, as all of his books are not only sourced to the hilt in academic fashion, but also are easily digestible.

Truth be told, it was through the work of Jim Marrs that my life started taking even more striking turns.  The first book that I read after Alien Agenda was Rise of the 4th Reich – The Secret Societies That Threaten To Take Over America, which changed my life, as well as my budding understanding of the official reality structure by orders of magnitude.  What Alien Agenda did for me and the field and my understanding of UFOlogy, Rise of the 4th Reich did for me and the metastructure that undergirds the entire globe. 

Fortuitously, it was the work of Marrs that lead me directly to the work of Dr. Joseph P. Farrell at  Dr. Farrell’s work not only employs research in academic fashion, but is also incredibly fascinating, and he often does what he’s called High-Octane Speculation, in which he gives you his personal take on a kaleidoscope of subjects.  Therefore, I highly recommend Dr. Farrell’s work to everyone if you are looking for serious research buttressed by sound argumentation with endless angles to boot. 

Upon reading Dr. Farrell’s work,  I became immediately fascinated by Dr. Farrell’s understanding of not only the Nazis, but WWII through a different lens, the Pyramids, which I always held a fascination for and always will, and countless other subjects.  And it was Dr. Farrell’s work that nudged me towards the work of Richard Dolan, and his hypothesis of the Breakaway Civilization(s) and UFOs, and the work of Catherine Austin Fitts, from

Finally, not long after running into the work of Dr. Farrell, Fitts, and Dolan, I ran into the work of Jon Rappoport of The work of Rappoport has been incredibly inspiring to me, particularly in respect to pushing my creativity to whole new levels I never thought possible in a variety of ways.

Rappoport’s work in understanding the official reality has been so crucial, that I’ve written about before how he’s been censored heavily, and how I’ve lost access to his website countless times, as well as Solari a few times as well. That alone lets me know the work all of these individuals do is being read and is not simply making a difference, but a significant one, particularly when it comes to blowing the lid off of the COVID-19 official story, among other things.

I could go on and on, but that should set the foundation for how my fascination into the subject of UFOs, completely snowballed in various avalanches that I’ve been exploring.  That has left me feeling ceaselessly swamped with information ever since, given how all of the subjects, and even those unmentioned, have unending angles to explore.

With time, my personal venture drifted towards other subjects such as Genetically Modified Foods, Consciousness, Weather Modification and Geoengineering, Ancient Civilizations and Alternative History, Psi Phenomena, Alternative Health, and much more. 

In my personal journey to seek a deeper understanding of how the system works, I ended up making the choice to launch this blog last year, which was an outgrowth from another blog, that sought to help individuals ‘breakaway’ in their own way, from the metaphorical shackles of the establishment, not only providing actionable information via information provided, be it mirrored or created for the website, but also buttressed with Reviews of key books about a wide variety of subjects, to help individuals who wish to deepen the own understanding of the metastructure and its tentacles and are curious enough to venture deeper there in. 

Where life takes me from here, the winds of change will ultimately decide, but I plan on running this blog for the considerable future as I was before, adding my personal take to a variety of subjects, buttressing that with book reviews on a wide set of subject matter, while also mirroring what I see to be crucial and often overlooked subjects such as the missing $21 Trillion that Fitts often talks about, that was corroborated with the help of Dr. Mark Skidmore Ph.D., or even the Breakaway Civilization and the like, which are both pivotal to understanding how reality truly works.  And when an individual couples the incredibly complicated subject of UFOs to those two subjects, one begins to appreciate how a sizeable portion of how reality operates remains perennially behind the veil, given not only the technological advancements that stem from those fields, but the metastructure that runs it covertly, that has to be siphoning resources at large scale if one Breakaway Civilization is operating behind the scenes, if not more. 

Bottom line, do your own research and follow whatever path seems most interesting to you.  That will make wading through the mire becomes magnitudes easier when sifting through data early on, and it’ll also fuel your appreciation and curiosity like you would never believe.  Or at least, that’s what works for me. 

You all take care and have a wonderful day. 

P.S. While I debated for a lengthy period of time, months in fact, about removing the poetry or perhaps ceasing sharing poetry on this website, I will not and I will elaborate upon why.

If I am going to be sharing some of the more pressing, and disturbing issues that humanity is facing, then I sure as hell am going to counter act that by sharing something beautiful in opposition to that, which is why Black and White Poetry, in which I am personally editing timeless poetic classics onto Black and White images, will become a mainstay of the blog as well.

And that is because not only do those timeless pieces of poetry add beauty to the world, but it also is because I respect and appreciate culture, and American culture has been treading downwards in disturbing fashion. The least I can do is share some timeless classics to combat that downward descent.

In fact, here I will share one of the many images I decided to create recently, that wasn’t created for this blog post, but synchronistically enough fits perfectly given the aforementioned, and gives a hint of the type of visual editing I might overlay in pictures and the like. I never in a million years thought I would Love visually editing pictures, but my fascination of it stemmed from facing one of my fears interestingly enough, and has now grown to become a passion of mine. Might as well use it for something meaningful.


[1] Edward Snowdwn 1.0: NSA Whistleblower William Binney Tells All
[2] William Binney: NSA Goal is ‘Total Population Control’
[3] Katherine Albrecht, Spychips, p. 59.

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