Note: This edit is inspired by a comment Catherine Austin Fitts of made when she interviewed James Corbett of in an interview not long ago, which I just heard today. This is one of my favorite poems, and it felt right to pay homage to this piece given how powerful it is, empowering, and how resonant as well.

The way I see it, Culture, of which Art is a very significant component, will be what it is decades and centuries from now, by what people do now. If all I can do at the moment is edit images onto classics, then by all means I’ll stick to that and help poems like these last and become more well known, especially given how appreciation for poetry has been on a downwards descent, which I believe is by design as it couples to the dumbing down of society, but that’s another matter.

I’m also familiar with Scott De Hart’s book, Shelley Unbound – Discovering Frankenstein’s True Creator. I find De Hart’s thesis incredible, though not shocking given how much of history is a white wash, and it wouldn’t surprise me if the argued case were in fact true. Even so, I still decided to err on the side of caution by not outright relabeling this, even though I was in fact familiar with that book, and have been for quite some time.

In fact, Frankenstein is a perfect example of how long official history can last, if Dr. Dehart’s argument in Shelley Unbound is true.

To ask bluntly: how does official reality begin to change? Is it when the people on the ground decide? Is it when the establishment says so? Or is it more complicated than that? I believe the latter, but either way, there are ceaseless examples where history isn’t what we are taught, not by a wide margin. And most if not all of those examples would change the wider tapestry from which to view history from, and many other issues.

These are very serious considerations, but just because in this case I’m applying it to poetry, doesn’t mean this doesn’t apply to the John F. Kennedy Assassination, 9/11, Pearl Harbor, and more.

You all have a wonderful day and storm towards where your passions lead you.
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