This is easily one of my most favorite pictures ever seen, and one of my favorite edits as well. There is something absolutely spectacular about this photo, and this is one of those photos that just absolutely rearranged my life the moment I saw it in ways that still create positive resonance today.

It took months to find the right words as I didn’t want to rush into this image, as I can often do when finding striking photography. I’m also on the look out for the photographer to make sure to credit them to give credit where its due.

Before moving on, the reference to ‘sin’ regards someone who is willing to do anything for you because they Love you, even if it might be morally questionable, but I mean this in the sense of your life being on the line and so on. Some people will have your back no matter what, and this echoes that, though wrapped in the assemblage that is the image and words above.

Think about it, what would you do if someone completely targeted someone you Loved, or heaven forbid, many of them? Not a pleasant thought, and yet I ask it because I know that Dr. Farrell and Catherin Austin Fitts have mentioned this many times, which I’ve thought about at length more times than I can count.

And truly, individuals need to know what they stand for, and who they Love because as much as I hate to say this, I do believe that depending on how the (s)elections pan out, what the Deep State War turns into, who the winners of that factional infighting choose to do and who they choose to target, which is what I’m talking about here, and everything else in between, then there’s a chance that months from now people might come face to face with the answer to those tough questions as Dr. Farrell and Catherine Austin Fitts have spoken about in their discussions a few times.

Now shifting gears considerably, this image totally reminds me of a question Catherine Austin Fitts asked many months ago, which was “Who do you Love?” That question made me think of everyone I Love immediately thereafter.

Likewise, that question was asked in the Deep State Tactics series ironically enough, though the exact part eludes me at the moment. The reason it reminds me of that question is because its clear that these two individuals, when seen from a the point of view of a lovers lens, are willing to do anything for each other, particularly then they’re risking it all even when they don’t have too.

Extreme? Certainly! Stupid? Of course! And yet, the picture is still flawless.

The two in the photograph above are certainly hanging on “the atomic threads of destiny”, the very fibrous strands destiny holds as it weaves the threads of fate. And yet, for how over-the-top the image is, the photograph is fiction after all.

Be that is it may, this image encompasses being head over heels for someone. Would I recommend anyone do this? Hell no! But this is where photography, like writing, poetry, movies, and so on, can help bring about a deeper expression, deeper feelings, that often lie unexplored, and become a perfect metaphor for the experience described therein.

This will be one of my favorite pictures ever so, and I’d have to go through all of them but I do believe it is my second favorite photograph that I’ve ever seen in my entire life that doesn’t involve family and loved ones.

Whoever is the photographer did an exemplary job, and I hope to one day meet that person because without this photo, I wouldn’t have written this poem. That’s the God’s honest truth. The intriguing part is that this image is a perfect example of resonance if there ever were one.

The proactive choice another individual made once upon a dream, acting on an idea by doing what was best for themselves, which stems from acting out of rational self-interest, and I mean that in the way that Ayn Rand spoke about it, created resonance that provided me with the canvas with which to create the words that stemmed from visualizing the picture.

The photographer of this image, by their conscious actions, created resonance within the veritable field of life, in the aether, and that resonance continues to affect others, because I’ve been told by many friends that they not only love the words, but also the editing done with it, and have found a lot of inspiration from it. And my words were simply reverberations that were spawned by someone else throwing a stone into the pond of life, creating ripples everywhere that created inspiration thereafter.

And the best part? Is that that resonance can always start with You.


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