“People see what they are prepared to see.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

“The most beautiful thing thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.”
– Albert Einstein

“To meet the challenge before us our notions of cosmology and of the general nature of reality must have room in them to permit a consistent account of consciousness. Vice versa, our notions of consciousness must have room in them to understand what it means for its content to be ‘reality as a whole.’ The two sets of notions together should then be such as to allow for an understanding as to how consciousness and reality are related.”
– David Bohm, Introduction to Wholeness and the Implicate Order

Zy Marquiez
September 22, 2020

You ever read a book that completely upended your entire reality structure by quantum leaps and bounds? Probably not, and if so, probably not many, correct?  Fortuitously, The Field, by investigative journalist Lynn McTaggart, is just one of those books.

The Field is not simply a great book because it allows individuals to see the latitude of reality from a much wider vantage point through the quantum vibrational field of life, but because it supports it with science.  A lot of science. 

Cataloging her personal journey into the exploration of how to show consciousness affects matter, Lynne McTaggart does an exemplary job of showing the science that supports the notion that physical matter reality can be profoundly affected by cohesive thoughts through the subatomic world that encompasses nonlocality.

McTaggart herself explains:

Nonlocality shattered the very foundations of physics. Matter could no longer be considered separate. Actions did not have to have an observable cause over an observable space. Einstein’s most fundamental axiom wasn’t correct: at a certain level of matter, things could travel faster than the speed of light. Subatomic particles had no meaning in isolation but could only be understood in their relationships. The world, at its most basic, existed as a complex web of interdependent relationships, forever indivisible.”1

At first glance, the fact that physical matter reality can be affected by nonphysical matter might seem outlandish, even crazy, except this notion has been studied extensively and with surgical precision for quite some time.

In fact, researchers such as cellular biologist Bruce Lipton PhD, consciousness researcher and former NASA physicist Tom Campbell, psyhchoenergetic scientist and materials science and engineering professor at Stanford University, William A. Tiller PhD, and parapsychologist Dean Radin PhD who is Chief Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), have each published books that deal with this very phenomenon from a variety of angles, and are highly suggested for those looking to delve deeper into the subject of how consciousness affects reality through the quantum field of life. 

The importance of these studies cannot be overstated.  In McTaggart’s own words, the implications from these consciousness studies:

“…suggested something far more profound.  In the past, individuals had accidentally evidenced some ability – a premonition, a ‘past life’, a clairvoyant image, a gift for healing – which quickly was dismissed as a freak of nature or a confidence trick.  The work of these scientist [cited] suggested that this was a capacity neither abnormal nor rare, but present in every human being.  Their work hinted at human abilities beyond what we’d ever dreamed possibleWe were far more than we realized.  If we could understand this potential scientifically, we might learn how to systematically tap into itThis would vastly improve every area of our lives, from communication and self-knowledge to our interaction with our material world.  Science would no longer reduce us to our lowest common denominator.”2

As well, how consciousness affects reality is also vital because the wide-ranging set of experiments researched and discussed by McTaggart:

“[have] helped validate alternative medicine, which has been shown to work empirically but has never been understood. If we could finally work out the science of medicine that treats human energy levels and the exact nature of the ‘energy’ that was being treated, the possibilities for improved health were unimaginable.”3

On just that line of thought, a stellar and incredibly empowering book discussing how individuals can improve their health through epigenetics and quantum biology has been written by researcher Sayer Ji, author of Regenerate – Unlocking Your Body’s Radical Resilience Through The New Biology

Ji’s book takes the concept that McTaggart mentions, and extends it with ample evidence, hundreds of cited scientific sources in fact.  I suggest those interested in taking back the reigns of their health in a very mindful and yet, truly time-tested way, delve deeply into Regenerate, because the book is the best book out there that merges epigenetics and health.  But don’t take my word for it, take a look into it for yourself. 

From any given vantage point, how consciousness affects matter is arguably the most powerful, and yet severely underrated subject in all media, even in alternative media.  And yet, not only does the work of Lynne McTaggart touch upon consciousness’ ability to affect reality, but the works of every scientist and researcher cited as well. 

In other words, how consciousness affects matter is not something abstruse to be relegated to fringe considerations, but a scientifically verifiable process that is not only awe-inspiring given the serious ramifications it portends for individuals and their latent abilities, but in how this shows the profound extent through which the quantum field of life can be significantly affected and how we are directly coupled to it by default.  And every single individual on Earth has the power to affect the quantum field of life. 

To truly understand the deeper implications of this, begin by delving into The Field, and you will not only being seeing the larger tapestry from which to view reality, but how the vibrational quantum zero-point field of energy is there for the taking, waiting to be employed by everyone.

And once you see that, you will see how your view of reality changes, allowing you to not only feel empowered, but to know you are empowered, and therefore act empowered. 

Tossing one last stone into the well, I’ll leave you with the sage words from noted Nobel Prize Winner, Eugene P. Wigner PhD, that he wrote in a paper entitled: The Place of Consciousness in Modern Physics, wherein he discusses quantum physics and its future:

“It will remain remarkable, in what every way our future concepts may develop, that the very study of our external world led to the scientific conclusion that the content of the consciousness is the ultimate universal reality.”4

And what could be more real, than stepping into that reality, into your power, in its full breadth and scope?


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