Note: This is about what has happened historically at times when certain individuals, and/or cultures have been hunted down for their beliefs.

This is certainly not mean to stoke anyone into doing anything even remotely questionable, yet alone stupid, as each person is responsible for their own actions. I am simply taking a retrospective view into the past.

Aegis as employed, stands for everything that can help individuals make a better life, the aspects individuals hold that can shield you from anything inimical, and aid you in becoming the best version of yourself. Therefore, not only individuals are attacked for their beliefs, but everything that can aid them in holding those beliefs, and becoming the best version of themselves, is attacked concurrently as well. In other words, the culture is attacked by default, by the way the individuals and their beliefs are attacked.

‘All striven’ applies to everyone, because in war and those on the ground, nobody wins, no matter the plane of existence. It’s usually only those on top of the pyramid that make out like proverbial bandits.

Spells applies to propaganda and mind control employed often to get these things done, though certainly not the only ideas that apply. None of this is to argue that individuals should be forever pacifist, as that is not the point of the poem and not even close to what the spirit of the pieces, which leads me to my last point.

‘Hell’s own marrow’ simply means everyone’s screwed once things spiral out of control. And with the ways things seem to be going with the Deep State and factional infighting, it’s a consideration that’s been in mind for months based on certain things that have happened in the country.