Zy Marquiez
October 6, 2020

As a preamble, my original intent was to share poetry and that was it. That said, given some of the additional notations that I was adding, it’s turned into what follows regarding general future consideration for ‘Black Fleets’.

To be precise, what I mean by Black Fleets are space fleets not officially recognized as such, that could stem from black project programs, though certainly don’t need to come about from there.

Likewise, these Black Fleets (in the future) could hypothetically be run not simply by countries, but more soberingly, by corporations, non-state factions, and any other entities that might gain access not only to the technologies needed to create them, but to the free energy drives, coupled with AI command and control capabilities that feature a highly streamlined building capacity, 3D printing, and any other type of technologies that might become more readily available a century from now.

For what its worth, the “leave regret alate” is not unlike leaving regret at arms length, except in this case it’s at ‘wing’s length’.

A century from now, I would certainly hope that humanity has its act together by then, well after NASA’S 100-Year Starship Project that it is collaborating with DARPA on. Even so, given humanity’s divisive past and present, I find the prospect of mankind showing a fully united front a bit much.

In fact, if I were a betting man, I would venture to say that space, officially, is going to be so rigidly controlled, that some of the countries that arrive there first will begin to deliberately sabotage others from getting to space as well.

I certainly hope not, but I find it hard to believe that with all of the money (please check out Catherine Austin Fitts’ 2015 Space Based Economy Presentation), power and control running through the satellites, and the capacity to enact control from space with kinetic weapons such as the Rod of God for instance, that at least one country, if not many, aren’t already thinking on those terms.[1]

Either way, to think that someone be it Mr. Global or otherwise, might not consider the offensive capabilities that could be enacted from space, even perhaps now as hyperlinked above, would be a glaring oversight in long-term thinking and the redistribution of power that will come of it from those that will see how the chess pieces will move in the future and how much power is to be gained from those moves.

In any case, like much of what I write, I wasn’t exactly looking to write this, or anything about space when I began with a poem, but once the images came across my desk I decided to try something different, especially given my love for aerospace, technologies and the like.

For what its worth, all of the images stem from a video game that I’m actually not familiar with. The poem is obviously the same poem, overlaid on different images though, keeping the designations of some of the people that ‘owned’ these ships with the names of them.

With considerations back on space, I imagine that regardless of what’s happening now, depending on how space is controlled, and it will be controlled, who is allowed to enter and not enter into space will be decided by those that set foot on the stage first over the next few decades.

To put it differently, space will be the gateway where society, if some have it their way, is splintered enough to create a have and have-nots type of binary caste system.

I certainly hope that doesn’t become the case, but much of what is happening at the moment leads me to believe that a tectonic civilization-shifting power bid will be (and is) at hand that could certainly spiral into additional problems depending on who enters space first officially, and more importantly, what agendas are in play.

Author’s Note:

[1] To be clear, I certainly do not know that the Tianjin explosion took place due to the Rod of God technologies back in 2015. That said, given how many explosions Chinese (and Russian) factories have undergone over time, coupled with the Tianjin explosion, and the Coronavirus, it certainly seems that China could be the target of someone, so the confluence of circumstances plaguing China is noteworthy to say the least.

And the thing about patterns is that…if someone is taking deliberate action, those industrial ‘accidents’ and explosions will continue, making those dots connect strong and stronger with time….