“If you walk in the footprints of others, you won’t make any of your own.”
– Anonymous

“Individuality of expression is the beginning and end of all art.”
– Johan Wolfgang Von Goethe

Zy Marquiez
October 8, 2020

Would fiction be the same if Tolkien didn’t write The Hobbit?

Would war have evolved and be conducted the same if Napoleon didn’t become the military strategist he became?

Would spirituality be the same if Buddha, Jesus and Krishna didn’t spread the wisdom they did?

Would classical music be the same if Bach and Mozart hadn’t decided to join the ranks?

Would philosophy be the same if Socrates didn’t philosophize?

Would martial arts in modern times be seen as it does if Bruce Lee hadn’t followed his dream and inspired many to chase theirs?

Would women see themselves as they do if Joan Of Arc wouldn’t have done what she did, at the age that she did it?

Would modern morality and charity be the same if Mother Theresa hadn’t done the actions she undertook?

Intriguing considerations to ponder.  The answer to all the questions above is no, certainly not.

History wouldn’t be the same at all.  Those individuals serve as pillars for humanity, for ages to come. 

If you change the actions of simply one of them, you change history in its full breadth and scopeThat shows you the power of the individualThat is incredible, resounding, incisive power; power that rarely ever gets the consideration it should.

The actions of individuals echo ceaselessly into the future.  They change lives, they change circumstances, they change communities, they change nations and pave the way for history; they change everything

This is unprecedented power, incredible in every single way; resonant to the endless extent of the word.  Therefore, one would think that empowering individuals in conscious study of those were the best – and showing how capable each of them truly was – would be one of the staples of public schooling, communities and societies in general.  Such is not the case.

The Individuals that are extolled, most often through the modern lens are usually seen from the perspective of a complete package, already done, whole cloth.1

Rarely if ever are individuals and the actions they took, the action they chose to take, ever spoken about at length.  This is quite noteworthy because appreciating the steps that individuals took – particularly the ones noted above – and studying those quite consciously and at length, is one way to proactively choose what positive habits to implement into your repertoire. 

In contemplation of the past, there are powerful paths that individuals may walk through, paths that were paved before and can be followed and drawn from certainly.  At other times, there are paths waiting to be imagined, waiting to be created.  And the only way new paths can be created is through conscious action, certainly not through subconscious programs

The trailblazing paths the aforementioned individuals took do not just appear out of nowhere.  Each of the historical paths paved by each of those individuals, each of the actions individuals took, was taken via an endless stream of choices that stemmed from who those individuals truly were.

These civilization-shifting types of choices were choices taken out of the deepest essence of these individuals, and that shows how inexorable they truly were to remain doing things never done before, yet alone dealing with the circumstances that they dealt with. 

The choices that each of those individuals took are the type that change individuals, these are the type of choices that challenge comfort zones and seek to venture beyond the known.  Far beyond. 

Those are the type of choices whose resonance is so powerful it not only reverberates into the future like a booming echo from Thunder God himself, but sets the stage for something much more significant to be created given that these individuals showed what’s possible when the mind is consciously employed in pursuit of a vision, in an ever-inspiring kaleidoscope of forms. 

In fact, such choices are so powerful and resounding that they create ripples and resonance in life’s quantum vibrational field, echoing into the future, farther than they probably ever thought possible.

That’s the very definition of a trail blazer. 

And trails are something that must be created; blazing trails that smolder in the essence of creation, not unlike a Phoenix, just as so. Individuals create them every single day.

Why not you, why not now?


[1] Not long ago, it struck me that when discussing any particular individual, we as a society always get to see the complete packages, the full versions of individuals in their latest form.  And yet, the same way a movie will never hold everything a book did, such as The Hobbit for example, an individual’s life is rarely ever seen through the full scope of their actions, nor a significant portion of them.  Rather, what we get is the shiny Hollywood version of what an individual became; the life of an individual is seen as all neat, polished, and in finished form.  That does a great disservice to the study of each of the aforementioned individuals and countless others.  In other words, to draw from the choices that those individuals did, one must carefully unthread the actions they took to fully appreciate not only what they accomplished through their lens and not ours, but more importantly, to be able to explore the why they accomplished what they did, which is rarely if ever given consideration, and if so, not to the extent that it should. 


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