“…how’s [the Captain] going to get the crew off the sub?  They’d have to want to get off.  How do you get a crew to want to get off a submarine?  How do you get a crew to want to get off a nuclear submarine?”
–   The Hunt for Red October

Zy Marquiez
October 15, 2020

Movies, just like books, are a wondrous way to see certain ideas and their implications through a significantly different lens. 

Often, the way that stories are told in film is not only mesmerizing, but incisively thought provoking given that they allow a larger vantage point of consideration of various subjects given the kaleidoscopic background that it’s featured upon. 

With that in mind, in a moment we will take a cursory dive into one particular scene from a movie that is based on the debut novel of Tom Clancy, The Hunt for Red October, and see a particular part of the plot from a different angle and what can be gleaned from it. 

In The Hunt for Red October, which is a spy-thriller film based on Clancy’s work, the latest Typhoon Class submarine from the Soviet Union that employs stealth “caterpillar drive” has gone astray.  Not only does the Red October go missing, but the Soviet ICBM capable nuclear submarine is undetectable to passive sonar, making the submarine exceedingly dangerous given the bevy of weapons at its disposal. 

This is because the “caterpillar drive” is a magneto hydrodynamic drive that is not unlike a jet engine but under water, and the drive’s inherent properties make it the true definition of silent when compared to traditional underwater mechanistic man-made acoustic signatures, like tankers, submarines, battleships and the like. 

Given all of this, the Soviet Submarine Captain Marko Ramius, who is played marvelously by Sean Connery, is feared to have gone rogue on the submarine’s maiden voyage.  After an American CIA analyst and former marine named Jack Ryan, whose role is played by Alec Baldwin, gets wind of what is transpiring, he is sent out to the USS Dallas which is a Los Angeles-Class submarine in search for the Red October to figure out what’s truly transpiring.    

Soon after, most of the submarines within the American and Soviet submarine fleets within range are deployed to immediately hunt The Red October down for varying reasons. 

As one would expect given the lack of information, the Americans want to sink The Red October because they see the intrinsic danger of an ICBM-capable nuclear stealth submarine that could arrive unannounced close to the coast and deploy its entire arsenal.  Conversely, the Soviets know the actual truth.  In a letter penned by Captain Ramius which was dispatched to the Admiral of the fleet, the true intentions of Captain Ramius and The Red October were clearly stated. 

Upon realizing that, the Soviets also immediately joined the fray in the hunt for the submarine as they could not allow, for significantly different reasons, the submarine to make it to the Americans.  All the while the USS Dallas submarine is the only submarine attempting to ascertain what is truly going on before both nations go to war. Therein the story begins. 

About three quarters of the way into the movie or so, the short scene that I quoted from in the introduction plays out. 


To put it plainly, what needs to ensue is that a plan has to be hatched by one of the lead characters to figure out how to get people to want to get off of The Red October.  As happens often in life, the very answer to the question lies within the actual formulation of the question. 

The way that one of the main characters ends up getting the crew of The Red October off of the submarine, is by employing a cover story brought about through an ‘accident’, where everyone must evacuate immediately. 

Through a different lens, the way that the comptroller got the submarine crew of The Red October to want to get off the ship without even having to ask, was by injecting fear into the scenario, a whole nuclear submarine’s worth.  It’s no surprise that once the ‘emergency’ takes place, the entire crew wants to bail immediately from the The Red October to reach the surface of the ocean. 

And just like fear was employed as a social engineering tool for the comptrollers to get what they wanted in The Hunt for Red October, fear is also employed incessantly in everyday life through a variety of circumstances in social engineering applications

For example, incessant fear paved the way for all of the draconian measures ever taken in law after 9/11, even though the weapons of mass destruction story fully fell apart afterwards with President Bush admitted that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 and had no weapons of mass destruction. (The transcript linked within that hyperlink doesn’t work, but a transcript of the interview can be found here.)

Concurrently, a study authored by J. Leroy Husley, Ph.D., Zhili Quan, Ph.D., and Feng Xiao, Ph.D, recently concluded after a 4-year rigorous investigation that examined one of the collapsed buildings from 9/11.  This study, which was titled A Structural Evaluation of the Collapse of World Trade Center 7, found that World Trade Center Building 7 (WTC 7) did not collapse due to fires.  Counterintuitively, with holes large enough to ferry a fleet of Titanics, the 9/11 Official Story still hands, and all of what happened afterwards under a faulty premise, stemmed from the unending fear that was employed. 

What’s more is that the official 9/11 story still has many other verifiable holes that ought to be examined at length because 9/11 is simply an outgrowth of the JFK assassination, as Oxford-educated multi-disciplinary researcher Dr. Joseph P. Farrell from GizaDeathStar.com has argued.  Beyond that, Dr. Farrell has also argued that what we are witnessing is simply one long arch of history with many of the same characters, or those employing the same philosophy behind the scenes still in power. 

Likewise, it is an unending tsunami of fear that is what is paving the way for all the new technocratically Orwellian measures being instituted at the current time. 

And employing fear unrelentingly is exactly how the scene in The Hunt for Red October plays out.

Believe it or not, with the way my mind works, the first thing that came to mind after seeing the particular scene noted in the introduction had nothing to do with Submarines, War, Soviets, Russians, or anything remotely close to that. 

The first idea my mind gravitated to when I saw the scene once more for the umpteenth time was: viruses. 

Let’s revisit the key statement in question once more:

“How do you get a crew to want to get off a nuclear submarine?”

Thinking laterally, let’s edit this question thinking of viruses instead. 

“How do you get people to want to get vaccines for COVID-19, which is allegedly created one of the worst pandemics in history?”

The answer to both is the same: a scenario must be co-opted or created outright, that not only requires an immediate bypassing of an individual’s rational faculties, which by its very nature must involve fear and not reason, but such a scenario must also require the individual to feel that their life is under constant threat.  That is why the terrorism card was played endlessly.  Except the deck of fear cards has been reshuffled, and now we get the COVID-19 virus card from the deck of fear played to an entirely different level than any other virus ever was.  And predictably, not only has terrorism effectively disappeared from the headlines, but also the previous virus card, the flu.  Neither seems to exist more often than not. 

Irrespective of that, given the perilous premise of such a scenario, it would be reasonable to see how many people would genuinely want vaccinations (and might even see them as the only option depending on how the argument is brought about) because after all, in their minds, their very lives would depend on it.1

Even so, rampant fear being used to push an agenda is one type of problem, and a notable one at that given how it cascades into additional health concerns such as anxiety, stress, high blood pressure, and many other issues. 

However, fear based around any idea yet alone a virus, incessantly lathered daily through constant notifications, reminders, headlines and the like, that is perennially perceived as a direct threat to the very existence of an individual, is the very way that a social engineer would get the populace to want to do nigh everything to save itself. 

On the other hand, where the crew of the Soviet Red October had no option in verifying whether the Official Story was true or not, within our veritable Matrix, answers and threads to follow up on are everpresent.  To be fair though, an individual needs to often venture beyond the co-opted mainstream media to get to the truth.  From a different perspective, an individual needs to venture beyond Official Reality to see what truly lies beyond. 

All that set aside, COVID-19 and the megalithic holes in the official story even from within mainstream sources, are not actually what I want to leave individuals considering. 

Instead, I implore individuals to always employ an anchor of Logic when a storm of fear is manifesting about. 

Logic, when rationally employed, never requires the application of fear as it’s simply an intellectual tool, like Math.  It is only a person that can add fear to the employment of a tool, whether it naturally transpires or it is duplicitously engineered.  Think about it, when you are adding simple numbers, do you ever feel fear?  No, of course not.  An individual just adds.  Rational arguments can be carried out just as such.

Just because a rational argument ensues, doesn’t mean an individual can’t experience concern about a given subject, particularly viruses.  But there’s a stark difference between the genuine concern certain topics bring about, and the additionally incessant application of all the extra fear that doesn’t even belong within the realm of rational argumentation.  That is why individuals ought to focus on Logic, and not fear. 

In essence, Logic is the Socratic way to employ the Aristotelian Principles of Platonic Questioning, and is simply the methodical implementation of rationality upon any argument in order to differentiate the truth from any false hood; what is, from what is not. 

Therefore, the very instance you see any media source willingly choose fear over Logic should amp up your suspicious meter. 

There is never any need for a relentless tsunami of fear to be used by the media when a mindful and logically based argument is always possible.  It goes without saying, if a complete argument is not possible because facts or information is missing, then possible solutions should be rationally pondered as well, and additional information should be sought to construct arguments for or against something when enough information abounds.  But either way fear should never be the tip of spear, reason should be.

Furthermore, if fear is the main ingredient in any story, you know the game is afoot. 

And given that the COVID-19 still keeps rolling along, still with incessant applications of fear, it can be noted that the game is a foot.

Bluntly put, the game is you.  It is the people, individuals that are being played by the establishment.2 

It doesn’t matter what problem an individual or society faces, rationality coupled with mindfulness should be vanguard tools being employed. 

And if they are not, someone seeks to manipulate you.  Don’t let it happen, because you deserve far better than a platter of lies with a side of hopelessness. 
[1] This is not an argument for or against vaccinations.  One way or another, I want people to know what they are putting in their bodies.  An individual should know by default (and not after lawsuits) what they could be putting in their body, or ingesting for that matter (GMOs I’m looking at you now), and as an individual with a sovereign soul, be able to choose what makes sense for them.  However, my point of contention with pharmaceutical companies is when they repeatedly lie to people about ingredients, such as the companies that have lied about Thimerosal, while carrying on like they are the paragon of sensible health care.  On this, the book Thimerosal – Let The Science Speak – The Evidence Supporting The Immediate Removal of Mercury – A Known Neurotoxin From Vaccines by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., breaks the down the extensive evidence for thimerosal being a known neurotoxin with countless establishment studies to boot.  But don’t believe me, look into it yourself and you will see. 
[2] I do realize that game is meant in a different sense, but here it is used in the context of social engineering given how the establishment often seeks to manipulate an individual’s actions as if they are chess pieces. 


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