[Editor’s Note]

I share the following for informational purposes only, and not in order to urge people to financially invest in Cryptos.

Whatever one thinks of Crypto, Paypal entering the market is huge, and will spawn massive market shifts economically speaking, and otherwise.

Even so and as said elsewhere, I have always been highly skeptical about Cryptocurrencies, and once I found out that the former Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Catherine Austin Fitts from Solari.com, has her own contentions, it was obvious something seemed inherently flawed, particularly with Bitcoin’s murky beginnings.

Naomi Brockwell

Biggest crypto news of the week: Paypal announced they’re moving into cryptocurrency. Quick Bytes:

00:10 Ethereum/Filecoin ConsenSys announced a partnership with Protocol labs, the company behind Filecoin. Both the CEO of Consensys Joseph Lubin, and CEO of protocol labs Juan Benet, joined me to talk about the partnership, and how decentralized storage is a crucial part of the web 3.0 infrastructure that the Ethereum community has also been helping to build in the DeFi space.

01:23 OKEx OKEx suspended cryptocurrency withdrawals indefinitely this week, apparently because one of the exchange’s key holders has “been out of touch” with the exchange because they are “cooperating with a public security bureau in investigations.” Many are skeptical that this is what’s really going on here.

03:26 Zcoin Lelantus launches on Zcoin testnet. “The lelantus protocol will allow people to wipe the slate clean of their coins, erasing their history” in any denomination.” Stay tuned for the Zcoin rebrand!

03:55 Zcash Tokensoft and anchorage announced wrapped Zcash, which is a 1:1 representation of Zcash on the Ethereum blockchain.

04:31 PayPal Paypal announced they’re finally jumping onboard the crypto bandwagon, and this sent the price of bitcoin jumping over $13000. User will be able to buy, hold, and sell certain cryptocurrencies, starting with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin, and next year this functionality will also on Venmo. Also starting next year, people will be able to use cryptocurrency to pay for goods or services from merchants who accept PayPal. There are some caveats to make note of in the fine print though.