October 26, 2020

Inspired by similar protests around the globe, the demonstrators called out what they saw as misleading messaging about the pandemic and disproportionate reaction from the government, which they perceived as an infringement on their rights.

On Sunday, Norwegians gathered on Eidsvoll Square outside the House of Parliament to demonstrate against the authorities’ messaging and measures against Covid-19.

For what was reported to be the first demonstration of its kind in Norway, around 150 people showed up despite drizzling autumn rain in Oslo, TV2 reported.

The attendees, led by organiser Nader Eide, accused the Norwegian authorities of providing incorrect or misleading information about the Covid-19 pandemic and its spread in Norway.

Furthermore, it was alleged that the Covid-19 is epidemic is being exploited by the authorities, and that the infection control measures constitute a disproportionate intervention compared to how many – or rather few – have been infected in Norway during what many medical professionals and politicians have dubbed the second wave.

“We want to call out incorrect information the population has been served through the media which is clearly used in a political game by the government,” Eide wrote on Facebook.

Eide stressed that similar demonstrations have taken place across the globe, from the UK and Germany to Australia and the US.

During the demonstration, posters reading “Covid-1984” and “Erna We See You” were spotted, a reference to George Orwell’s dystopia about a total surveillance society and the face mask with the inscription “Erna sees you” that Prime Minister Erna Solberg donned earlier this month.

Norway has been relatively mildly hit by Covid-19, compared with other European nations, having recorded nearly 18,000 cases and 279 deaths. However, the restrictions imposed have had their toll on the economy and emoloyment.

In spring, the Norwegian Directorate of Health introduced a number of measures including stopping all educational institutions and organised sports activities, closing a number of events and businesses, including cultural events, gyms and swimming pools, mandatory quarantines for everyone returning from abroad, discouraging leisure travel and introducing social distancing rules. Some of the measures have since been rolled back or scaled down.

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