Zy Marquiez
November 13, 2020

Mindfully stated, I’ve deliberated for many weeks about writing the following words, but I’ve decided to go ahead and follow my instincts, because not doing so would be too much of a regret, and I will certainly not have that given the possible implications of what follows. 

Jumping right in, I want to say the following words in no uncertain terms:

I am in no way suicidal, nor do I hold any ill will against anyone, nor am I planning anything that could be construed as extremist in any sense of the word.

To those that do not know me, which is most, those words might seem like a very poor attempt at a humor, but they are not in any way whatsoever

Likewise, they are not an attempt for attention, because if that was the case I would have simply been writing blogs for the weeks I’ve been gone, which I haven’t been, also writing or mirroring all sorts of posts across all form of social media, which I haven’t, so that excuse will not and cannot fly. In fact, the opposite has been the case; ever since I began blogging about particular subjects my life has simply gotten more and more complicated with time, but I will get into that soon enough. 

For what it’s worth, I’ve thought long and hard making the initial bold statement and everything else that follows because that statement would mean that I have to have a serious concern for my well being and that of those that I Love as well, but I have no other choice in writing that and all that follows because what could happen to me could look like an ‘suicide’, ‘accident’, or worse. 

Additionally, given the strangeness of some of what I will discuss, as well as the conspiratorial nature of it, having proof outright is not something that’s easy to have to say the least, but I share what follows, some of which is more substantial than the rest, but all of which is true, to inform all of you about what’s going on in my life so that all of you may be better prepared, or at least know what to expect, after you begin speaking out against part of the establishment, from a significantly different point of view. 

For the time being I won’t go much deeper than that, except to say that all my social media accounts have been hacked and compromised for quite some time now, as have been my PCs, laptops, emails, and the like. So have the phones of my Wife, Aunt, and I believe my Mom as well. 

As such, all I do is sit back and keep logging information of anything that looks even remotely suspicious, in case all of this was to snowball into a much larger problem, then there are plenty of strands to begin at.  I sure hope things don’t ever get to that point, but given the state of the world and how things are, and the fact that I have to even write this, I cannot help but be careful and mindful about my own safety, and that of the people I care about. 

Essentially, ever since I wrote the 3-Part Deep State war series (Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3) that inferred some of the more disturbing implications of what is possibly going on behind the scenes within the United States, my life became incredibly complicated.  And I truly meant and still mean possible, in reference to what happens behind the scenes, in the truest sense of the word because I did not, nor do not know what’s taking place behind the scenes, and only inferred through logic and dot-connecting about what could be some of the underlying ongoings that could be taking place in America and perhaps elsewhere. 

Ever since then my life has gotten as fascinating as it has gotten strange, quite concerning and nigh overwhelming.  Most of the things taking place in my life are not things most people would ever believe, nor consider because in America, and most of the world of that matter, conspiracies don’t take place.  Ever.  At all.

Official stories are always how the mainstream media portrays them, false flags don’t take place, the JFK assassination, 9/11, Oklahoma City bombing, the California fires, and many other issues such as COVID-19, all follow exactly as the establishment and mainstream media say, and there’s nothing to see behind the curtain.  Or, perhaps things are much more complicated than they seem at first blush throughout a significant part of the strata of society.

In any case, given my limited social media footprint except for what takes place in respect to writing and activism when compared to others, particularly under various monikers, it wouldn’t be hard for anyone to find someone with many profiles suspicious. 

For starters, I value privacy and security to the highest extent, as I think everyone should.  The Surveillance State doesn’t pick and choose who gets data mined and who doesn’t, it data mines everyone, and this isn’t baseless consideration, but an issue that has been covered by former NSA whistleblower William Binney.

To put it starkly, what I, my family, and those I Love do, is none of anyone else’s business.  And anyone that thinks they are owed information about my life and privacy are simply doing something similar to the surveillance state. 

Stated quite differently, the same reason people close the doors of their houses, the doors to the restroom, the doors to the bedroom, to keep people out of what is none of their business, is the same reason why someone would make an online moniker, besides all the additional considerations.  Or, are all individuals simply supposed to put up all their information, where they go, where they shop, what they enjoy, and everything else?  Which one is it?  There is only one answer, privacy is, and always should be an individual’s right, everyone’s rightIf an individual has no right to privacy, what then

If individuals have no right to privacy, then that means that in the future, be it years or decades for now, nothing will be allowed to be private, including your thoughts.  After all, if all individuals, families and communities, are to give all information to the Surveillance State, then what’s from stopping those that seek to data-mine everything, from seeking to control of the mind?  Nothing.  That is the logical extension that follows. 

The arena of the mind would be the last battle ground for privacy, and by then it would probably be a bit too late, because that’s light fighting the enemy at your doorstep, and that’s not something that would lend itself well in the long term for all who stand to lose privacy in every way imaginable. 

Given all the aforementioned, junctioned to the incessant censorship that has been ongoing since time immemorial and now has a permanent online presence, one of the solutions I sought to follow was to create various monikers on different platforms, vanguard which was Facebook.

Going back well over a decade, I’ve experienced censorship on Facebook in various forms, which I’ve talked about in some articles, many posts, conversations and so on.  Like many other activists I met at the time, I began creating various profiles in round about ways of skirting censorship, once Facebook began handing out 30-Day bans like they were candy well back before 2012. 

As such, what other option do individuals have when censorship abounds, and truth is being suppressed now, as it has been for millennia, then to create additional accounts?  Round-about ways to disseminate information is one of the possible paths individuals can take, and the one that worked for me.  There is that option, or to simply give up against the tsunami of information suppression, censorship and the like, which to me is never an option because that’s giving up on your Freedoms. 

In fact, I still remember the first Facebook ban that got handed out to me based on blog covering finance that I shared revolving around tangible assets.  Once I realized that financial blogs were being censored I realized that the only way to combat censorship and those bans, then and now, was to create many profiles.  And I STILL hold that to be the case. 

Given all of that, individuals could either make similar profiles, with the same identifies as back-ups, if that’s the choice they saw best, and something I’ve even done and might do as well; individuals could employ different names, as many online activists have sought to do in numerous creative ways, or, individuals could subsume themselves to the social engineers that seek to shift specific narratives in countless directions, away from the truth, or possible truth, and towards whatever the Official Stories are. 

On the opposite side of the spectrum, if someone severely lacks a social media footprint, it also wouldn’t be too hard to engineer a profile outright, particularly taking things out of context and so on, which leads me to my last blog post that employed the word “Limitless”, in a way that could easily be taken out of context. 

In my previous blog post, titled, Your Limitless Power As An Individual To Author Your Own Destiny Through The Eyes of Neil Gaiman, George R.R. Martin, The Actions of Gandalf, & More, my use of the word “Limitless” could easily be taken out of context an engineered in a way that could mean ill-will to others if it was junctioned to questionable content somehow, except my use of the word Limitless was never to be seen as destructive, but empoweringThe way I used the word Limitless simply regarded the true inherent nature of everyone within life, which I will touch upon lightly.

In other words, if someone were to take that single word “Limitless” severely out of context when coupled to other material taken out of context or created out right from scratch, they could argue something along the lines of: “See, he says he’s ‘Limitless’, he thinks he can get away with anything.” Nope.  HELL. F$*KING. NO.

That’s never been the mentality that I have had, and the way I employed the word Limitless was in people’s ability to grow, in people’s ability to fully employ both their physical and more importantly, their non-physical nature, which gets ignored by default, not unlike many other things in life that people ignore.

It is critical for me to state that I do not believe, in any way, that anything extreme is needed to solve most of the problems we as a society and as a globe are facing. In fact, I believe the solutions to be rather simple.  Withdrawing your support of all that which seeks to destroy life and everything that’s good like Common Culture, traditional education and values, siphon assets of all types, are the easiest ways many of the issues society faces get solved.  Or as someone once stated, starve the beast. 

From a different vantage point, the system is engineered in a way to handle resistance at every level, so extremist solutions will only work in favor of those who have engineered a Police State that’s coupled to an incredibly invasive Surveillance State. 

On the opposite positive side of the word “Limitless”, I specifically meant the dualistic nature individuals feature within the reality spectrum; the non-physical nature of an individual, which would be an individual’s intuitive and non-physical and other latent abilities like remote viewing, lucid dreaming, the placebo effect for self-healing, the power of intent, prayer, and so on, all of which have been explored at length in a variety of ways through extensive research and more, as well as an individual’s physical abilities to do vastly more than they think they can do, which is what most are more familiar with given the strict focus on the material nature of reality. 

On that very same track of empowerment, for years I have also sought to show individuals various ways that they can empower themselves outright, and I’ve sought to do that for years, as this isn’t anything new.  My 100+ Book Reviews on Good Reads corroborates this.  Plain and simple, if I didn’t care about books, reading, and others learning, I wouldn’t have taken the time to write those reviews, which are incredibly time consuming at times.  But I’ve always seen education, reading and books, as one of the simplest and most powerful things individuals can do to empower themselves, which is why I will always recommend books. 

The reason I am stating all of the above and meandering carefully through what seems like landmines given all the confusing things taking place in my life, is because I have a feeling, a gut instinct as it were, that there could be certain people working to engineer a fake profile about me behind the scenes somehow, with a select few perhaps even meaning me and people I care about severe harm. 

Be that as it may, the wide assortment of issues my Aunt and I are going through are the type of issues that most people wouldn’t really believe to put it bluntly, and tend to increase drastically when I write about empowering individuals and so on, linking it to quantum mechanics and the true latent powers of individuals in the field.  The simplest way to touch upon this lightly is by referencing Part 1 of the Deep State Tactics 101 Series by former Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Catherine Austin Fitts of

In Part 1 of this extensive and educational video series on various facets of the Deep State, Fitts introduces Control within the system, describing it as a ‘both a spiritual and material phenomenon’.   Fitts further adds:  “What we are dealing with is a spiritual war as well as material war”.  Essentially, what we as the population are dealing with isn’t just a physical war, but a non-physical war, that is spiritual in essence. 

It is my estimation that what my Aunt and I have fallen heavily into is in part the non-physical war that might be taken place behind the veil, with some group or someone putting a target on our backs to put it bluntly.

In my case, the snowball began with me writing the Deep State articles, which I believe prompted proactive surveillance (by some group) beyond the usual type that most Americans are under given the subject matter, and increased in magnitude with my discussing the true non-physical components of reality. 

As a quick example, I purchased a phone nigh a week ago, which was never given to anyone, and was purchased while I did not have any other phones, nor computers on me. Nor did I tell one soul what I was planning on doing that day.  Not one. In fact, all I said on my usual phones was what I was usually to do, which was work at home.  The only way for me to be tracked would have been through the GPS in the car. 

When I went out, the only thing that I had on me was cash.  Even so, it was obvious the GPS to the car was tracked, all the way to the purchase, all the way to where I opted to use the phone, which I thought would be secure, but wasn’t.  This became obvious once the phone, which was hacked into within a minute, and there as an adult with me that saw this happen as well, became flooded with hundreds of spam messages and nonsense, not unlike one would expect if you had not been logged into your phone for a month, and had 100+ apps, all with notifications going on, and all came avalanching in an endless stream of pop-ups as soon as you turned on it. 

But how could that be, since the phone was new?  No one knew about it.  Naturally, given the compromised phone, it was promptly returned because it would be nonsensical to keep such a compromised device.  The point is, those are serious resources, and severe overkill unless I was under proactive surveillance by someone, or some group, which is part of what undergirds all of what I am talking about, which cannot happen without the Surveillance State being directly involved or used for someone’s agenda.  What other conclusion can one come to under those circumstances?  Not many, right?  Or maybe it’s just coincidence. 

The continual growth in magnitude of these disturbing events went on as I pointed out the non-physical nature of reality that I was writing about from different points of view on the blog, and as I concurrently did non-physical work with my Aunt, all of which has led me up to this very point. 

Following the confluence of all of that, I had to pull back from social media given the severity of these non-physical attacks, with the apex of all of that almost leaving both of us in the hospital, with my Aunt in crutches for nearly a week, and me unable to walk for many days and on pain medications after our 2nd Charkas were attacked simultaneously a few Sundays ago. 

I do not find it a coincidence that the 2nd Chakra, having the properties of relationships, would be one of the ones attacked non-physically with precision, and not the only one that we’ve had attacked by the way, because ultimately whoever carried out those attacks knew that, and would wish to create a fracture, or lessen our individual capabilities to be the best version of ourselves in such instances. 

This reminds me of what Fitts has talked about regarding substantial relationships and the family unit, and their power to change things not only at the family level, but at the local level.  The exact words escape me, but I’m certain Fitts has talked about meaningful relationships and family time and time again, not only in her Deep State series, but also in some of her other interviews. 

Concurrently, the compromised nature of all my accounts and systems, coupled with the overwhelming nature of the attacks and my inability to handle them at first, made a social media pull back a no-brainer given how much we were dealing with.  Naturally, because my Aunt was more experienced in the spiritual aspect of life, also having dealt with these types of issues for decades, I quickly gravitated to her for help, given that these are areas of life not many people are even willing to acknowledge, yet alone explore.  

On that same note, the non-physical issues also take place nigh every time that my Aunt and I also take up some non-physical work, as it were, and the variety of non-physical issues we face increase drastically during that time period in numerous ways, with the intensity of the attacks increasing concurrent with what do as well.  Another consideration is that the conversations that my Aunt and I do during that work about the nonphysical nature of reality could be easily be taken out of context. 

But the fact that the people who are data mining our conversations and the phones have access to that information doesn’t bother me as much because I know exact reference points in books and articles to show people exactly what I’m talking about with my Aunt, if anyone was ever wanting to use certain things I’ve said in those chats against me, or worse, her, or anyone in my family or who I care about and Love.

And if those that are engineering fake profiles behind the scenes (for much of the dissenting populace I would surmise) know that your path is one that seeks to empower all individuals in countless ways, whether through education, book reviews, culture, self-empowerment, the true vibrational non-physical quantum nature of reality, and many other ways, then they would realize that the only option they have is to compromise who you are to the world with fake facts, information outright engineered, or things taken severely out of context, all of which I am ready to hold my ground mindfully against when it comes down to it.

Given my serious lack of an online presence that lacks personal details, the darker nature of what happens in life and to those that have historically questioned authority, the possibility of the events that have transpired did not escape me.  I’ve often talked about these very possibilities to my family and warned them repeatedly about it, and though I always saw some what I’m going through as possible, the difference between these problems simply being possible, and many of these issues happening outright, is vastly different.  Even so, these are issues that must be spoken about. 

What’s more, if you are the type of person that like me, keeps to himself, is buried in books, reading, or writing 90% of their free time, whether its blogs, poetry, writing down random ideas and the like, then you wouldn’t really have much to offer that is usable for someone that might seek to use something against you outright. The most extreme thing I’ve done is write erotica, which I’ve openly mentioned it often on Instagram and sometimes on Facebook, knowing that it’s something that could easily be used against me, under highly manipulated circumstances. 

I’ve always seen writing Erotica or anything intensely passionate as a significantly different method of expression that I realize is not for everybody, but it is something that I cannot help but write about from time to time.  Moreover, most of what I’ve written isn’t even public, but the point is that writing as such would be something that could hypothetically be used against me as a person to try and shame me, attack me, etc., which I will not stand for, and it worries me not as much as other things, because ultimately, I would admit to writing it, as I am now, as I have before, as I will in the future

I will not be ashamed about how I write, what I have written, and being a passionate person.  I’ve also made it a point to write extensive notes in some posts about what people do in their own free time, is their choice.  As long as consenting adults agree to what they are doing and nobody is being taken advantage of, whatever other people do is their business.  As long as they are happy, more power to them. 

I hold no judgment against individuals in how they live their life, for I don’t know what other people have gone through, why they do what they do, or enjoy what they enjoy.  That is another in a myriad of reasons why I seek to understand individuals, because you never know why people do what they do, and just because something wouldn’t work for me, doesn’t mean it can’t work for someone else.  After all, we’re all incredibly different, and if we all enjoyed the same music, had the same hobbies, led the same lives, and followed the same path, life would be incredibly boring by default, and we wouldn’t have too much depth to offer one another.  Thankfully life’s not that rigid.

Ultimately, this blog from its inception hence forth, has always been about education, the exploration of concepts, mindfulness, individuality, and seeking ideas beyond conventional thought. Likewise, this blog and my work has always been about getting individuals to contemplate life from myriad angles, far removed from the official ones structured by design to compromise an individual’s critical thinking faculties, and simply seek to make people, ALL people, slaves to a system that seeks to siphon your energy, be that psychological, physical, spiritual and emotional.

Bottom line: How others seek to carry out their life is their business, and I will always respect that even if I don’t agree with that. But how I choose to conduct my life is simple, “Live and let live.”

It doesn’t get any simpler than that.



Author’s Note:

Just to be clear, I will say I Love life, and if I had it my way, I hope to live past 100 years old, and certainly past my 40th birthday.  All I seek to do with this blog is to empower others, while exploring subject matter that’s mostly not mainstream that could fascinating others in myriad ways.  Even so, it’s obvious that my path seems to have come in direct opposition with others that don’t like what I am doing with this blog, and even have it in for those that help me like my Aunt unfortunately. 

Be that as it may, we all have choices to make, and mine will continually be one to problem solve complicated issues in simple ways, which is why I am not only writing this as a heads-up to others that read the blog just in case something happens to me, but also to speak clearly about the fact that an extremist point of view is something that will never make sense for this blog, or me as a person, because extreme solutions are not what I would ever do, yet alone recommend.  Especially when countless simple solutions abound. 

Also, as complicated as the above is to even fathom, yet alone believe, there are additional considerations why I wrote the fact that I am in no way suicidal and I bluntly mention the concern for my life as well as the ones I Love, and why I mention I Love my life and everything about it, even the complicated parts because they have led me to incredible growth that though I wasn’t prepared for, I welcome with open arms and certainly won’t shy away from. 

Even so, given the seemingly outlandish nature of those instances, I simply will not discuss them at the moment, or perhaps ever, given that they are even harder to believe than what is going on above, if one can actually believe that.  But ultimately, the confluence of all the events I have gone through the last few months, has urged me to write this because my suspicion meter smashed the red zone in a way that it never has in my entire life.  And when my instincts are screaming that my life or the lives of the people I Love and cherish the most could be in danger, I never taken it lightly.  Ever.