Zy Marquiez
November 20, 2020

In my previous piece, Live and Let Live I made the argument that for numerous reasons I was not only concerned for my own life, but the lives of individuals who I care about.

When such serious remarks are made, any inquiring an open-minded individual would naturally ask the question that follows: Why?

Why was I so concerned that I had to actually write something that is easily the most seemingly-outlandish write-up I have ever made, yet alone do it publically, with full knowledge that information of this nature could very well be used against me, and still move forward with it? The simple answer is that given the overarching patterns of events that I myself and my family were undergoing and picking up on, I had to, for if I did not, nobody would know what was happening in my life and the lives of those within my close circle.

To elaborate upon the extensive version of this complicated issue, please allow me to cast the proper foundation given the murky circumstances that my family and I are undergoing. As such, I will draw some key considerations with various passages that follow about mind control technologies which aren’t truly mainstream, even though part of what follows is scientifically backed, though not all given the non-physical nature of most of this issue, which is what complicates the matter by orders of magnitude.

Given that, only part of this multifaceted issue and the effects will be discussed at the moment given the confounding nature of this troublesome matter. In and of itself, I will initially focus on the mind control technologies which are scientifically backed, and extend this discussion with that foundation into personal circumstances that have been plaguing me and individuals close to me for a few months now. This covert arsenal has also been described as electromagnetic (EM) weapons, psychotronic weapons, psycho-electric weapons, directed-energy weapons, crowd control technology, and even informational weapons, among other names.

Part of the aim of these advanced mind manipulation technologies is subverting the inherent freedom of the individual in such powerful ways that an individual might think the unseen effects being described are science fiction, and yet they are not. Not by a wide margin.

Still and all, one of the simplest ways to realize how serious and powerful mind control technologies are is through the variety of painful sensations an individual may come to terms with, though not all non-physical attacks come about in such obvious ways given their non-materialistic and elusive nature.

And given the concerning context, I will center upon some of the significance and possibilities of what is going on, in relation to not only how pain and mind control can come about through electromagnetic stimulation, sound and light, but also how the manipulation of consciousness can come about to carry out nefarious agendas away from the public eye given the invisible application of these covert technologies[1]. Even so, the seriously concerning nature of these technologies I will reference isn’t something new, as this has been spoken about at length in the past. Ultimately, whatever the capacity of these invasive technologies were in the past, it is natural to infer that some of these mind control technologies must have evolved to some extent, which bears serious consideration.

For our purposes, we will begin by focusing on an incisive attempt to ban some of these very space-based weapons, that came about through Congressman Denis J. Kucinich when he submitted a bill on October 2, 2001, titled the Space Preservation Act (H.R. 2977), that defined a weapon system as:

“…any other unacknowledged or as yet undeveloped means inflicting death or injury on, or damaging or destroying, a person (or the biological life, bodily health, mental health, or physical and economic well-being of a person)… through the use of land-based, sea- based, or space-based systems using radiation, electromagnetic, psychotronic, sonic, laser, or other energies directed at individual persons or targeted populations for the purpose of information war, mood management, or mind control of such persons or populations“[2]

With that stark definition in mind, it is clear to see that pain, injury, mood enhancement, and even death can come about through electromagnetic weapons of myriad types, and have been an open concern of some establishment officials going back nigh20 years.

One would expect that with the resounding and incisive implications of such a sophisticated arsenal, that some sort of weapons ban or oversight would have taken place for this type of weaponry, but such is not the case.

As Mojmir Babajek, author of the exemplary piece, Electromagnetic and Informational Weapons: The Remote Manipulation of the Human Brain, soberingly noted well over a decade ago:

“Though there are possible uses of informational war, which do not imply mind control, the US Administration has been unwilling to engage in negotiations on the ban on all forms of manipulation of the human brain. This unwillingness might indeed suggest that the US administration intends to use mind control technologies both within the US as well as internationally as an instrument of warfare.”[3]

That type of mindset has continued unabated to this day.

Additional implications discussed and sourced by Babacek of these covert electromagnetic weapons, which are aimed at the manipulation of the human brain are as follows:

“In the declassified scientific literature only some 30 experiments have been published supporting this assumption (1),(2). Already in 1974, in the USSR, after successful testing within a military unit in Novosibirsk, the Radioson (Radiosleep) was registered with the Government Committee on Matters of Inventions and Discoveries of the USSR, described as a method of induction of sleep by means of radio waves (3), (4), (5).”[4]

Pulsing of microwaves in frequency predominating in the brain at an awakened state could, by the same procedure, deny sleep to a human being.”[6]

“In a many times replicated experiment, microwaves pulsed in an exact frequency caused the efflux of calcium ions from the nerve cells (1,2). Calcium plays a key role in the firing of neurons and Ross Adey, member of the first scientific team which published this experiment, publicly expressed his conviction that this effect of electromagnetic radiation would interfere with concentration on complex tasks (7).”[7]

“Today we have intellectual, physical and financial resources to master the power of the brain itself, and to develop devices to touch the mind and even control or erase consciousness…We wish to profess our hope that such pursuit of knowledge serves peace and welfare” [8]

That last reference voices concern by neuroscientists at a UN-sponsored conference back in 1999. But there’s more.

Additional troubling considerations include:

“…Means of informational-psychological influence are capable not only of harming the health of an individual, but, also of causing, according to Lopatin, ‘the blocking of freedom of will of human being on the subliminal level, the loss of the ability of political, cultural and social self identification, the manipulation of societal consciousness, which could lead to the destruction of a sense of collective identify by the Russian people and nation’”[9]

Though the ramifications of the views voiced on the aforementioned passage by Segodnya, a Russian newspaper, contemplated possible reverberations across Russia, the same circumstances could manifest in any other population.

In conjunction to the above, these type of non-physical weapons can also:

cause the blocking of the freedom of will of a human being on a subliminal level” or “instillation into the consciousness or subconsciousness of a human being of information which will trigger a faulty or erroneous perception of reality…”[10]

With the wide ranging and possibly consciousness-subverting implications of these weapons to inflict harm on individuals and alter human consciousness in a kaleidoscope of ways, it is clear to see why the concern expressed in the bill introduced by Denis J. Kucinich in 2001 with H.R. 2977, which has also been mirrored by the French National Bioethics Committee, the European Parliament, neuroscientists and experts in various locales, should be heeded to the fullest extent, especially if these weapons are already being employed without any type of oversight against unsuspecting populations.

Intriguingly enough, a document that was ‘accidentally’ released two years ago to journalist Curtis Waltman, which was covered by David Grossman in the piece titled Government Accidentally Releases Documents on “Psycho-Electric” Weapons, also discusses these very technologies.

The conclusion of Grossman was that the unexpected mind control documents did not appear to be officially from the government, even though they came about directly through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. I’ll let you the reader decide the deeper implications of a document that discusses technologies that have true applications, stemming from a FOIA request, and how that document ends up not being official, if such is truly the case. Better yet, if the document was hypothetically not official, who could actually have access to distribute such information in the first place, and what was the purpose of disseminating such information through official government channels? Those deeper considerations I leave to you, for they lead in myriad directions far beyond the scope of this.

Be that as it may, in conjunction with the aforementioned passages sourced, I will use the image within the article by Grossman that contains extensive notations, which was also featured in April/May 1996 edition of Nexus Magazine, to outline some of the psychotronic effects that I believe my family and I have undergone continuously for many months now, with a handful of them going on for over a year or more.

The initial noteworthy point of consideration is that the ones that have withstood the brunt of these type of weapons are my Aunt and I, though my Wife has also undergone some of these to a much lesser extent, and I also believe there might be other people being targeted, but I cannot confirm that at the moment given the complex nature of all that is still ongoing.

Plain and simple, the arguably obvious nature of these attacks began being felt soon after my Aunt and I began discussing on a daily basis the non-physical vibrational quantum nature of reality, and how that can be affected by intent in a variety of ways.

More importantly, the most significant part of these attacks is that they take place almost always when my Aunt and I: (1) discuss tangible ways to affect ‘the field’ with intent, (2) take action to influence the field through what is known as prayer, meditation, mantras, etc., whether individually, or together; (3) seek to better ourselves individually, and sometimes cooperatively in our daily routines whether it is reading, writing, organizing, working out, doing research, etc.,; (4) seek to act out of the highest good for ourselves individually and/or others, out of genuine concern for either our own health and well being or that of the people we care about and Love the most; (5) openly discuss these type of attacks through texts and voice messages; (6) where we discuss how Love has the power to affect individual vibrations, and thus synchronize individual and collective circumstances in serendipitous fashion, and how the resonance that is created by acting out of Love can begin shifting things drastically in the field in numerous ways.

There are other circumstances where a wide variety of attacks and effects are employed, but those are the vanguard ones that take place for both of us on a daily basis, some of which continue nigh non-stop, and that’s not an overstatement by any means.

For simplicity’s sake, I will only draw from the applicable mind control effects from the ‘Psycho-Electronic Weapon Effects’ diagram that are affecting us collectively that were shared in Nexus Magazine, which described a lawsuit that took place in 1992 against the NSA by John St. Clair Akewi, which is featured below.

Though proving these effects is complex given their non-physical and surreptitious nature, it is the aggregate of these effects, taking place to at least three adults, possibly more, that draws a disturbing trend that is worth noting and examining from myriad angles, given the consistency, intensity, and invasive nature of these circumstances.

Some of the effects we believe have been ongoing, with adjunctive notations where pertinent follow below:

(1) induced erroneous actions – this has taken place to my Aunt and I, in what could easily be called ‘clumsiness’. By itself it wouldn’t be noteworthy consideration, but upon the wider tapestry of issues provided, it is something that bears mentioning. There have been about a handful of days in which I have been affected, and dozens of days that my Aunt has been affected. When this takes place the clumsiness just goes off the scale, with these events ranging between half a dozen to a dozen times or more within short time spans depending on the severity of it, in so many different ways that it almost feels like you lost complete cognitive control to carry out even the simplest of tasks.

(2) wildly racing heart without cause – this has taken place a handful of times for me, with the latest episode taking place yesterday, when I began writing this very article. My Aunt has also experienced this a few times in the past, also experiencing it yesterday while she was doing spiritual work to help me out, coincidentally enough.

(3) forced nudging of arm during delicate or messy work – this can easily masquerade as clumsiness, and it is quite hard to spot and very effective depending on the event, but I still believe this has happened at least a dozen times for me, always during important activities that I am carrying out or concentrating on. That said, this has happened far more than that for my Aunt unfortunately.

(4) special attention to genital area – the best way to describe this is circumstance is an oppressive and overwhelming sexual tsunami that envelops you completely. In my personal case, the give away for this type of circumstance and how it wasn’t natural in any way is that 99% of the time this used to happen right before falling asleep, whether that was to take a nap or fall asleep for the night. Giving the timing and overwhelming frequency of these events, it logically follows that the goal of this is to disturb an individual’s rest. In the case of my Aunt, this took place right before or even during her spiritual practices, each of which would be arguably the most important considerations each of us would be individually undertaking at the time, given our lifestyles and what was best for us.

(5) hot needles pushed deep into flesh sensation – this has happened dozens of times for myself, and it happens nigh on a daily basis. It has happened also to my Aunt quite a few times, though she doesn’t describe it as a hot needle, though there is still a jabbing sensation she feels that’s akin to that.

(6) reading thoughts – in my case, I believe that my thoughts are actively being monitored, or to put it bluntly, my mind is being read for reasons I will expound upon farther below. I know it sounds incredibly outlandish, and I wouldn’t mention it except with the extensive tapestry provided, I do not mind mentioning it one bit because although this is one of those issues that can certainly be weaponized against you, I will not shy away from what I myself, my Aunt, and those closest to me are undergoing, and what the deeper implications of what these events signify, even though I may be wrong. My instincts and my soul say I am not, so I am moving all in on this hunch, and the reason I will not regret it is based on the daily non-physical circumstances that are taking place in my life that number in the dozens, that accrue overtime that have created a significantly overarching pattern of things I’m picking up on that are not exactly simple to describe and yet important nonetheless, which I believe are also part of the reason why my Aunt and I are under constant hyper-surveillance, beyond the conventional surveillance that everyone is undergoing in America.

(7) transparent eyelids – This has happened to my aunt a few times, and she described it just as it sounds. That said, in my case, what took place wasn’t transparent eyelids, but something vastly different. What I have experienced is while having my eyelids completely closed, it seemed like someone was moving a flashlight over it, when there’s nobody even close to me while I was laying down. This has happened dozens of times, and goes back many years. It is exactly as it sounds; you close your eyes, and with your eyelids closed someone flashes a flashlight (or a medical lighting instrument), but when you open your eyes, no one is there. I do realize that we’re venturing into the fringe area of what an individual can go through, but I write about it because it’s something that I have described to my family and close friends for quite some time, and it leaves you with the eerie feeling that you’re under some type of non-physical observation, which in my case has exacerbated drastically the last few weeks, even though the undercurrent of these two type of events could be vastly different.

(8) forced “muscle quaking” of the large muscles on the back – in my case, this has taken place a few dozen times over the last few months, having experienced it nigh a dozen times already this month, though its hard to keep track of because it happens right before falling asleep, within that in-between sleep and wakefulness state. This is one of those issues that could go back a few years given how many odd things I’ve experienced in my life, but I cannot say with 100% certainty because there are other events that seem similar regarding muscles quaking, but might not pertain to this. As such, the focus is on the last few months. My Aunt has undergone this type of circumstance as well, and is one of the main ways that she has lost sleep over the last few months.

At this point, those are the only effects to note from the ‘Psycho-Electronic Weapon Effects’ diagram that have affected us. Additional effects that we have undergone, or are still undergoing follow below:

(9) induction of sleep via radio waves (or any other comparable technologies) – this has happened to me about half a dozen times that I can recall, with the most recent being the 16th of this month. I do have a suspicion that this has happened more than that, but without certainty I cannot say. The ironic part of sleep inducement is that it fits the overarching pattern of disruption during meaningful and tangible intention-based activities that have take place not on my in my life, but my Aunt’s as well. [Note: on the revision to this article today 11/19/2020, I found myself having the best sleep I’ve had in quite a while. I say this because I find it no coincidence, that me, as a person that often remembers most things that happen around night time, whether in the dream state, or in the waking hours of the day, had not only the best sleep I’ve had, but also remember nothing with a few hours missing. In conjunction with that, I had the sneaking suspicion that the employment of effect #20 being hypnotic reprogramming of the mind, which is very disturbing, could have been employed last night. It could be argued that this could take place in order to either prevent me from posting this altogether, or in order to take a more proactive measure of mind manipulation given that they do know with incredible precision what I am writing about, and they also know that I will continue writing about it for the time being with everything happening not only to me, but the people I Love and anyone else affected without their knowledge as well. Additionally, there are other reasons that lead me strongly to be believe something nefarious happened last night, but for that I will have to wait until a follow up part because it deals with non-physical considerations that I haven’t delved into given their complicated nature.]

(10) pulsing of microwaves in frequency to deny sleep – this type of circumstance is something that I’ve gone many dozens of times over the last year, probably close to 75-100 times or so, feeling almost like I’m swimming in pure energy waves. That’s the simplest way to describe it. And no matter what you try, you couldn’t sleep if your life depended on it.

(11) increasing pressure on a specific body part that causes significant pain – this happens in the back of the lower neck mostly, and it usually correlates heavily with the mind reading that I describe taking place. This type of pressure also takes place when I am attempting to do anything substantial, whether that is working out to take care of my health, meditating to achieve coherence and/or work on intent-based activities, speaking to my Aunt about these subjects, etc.

(12) thought process being interrupted in the middle of speech – when this happens it is usually when I am speaking out loud with my Aunt about something substantial that revolving the field. This effect feels akin to mentally slamming on the breaks in the middle of a sentence, and sometimes being unable to recall what you were just thinking about. This also follows the pattern of interruption around substantial activities.

(13) induced changes to speaking – the diagram mentions induced changes to hearing, but what I experienced was much darker than that. What took place during key moments, particularly in heightened states of emotional awareness, were induced changes tomy ability to speak, with the output of what I stated, being in a morally diametrical opposition to what I was trying to share. In essence, whatever thought I was trying to convey, was flipped directly on its head, shifted in the darkest and most twisted of ways you could literally imagine. And that is not an understatement. I wouldn’t mind saying what my thoughts shifted too, but I rather not. Think of it this way, how many things have I shared in this write up that are way out there far beyond what most people would consider even possible. Countless, right? As such, for me not to share what took place multiple times has to be incredibly dark, and it is, which is why I am avoiding it whole-cloth. I’ll give you a very simplistic analogy. Imagine that in your mind you were going to say “I Love You” to someone, but the output is “I hate you”. And the contrast between those is nothing compared to how dark what I went through was. This is easily one of the darkest circumstances that I have been subjected to in my life. This type of circumstance, in its darkest strands, has happened 3 times (that I can recall) in the most heinous of contexts; every single time happening in a heightened state of emotional awareness in which I was thinking about a Love-based action, and that very powerful emotive action I was thinking about was attempting to be manipulated to the polar opposite extreme of the emotional spectrum, seeking to turn an empowering act of human behavior, into a destructively fear-based and hateful action. The applications of something so nefarious are resounding. Careers could be ruined if someone was caught on camera saying the wrong thing, control files created at the speed of thought, and who knows. All because someone flips a switch, and somehow this of mind manipulation takes place, essentially blindsiding someone and of course, there’s “proof” of what that person said. It’s on camera or recorded after all, no? This has happened also on a much smaller scale, but is rarely noticeable and took place handful of times. In fact, just today I believe this has happened twice, once in the morning, and once in the afternoon, and I logged that in a pen-and-paper journal that I write a lot of these circumstances into for future reference, given the ongoing nature of this situation. As well, this also took place with my Aunt and my Wife as well, each experiencing a less intense version of this, only la select few times.

The creepy part about this technology, and deeper implications is that your thoughts need to be actively monitored for this to be taking place at the very instant you attempt to think something. This consideration, more than anything, was the reason why I concluded that my mind had to be under some sort of active surveillance that employed invasive mind control technologies. There is no other logical explication for this taking place. Besides imagining it of course, going off the deep end, and a lot of other conventional explanations that just won’t cut it. Or, all of this is just coincidence.

(14) slurred speech, or broken speech – this ffect has happened dozens of times to my Aunt and I, and given how it’s hard to notice, not unlike engineered ‘clumsiness’ (effect #1), it’s complicated to really ascertain how often this has happened. Simply put, your can barely create coherent thoughts, or to do so is mind-numbingly slow. If I had to put in a rough guess, this has taken place about 100 times or so. But again, maybe my mindfulness capabilities are devolving at a rapid rate. Another consideration to bear in mind is that, and this is just speaking intuitively, the stronger your mental constitution is the harder it is for some of these effects to work. So the factor of how often you are subjected to one of these effects could be off by multiples, depending on the environment you are in, diet, mindset, mindfulness, exposure to electromagnetic fields and so on.

(15) missing time lapses – this has taken place with time spans ranging from 30 seconds to two minutes at the low end of the spectrum. These incredibly short missing time lapses are very hard to pinpoint unless you’re incredibly mindful. That is why I contend that mindfulness is the vanguard consideration in all of these circumstances, for the state of your mind couples into every one of the above circumstances. In any case, in very rare cases, these time lapses can go on for a couple of hours, which usually happen in the middle of the night. To explain it simply, you close your eyes at 10:00 PM, and open your eyes one second later, and it’s 5:00 AM. There’s no other way to describe it. This is the exact circumstance I mention in effect #9 which happened last night, November 19th, 2020.

(16) eyes being ‘scrambled’ through frequency – this feeling is not unlike how a frequency is changed on a radio station. That’s the best analogy that I can employ. This has happened way over 100 times easily and I didn’t think anything of it until I saw something mentioned in an article somewhere (that I haven’t been able to recall at the moment) and I realized this falls right in line with many of the other events I have been experiencing. Plain and simple, this happens 99% of the time this happens when I am writing in pen and pencil, and I am writing about is something very substantial, that again, fits the larger pattern of interrupting an individual’s thoughts at key junctures where clarity is required to process thoughts. Even so, this happens in many other circumstances, it’s just that the correlation to me writing by pen and paper is off the scale and worth noting.

(17) spinal lock – this is hard to describe for obvious reasons. It almost feels like your spine is under some sort of an energetic lock of sorts. Most significantly, this happened a bit over 3 months ago, right after I posted a specific article around quantum mechanics, and it felt like someone could easily crush my spine. That’s how much tension my spine seemed like it was under. I’m not sure whether that was an attempt to elicit fear or what the ultimate intent was, but that is the best way I could describe that specific effect. At that moment all I did was meditate and not move for nigh an hour, uncertain of what would happen in such an instance. It’s not something I would wish on my worst enemy and certainly hoped I imagined it, but upon all the events I myself and others are undergoing, it also bears mentioning. This also happened at least one other time, perhaps twice, but the magnitude of those wasn’t as high as the previous one.

(18) helmet-like instrument over your head – The feeling of my head being under some sort of helmet-like apparatus, almost like being checked up on, with the top back part of my head feeling the outline of what seemed like a perfect circle. That I can recall, this has happened at least 3 times. More importantly, this also took place when I was in a heightened emotional state at least twice, though the third time I can’t recall if that was the case as well.

(19) induced changes to mentally imagined actions – where effect #13 regards technologies that have “induced changes to speaking”, this effect induces changes to imagined actions as you are actively thinking about them, that could (arguably) easily be shifted towards actual actions. To be precise, by imagined actions, I mean anything that your mind is actively imagining, though not acting upon at the moment, not unlike imagining washing the dishes while actually doing yoga for example. The worst part of these circumstances is that following along the lines of effect #13, something as subtle and intimate as a hug, can be covertly manipulated and co-opted into a moment of severe harm and/or injury of another person if your mind is manipulated to shift away from a positive circumstance shared with a Loved one, such as an embrace, to the worst you can imagine. And I do mean worst. That is not an understatement by any measure.

Plain and simple, the only way I could override those thoughts was intense willpower, arguably the most willpower I’ve ever had to exercise during all of these events. And to be certain, when exposure to this type of effect to place, or effect #13 and #20 for that matter, I exercised my willpower to the highest extent, over, and over, and over, and over again. Likewise, if by any chance, the thought that was attempted to be implanted ‘slipped’ by my mind, I ‘erased’ it via intent, and re-thought the original action with the positive underlying intent as a reprogramming tool for my own mind and subconscious. With all of the aforementioned, including the extensive resources required to undertake these type of endeavors, yet alone long term research required, there aren’t many places these types of mind control technologies can be employed from. Though some of these technologies could have been addressed within the public realm, I still haven’t found anything that describes anything close to effects #13, #19 and #20. Even so, they are disturbing nonetheless, and cannot be ignored. With that, we find ourselves amid possibly the worst mind control method yet.

(20) hypnotic subversion and possible reprogramming of the mind during sleep – I don’t know what else to call this but some sort of hypnotic session based on what follows. To describe it, when you fall asleep what you see is a spiraling light not unlike the type motion you would see if some sort of hypnotic trance was attempting to be induced. And think of it this way, given everything aforementioned, particularly points #13 and #19, how can anyone think that the hypnotic manipulation of the mind can lead to anything remotely good upon such a disturbing backdrop? One cannot. There is nothing positive about the aforementioned under the circumstances.

My only conclusion, and it is simply an inference based on everything that I’ve said, everything that I am actively going through essentially nigh every hour of my waking life, whether it is hyper-surveillance within the mind, anything meant to outright manipulate or influence my behavior or cause me and/or family pain, coupled to much of what is being left unsaid for many reasons, that someone is seeking to hypnotize people in their sleep for nefarious reasons, as I cannot be the only person going through this.

Do I know this? No. But technologies that hypnotize individuals have only one goal, to hypnotize and individual. From there, where does that hypnotic session go?

And if my instincts regarding what is taking place is correct, the only way to test some of these technologies is by actually testing them covertly, just like all other effects are being carried out. Pondering this as logically as possible, how can anyone overtly state what they truly seek to accomplish with these type of mind control technologies? I would aver that most of the mind control effects and technologies described would never get the greenlight, which is why it must be covert, and it must be to accomplish some sort of agenda.

That said, are the electromagnetic and mind control effects I am undergoing taking place every second of every day? Nay, not every second I would surmise. Going by what I distinctively recall, I would say most waking hours of the day, I at least feel one type of effect, ​ and many times multiple ones employed as well.

Likewise, when I start carrying out substantial activities, these mind manipulation technologies are employed the largest majority of the time, and the magnitude of pain and effects increases concurrent with the magnitude of my emotions (if I was writing for instance), what I am meditating on, what my Aunt and I are discussing, so on and so forth.

For instance, while writing this piece, not only did I myself experience pain consistently for well over 8 hours yesterday, though possibly more, but my Aunt as well. Today, this also took place for a few hours as well. What complicated writing this article is the deliberately induced state of confusion employed at times that makes it very hard to think, which is why writing substantial blogs such as this one and the previous one, takes much longer than usual. Even so, that’s just one example of everything that’s taking place in my life, as well as some of what transpires to family that seeks to help me.

Even with all these considerations in mind, one of my main concerns is to urge readers to consider the implications of effects #13, #19, and #20, each of which is disturbing in its own right, and combined could collectively couple into an even more incisively disturbing application of these mind control technologies. No other effects discussed come close to those three effects in the way that they seek to overwhelm an individual’s mind, and possibly subvert it to carry out harmful behavior.

Effects #13, #19, and #20 could easily masquerade to the victim of these technologies (the one whose mind is being manipulated) as abnormal and destructive thoughts stemming from their own mind, with the victim of the victim thinking the same thing, if that makes any sense, as they see behavior that ‘obviously’ stems from the other individual, with no effects from any possible technologies ever making the fore. It’s a disturbingly covert way to get unsuspecting individual’s to do someone’s dirty work.

What is more, actions such as the aforementioned could easily be labeled as someone going postal, or a mentally-compromised individual being off their meds or ‘forgetting’ to take them for instance, and easily swept under the rug by modern media.

All of those references and circumstances discussed are part of the reason why I wrote what I wrote in Live and Let Live, with the obvious circumstances not discussed being subliminally programmed potential suicide engineered through mind control technologies, and other surreptitious methods as well.

As is clear to see, if my statements and inferences are correct, and what is taking place to my family and I, perhaps others as well, is in fact correct, then what is transpiring is a whole helluva lot more complicated than I ever thought it would be. And given the magnitude of the events that are transpiring still, any reasonable person would see why I am not only concerned for my safety, but more importantly, the safety of my family and those that I care about as well.

Therefore, I had no other option but to write the previous article Live and Let Live, so people would know my true intentions as clearly and as mindfully as possible, just in case something type of serious problem were to snowball rapidly out of control given my present concerns.

Believe it or not, even though I have openly discussed all of these circumstances, there is still an incredible amount of information that accrues by the day that I haven’t been able to discuss given how hard it is to even write one blog, yet alone several about these circumstances, and the -physical events that I am undergoing, which go far beyond the scope of this write-up. Even so, I mention it to allude to the fact that whatever this issue looks like, what is taking place is vastly more complicated by an incredibly wide margin, and has incredibly resounding implications as well.

For the moment, I will end this here, leaving one crucial consideration in mind.

From the beginning of everything that I have undergone for many months now, I have run into some of my social media accounts being checked in on by some of the polycentric power centers of the world, which began right after I wrote the Deep State trio of articles many months ago, that discussed incredibly crucial considerations that could be transpiring within America, which have serious ramifications for the rest of the world as well.

I was able to pick up on these polycentric power centers having interest in some of my social media accounts through Instagram of all things. I’ll explain this later, but the point is that a few of my Instagram accounts held the intrigue of one of those places in particular, far more often than all others. I have always wondered if it isn’t people within that region of the world that are in part, or fully responsible, for what my family and I are undergoing. The ironic part is that that group, or one could equally call it a faction, would be intimately familiar with mind control technologies for many decades now, as well as some of the other type of attacks that my Aunt and I have undergone as well.

And last time I checked, I don’t know anybody from Kiev.

It’s ironic because what I have often read is my favorite researcher, Dr. Joseph P. Farrell PhD.,, of, reference how the issues in Russia do not stem from the Nazi’s in Kiev, but the Nazi’s in Washington.

And it just so happens, that right when I was starting to voice my concern about the true ongoings in Washington regarding the Deep State, which goes far beyond what the mainstream media ever even delves into, that involved one faction of the Deep State, being in diametrical opposition to the pro-America Deep State faction, with the Anti-America group seeming suspiciously like Nazis, which I discussed in the 3-Part Deep State War series (Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3), that all of the events in my life begin spiral as they have, and continue unabated.

As can be gathered, it’s clear to note that the Culture War, that not only Dr. Farrell has talked about, but also former Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Catherine Austin Fitts of, have often talked about, keeps taking darker undertones over time.

Be that as it may, burying the truth under an avalanche of fear is not something I even see as an option. Too much is riding on the line for people not to know what is truly going on in America, when one couples what I just described is taking place to my family and I, to the 3-Part Deep State War series and the deeper implications therein.

And if the mainstream media is not going to talk about these disturbing issues, then other people must speak of it, and do it at length. Because the technological and reverberating ramifications of the mass employment of covert technology that could exacerbate myriad issues severely out of control is truly unprecedented.

Think about it: if my inferences are correct, the darkest employment of these technologies that I described happened when I was asleep. And as I already noted, I believe this also took place nigh 24 hours ago, which goes to show how unrelenting the employment of these mind control technologies is, by those that have access to them.

Further, the only reason I picked up on it was because I had been exposed to these technologies for a few months now, and I was being mindful about the attacks that almost always ensue right before sleep. As such, the hypnotic trance, that clearly was being employed to carry out some nefarious agenda, could have easily gone under my radar. More importantly, even knowing all of this, it still was not easy to exercise my willpower under such circumstances, even though it was certainly possible. This should be kept in mind if anyone undergoes this very type of hypnotic subversion and possible reprogramming of the mind

And if a significant portion of America remains asleep, it is these very technologies that will help exacerbate destruction in ways most people have never even considered, and aid the Anti-American Deep State faction in finally achieving its conquest of America, which by their actions, is clearly their goal.

After all, in Part 3 of that Deep State War series, it was arguable to see that the Anti-America Deep State faction was putting the Pro-America faction on notice, when the threat of The White House ending up in a ruble, all under the premise of a virus, OF ALL THINGS, was something that not only meant serious escalation could possibly be on the table, but there was no limit to what could take place in America. And if that was the case, that would mean the employment of highly advanced technologies are on the table.

Highly advanced technologies that could be employed at any time, without almost no one except maybe those in the know noticing.

Unless people find out.

Author’s Note:

Please excuse any typing errors and so on, but I have to post this today given that the type of attacks that I am ongoing take place even as I write this.

This article has truly been the most emotionally, mentally, psychologically exhausting, painstaking and intense article I have ever had to write for all the reasons discussed, and countless other ones not addressed. Even so, I do believe individuals hold the power, and it lies within the mind, the spirit, and the influence that these bear upon the field, which is the anchoring reason why I believe that my family and I have been repeatedly attacked the last few months.


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