Zy Marquiez
November 23, 2020

Below follows an introductory video by Tom Campbell that discusses the nature of reality’s full range.

Given the importance of this video, I will mirror it often for individuals to understand Campbell’s Theory of Everything, which is the best theory of everything model that I have found to interpret reality, not simply from a materialistic perspective, but more importantly, from the non-physical perspective of reality that we are all subject too that includes the mind, and yet, is mostly ignored by the large majority of society given the materialistic paradigm that’s ensued over centuries.

The reason that Campbell’s work stands out to me is because his work, which has taken over 30 years of experience to amass given all of the non-physical experiments that he has undertaken to come about his theory, takes the nature of Consciousness into consideration, where as the non-physical part of reality was ignored by most scientists I saw when I synchronistically ran into Campbell’s work through a friend, when I wasn’t even looking for it. In fact, Consciousness, and what role it plays in reality, is incredibly ignored even now.

As an adjunct to this video, those serious about the nature of Campbell’s work and the nature of reality, are implored to look into Tom Campbell’s book, My Big Toe: A Trilogy Unifying Philosophy, Physics, and Metaphysics, which discusses this concept in a way that takes more incisively technical considerations in mind.
Tom Campbell
October 12, 2019

Science is on it’s way to accepting a virtual reality model.

My Big TOE concludes that we are living in a virtual reality.

It is an inclusive theory.

No one and nothing is left out. It is simple and elegant because it contains only two assumptions.

Our physical reality is a sub-set of something more fundamental. Consciousness. Early twentieth century physicists knew this, but had nowhere to go with it at that time. At that time, you were either a physicist, or a mystic (consciousness explorer).

To reach Einstein’s goal to find a unified theory, a uniquely qualified individual would be needed. One with a career in both physics and consciousness.

That individual is Thomas W Campbell.

For those new to MBT and also for those who have found value in his theory for many years, this synopsis of Tom’s big theory of everything will establish why his theory is our best model of reality to date.

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