Zy Marquiez
November 24, 2020

Getting right to it, not only have I had to write what is in essence the opposite of a suicide letter, warning people that I am not suicidal, but also I’ve had to write about my concern for the safety of my family.

Even so, I genuinely Love my life and everything about.  Including the obstacles taking place because they are making me stronger than I’ve ever been, and pushed me beyond everything I have ever thought I would be capable of. 

I say that because mindset, and being able to anchor amidst the storm no matter what Hell comes your way, should be an important consideration for anyone that is a target of groups or factions that employ covert hyper-surveillance and mindcontrol technologies.  These type of groups, and anyone with a similar mindset, simply want to derail you from your path to empower others, which is what I have always sought to do with this blog, and will continue to do so until the end of my life.

With that said, it’s obvious that my systems (pc, laptops, phones, Ipods, emails, everything) and those of everyone that I Love who are closest to me, will probably always be compromised to the fullest extent given the invasively incessant nature of these Orwellian technologies.  Be that as it may, I say that as a warning to others to be careful because the path to help spur true change is not an easy one, but it is a path that everyone should take part of, as that’s the simplest way to spur change. 

Further, I see no other option than to do another quick update between some blogs, following an issue I just went through an hour ago regarding one of my passwords and having another account compromised, to state that given my life-long pursuit for truth and empowerment of others, I never plan on deleting any of the platforms and social media accounts I have.  So if any of my social media accounts, and/or content gets deleted, and this includes poetry for reasons I haven’t gotten into, you know someone saw those accounts as a huge threat to truth and profound change. 

And to put it out there bluntly, I’ve also borne the brunt of these mind control technologies while writing poetry of all things.  It’s my assertion that this has to do with how words can imbue power within the field because they are incredibly loaded with intent.  And given that most of what I was writing was Love poetry, which follows along with the empowering nature of what I seek to do, any reasonable person can see how that would be problematic to anyone that seeks to stop you from empowering others, and also affecting the vibrational quantum field of life.  Additionally, given that it’s obvious my accounts are compromised, it’s not hard to surmise that someone could potentially Log In, pose as me, and seek to create an engineered problem outright, to create content for a Control File in myriad ways, so the credible and disturbing nature of this ongoing threat doesn’t keep getting any more light.  Please keep that in mind because my online footprint gets more microscopic with time, which I don’t really mind.

One of the vanguard reasons for my limited social media footprint is so that it is easy for others to notice when something goes awry with my accounts, given the newfound pattern I have sought to create with limited social media use unless it’s to share tangible information, or engage with people I knew before all this started, which wasn’t many. 

Speaking with people you already know and have vetted in tangible ways, is simply the safest action for individuals to follow whose accounts are compromised, or even in a general sense really.  Succinctly stated, if you do not know who is on the other side of that account, it could be anyone.  And even if that person is a long time friend or acquaintance, some people could be manipulated in myriad ways, which leads me to my next incisive point. 

For true change to begin, and also to continue, it will take substantial relationships of the strongest strands, and I’m not speaking romantically at all here.  Relationships that hold trust, integrity and loyalty in the highest regard, as well as the family unit, which is where one could equally argue a lot of profound change begins as well, which is why the family unit has long been a target of the comptrollers. 

Strong families and friendships can and do anchor individuals through any storm, and are antithetical to any culture that is anti-human, to borrow a term that Dr. Joseph P. Farrell has often employed, because of the inherent strength that these relationships have by default.  Any anti-human mindset seeks to destroy anything that is good and can create profound change, which is the reason why many of the ongoing issues humanity is undergoing are taking place.

For what its worth, the best place to begin acquainting yourself with the issues individuals may run into when speaking out against the establishment, is, which is former Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Catherine Austin Fitts’ website.

At Solari there is a video series I highly suggest called Deep State Tactics 101, which is a veritable crashcourse into many of the tactics that may be undertaken against individuals. There is no better series out there that prepares individuals for what they may undergo when they seek to stoke substantial change, and I’ve looked continuously and still continue to do so from time to time given the abstruse nature of what I’ve been going through.

You all have a wonderful day and take care.

Author’s Note:

Whoever took care of that problem, a big thanks to you. It does not go unnoticed. I appreciate that more than you know.

Additionally, I will write about other issues I have not mentioned yet, it just takes a lot of shadow work to get work done given how stacked the system is against you, concurrent with the fact that it’s rather notable how many times I run into problems when singing into accounts, phones, laptops, writing blogs, etc.

For example, posting this blog took nigh 30 minutes of ongoing ‘errors’ and so on. Even so, I do believe I had help to get this blog posted. As such, it’s easy to note how much of a time drain these issues can become, but don’t allow these issues to seem dauntless. Nobody is alone in this fight. No one.

So if it seems that the blog sharing and mirroring has slowed down, there’s a strong chance it’s because I’ve ran into complications one way or another, which has been the case for months.