Zy Marquiez
November 25, 2020

In the following video, Tom Campbell addresses individuals facing their fears, which has even more importance than it seems from conventional point of views.

Overcoming fears doesn’t simply make individuals fearless. Facing fears and eventually overcoming those fears, Campbell has argued, helps individuals evolve into a higher Quality of Consciousness (QoC) being, and also leads to less entropy within the larger reality structure that we all live in. This not only helps individuals evolve, but also contributes to the whole, given the symbiotic relationship that life has on all levels, which includes Non-Physical Matter Reality (N.P.M.R.).

Additionally, all of the aforementioned also plays a vital role into Tom Campbell’s Theory of Everything, given that evolution is one of the main reasons why we as individuals enter this reality.

Author’s Notes:

To be precise, the concepts related are not direct quotes right from Campbell, although that’s how I’ve seen fear and its relationship to consciousness and evolution, brought about time and time again within his many videos, which is why I related these concepts as such. As such, any errors are mine and mine alone to bear.

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