Zy Marquiez
January 8, 2020

Over the last 72 or so hours there have been quite a few events that have either transpired, or exacerbated considerably.

The faction of the Deep State known as the Nazi International that is seeking to destroy the United States of America and all that it stands for, has continued to unleash its power unabated. 

I wrote about some of this in the 3-Part Deep State Series (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) that sought to find threads to pull in the ongoing Deep State War, that is taking place between the Pro-America Faction, and the Anti-America faction, that I would aver is arguably led by the Nazi International, have been battling each other for quite some time, decades in fact.  Dr. Farrell from GizaDeathStar has covered some of this in his interviews with Dark Journalist. 

As argued previously, it is my estimation, that in that series, that 3-Part series got so close to the truth, that it send shockwaves through the strata of the Deep State, and it hit a few close nerves, rendering them exposed, which was why my Aunt Lili and I began being heavily targeted.  It is the most logical explanation of anything that has transpired to explain why the use of electromagnetic and mind control technologies would be deployed against us. 

This Deep State Fight, has no doubt started at the upper echelons of society, has reverberated all the way to the bottom of the rung, recalibrating itself unto the common man, where various individuals have begun being targeted by a variety of weapons that I discussed in a previous article entitled, Extended Considerations To ‘Live and Let Live’ Involving Mind Control Technologies With Incredible Disturbing Implications.

I detailed part of what was taking place in Live and Let Live, covering the issues that took place months ago, and the disturbing circumstances that I begun discussing back then, has only extended itself by a considerable extent over time. 

At this current juncture in time, not only am I being targeted by electromagnetic and mind control technologies and advanced weaponry, but people that I care about are also being targeted as well, vanguard of which is my Aunt Lili, but also Mom I believe, who has helped me to the utmost extent over the last few months and also my wife to a certain extent. 

My aunt Lili, has been targeted extensively not only for the last few months, but earlier in her life. 

In fact, today my Aunt Lili shared with me on WhatsApp the following statement of similar circumstances that will be expounded upon.  Her words, which are nigh exact, are as follows:

“I think that that type of thing is something that they would target people that have naturally psychic abilities, because I’m sure they weren’t doing that to me back in the 80s.  I seriously doubt it.  When I was picking up on thoughts.  It was like I could walk into the room and feel stones vibrating.  I was just like so open.  I was just like an open receptor.  And had a lot of that experience with hearing you know these voices, not hearing voices necessarily, but their thoughts in my head, to where know what they sound like but you are not hearing it in with your ears, if that makes any sense.  Um, Yeah, your methods for dealing with it are spot on.  You gotta shift focus, and find something else.  One time, here’s an example.  I was standing in my kitchen.  Standing on the stove, I had mirrors on my stove for Feng Sui, and I was standing there just kind of zoning out kinda doing something because I saw a young man’s face.  He had kind of long brown hair, light brown eyes, and he just looked zone out for a minute too. And I thought to myself that was an intriguing vision.  All of a sudden he saying my head “ You can see me can’t you.  And I started walking way.  And I heard in my head, “Don’t pretend that you can’t, because I know that you can.”  And I tuned it out.  That was when my cats were alive.”

Expounding beyond that, the electromagnetic weapon attacks that have been ongoing have taken a turn for the worse in the last few days.

At the current moment, my loved ones and I are struggling against these technologies, which many people don’t know about, but which could arguably be affecting many Americans and the common man. 

In conjunction with the attacks that previous took place, which were catalogued Extended Considerations To ‘Live and Let Live’ Involving Mind Control Technologies With Incredibly Disturbing Implications, a few new ways the electromagnetic and mind control technologies have been employed are as follows:

(1) A neural link is established between me and another person whom I believe I know, by a foreign party, which has become overwhelming to a highest extent, because the thought interference that is ongoing.

(2)  Each of us also has to deal with serious ongoing harassment by 2 young males, that seem to be in their mid to late 20s, who have a sadistic sense of humor and a genuine fondness for torturing people, and get off in getting people trying to get people to think their crazy, even seeking to prompt people to hurt themselves, further exacerbating the previews issues that took place already by a wide margin.

(3) Attacks at the bottom of the neck that leave a sense of overwhelming pressure, as well as the lower spine, and the hips, which could compromise human autonomy have been ongoing for months, and take place with surgical precision.  These attacks, not only have affected me, but my aunt Lili as well, and it is my suspicion this has also affected many other people. 

In the event of an unfortunate circumstance, I, Zy Marquiez, state that I am not at all suicidal; I do not have plans of offing myself, because I love my life, my family, and everything about it too damn much. 

I am writing this in order to not only further widen the scope of consideration under which this issue is being thoroughly examined, because what is taking place is not only severely threatening to the freedoms of individuals and the United States of America, but to the sovereignty of the nations in the entire world.

If my suspicions are correct, and the Nazi International, which is a term that I have borrowed from Dr. Joseph P. Farrell, from, then this rogue group is has its tentacles deep within the bowels of the establishment of not simply the United States, but other nations as well, and has already compromised a lot of the current and former administrations, starting at the Bush Administration, though they were certainly there beforehand but not in such a wide in scope.

Plain and simple, further and extensive examination of the Nazi International must take place, for if the ongoing electromagnetic attacks and mind control ploys that are taking place are not stopped, then the evolution of these technologies that threaten to destroy the sanctity of all life, stand to destroy everyone on Earth. If such events are allowed to continue unabated, the fragile world that exists as we know it will be eviscerated, and the shadows of a new age will be cast upon the landscape of mankind, leaving empires in destitution and rubble, all the while Nazi Flags will litter the landscape of the land.


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