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Zy Marquiez
May 15, 2019

I got a pleasant surprise today.

Today I (finally!) received a hardcopy of my first book ever, The Twin Flame, published under a different pen name, Noctis Blackburn.  This poetry book features 111 poems.  I couldn’t hesitate and showed my Mom first and she loved it.  I really love the glossy cover and how the book turned out.


I decided to publish under a different pen name than Zy Marquiez because although I do plan on publishing poetry under this name (more on that in a second), I plan on keeping different themes under different pen names, not unlike what Nora Roberts does when she publishes under J.D. Robb.  Many other authors do this as well.

Moreover, under Zy Marquiez I plan on (hopefully) publishing non-fiction research books about a few different topics in the future, all of which will be thoroughly researched and footnoted to the hilt, but will have non-mainstream topics not unlike what is covered in this blog.  These topics will certainly make people incredibly judgmental.  This is the vanguard reason why I will employ different pen names.

That said, if people find out, it matters not too much since it is me either way.  I am merely doing this to simplify given how many people can judge you by merely knowing one component in life without knowing you at all, especially nowadays with the internet being what it is.  This is the very example of judging a book by its cover, or judging a person by one circumstance.

Now, the above book is a collection of poetry as the subtitle alludes.  I’m incredibly thrilled because I’ve been hoping to publish a book for years now, but due to health issues and myriad circumstances, I never got around to it.   At least now that first step is officially done.  Now for more.

Within a week or so I am going to be doing a giveaway for paperbacks of this book for those interested.  I first needed to double check the hardcopy and make sure that everything was fine and ready to go.  That said, if you are interested in the book, Lulu does have a discount of 15% at this very moment, though it is only good for one more day or so.  And for heaven’s sake, don’t order the Hardcover because of the price!  That’s just Lulu fleecing people.  The link provided is of the softcover because it’s 60% less than the hardcover.  I only decided to publish a hardcover for me personally, as I love hardcovers, and because it wasn’t going to add too much to the publishing process once I got the hang of it.  Now for future projects.

Within a week or so I am going to publish another poetry book called A Kaleidoscope Of Possibilities published under Zy MarquiezThis book will be poetry mostly published in the past on various websites and social media platforms, sprinkled with a heavy dose of notations throughout.  The book is essentially complete and just needs some touch ups and the final stamp.  This book will not follow a single topic but will be a collation of poetry that’s as old as 20 years old, and as new as poems written the last 12 months and so on.  This poetry book is a book about considering deeper aspects of life, obstacles, fear, love, and all topics written about therein of which there are many.  This book does not follow any single theme whatsoever.  This is why I chose to go with ‘Kaleidoscope’ as the first word, while using ‘Possibilities’ as the anchor because possibilities are what life is all about.

Another book which is nigh a complete, which I will publish under either Tristen Troy or Zy Marquiez (with an alias of Halcyon Halo) is Halcyon Days.  A time table of two weeks should not be out of the realm of possibility.  It really depends on what other things fall on my lap.  This book will follow a positive theme throughout, be it romance, life, time, etc.  I’m undecided if the book will be 100% unpublished content, or if a fraction of it will have already been featured in the concurrent Instagram account.  I can’t wait to get this one out as I’ve had most of it complete for almost 3 weeks, I just needed to iron out The Twin Flame and finish the touch ups of Kaleidoscope of Possibilities.  This book will feature 111 poems total.

Now, something else that I’ve recently begun, but is probably at least a month off which will be published under the moniker Noctis Blackburn is A Heart Of Darkness.  This book will feature an in-depth view of many of my fears, be them love, life, darkness, general fears, the pain of dealing with my grandmother’s passing recently, fears of losing my mom, and many other themes.  Some of the poems could be positive, just really depends on what one gets from it.  Notations might be added to this one, like Kaleidoscope of Possibilities, but I am still undecided.  This book will also feature 111 poems as well.

The final book that’s slated to be published for now under Zy Marquiez/ The Lightning Baron is a book tentatively called Lightning & Thunder Bring Frightening Wonder.  This book will feature lightning, storms, and many other darker themes, mostly as metaphors for fear, pain, suffering and more.  I was going to publish this book sooner but I am undecided whether I want to do 111 poems, or many more.  The vanguard reason for this is because many of these poems have already been shared on this blog, but they are short.  This is why I changed from 77 to 111, but I might increase that a lot more, though I am still uncertain to how many.  I would really love to feature photos with this book, but I’m not sure how much that will add to the price.  I will probably keep it simple for now.

There are other projects that I have in mind, but that’s the lions share for now.  I just wanted to give you guys an update as to why I haven’t been as active on this blog with reviews, posts, quotes, and the like.  That said, stay tuned because there will be a lot more coming!

Hope you guys have an amazing day.  And more than anything, don’t forget to take at least one step every day towards making your dreams continue.

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