Breakaway Individuals Throughout History: The Individual, The Trailblazers & You

Nothing Is Set In Stone, Individuals Change Every Day – History Changes As The Individual Changes
Empire Rise & Fall Based On The Individual
Zy Marquiez
April 5, 2019

Would fiction be the same if Tolkien didn’t write The Hobbit?

Would war be conducted the same if Napoleon didn’t become the military strategist he become?[1]

Would spirituality be the same if Buddha, Jesus and Krishna didn’t spread the wisdom they did?

Would music be the same if Bach and Mozart hadn’t decided to play instruments?

Would philosophy be the same if Socrates didn’t philosophize?

Would martial arts in modern times be seen as it does if Bruce Lee hadn’t followed his dream?

Would women see themselves as they do if Joan Of Arc wouldn’t have done what she did, at the age that she did it?

Would modern morality be the same if Mother Theresa hadn’t carried out kindness as she had done, done the actions she undertook?

Intriguing considerations to ponder.  The answer to all the questions above is no, certainly not.

History wouldn’t be the same at all.  Those individuals serve as pillars for humanity.  Change the actions of merely one of them, and you change history in its full breadth and scopeThat shows you the power of the individualThat is incredible, resounding, incisive power; power that rarely ever gets the consideration it should.

The actions of individuals echo into the future, into eternity.  They change lives, they change circumstances, they change communities, they change nations, they create empires, they change history, they change everything

This is unprecedented power, incredible in every which way.  One would think that empowering individuals – and showing how capable each of them can be – would be one of the staples of public schooling, or communities and societies in general.  Such is not the case.

The Individuals that are extolled, those that are usually always talked about, are usually seen from the perspective of a complete package, already done, whole cloth [2].  Rarely if ever are individuals and the actions they took, the action they chose to take, ever spoken about at length.  This is quite noteworthy because seeing the steps that individuals – particularly the pillars of society, the breakaway individuals above – and studying those quite consciously, and pondering them at length, could reap incredible rewards [3].

At times, there are paths that individuals may walk through, paths that were paved before, paths that can be followed.  At other times, there are paths waiting to be imagined, waiting to be created. 

Those paths do not just appear out of nowhere; each of those historical paths, each of the actions individuals take, are taken via an endless series of choices.

Choices that change individuals.

Choices that spawn change.

Choices so powerful and resounding that they create ripples and resonance in life’s field, echoing into the future, farther than you ever thought possible.

Choices that create paths hitherto unknown, paths previously unimagined.

That’s the very definition of a trail blazer. 

And trails are something that must be created.  Individuals create them every single day.

Why not now?

[1] This is not an argument for or against war.  I mention Napoleon because, whether you like him or not, he is an example of the fact that individuals change the course of history, one way or another.
[2] This notion came to me when having a conversation with someone last year.  It struck me that, when discussing any particular individual, we as a society always get to see the complete products, the full versions of individuals, and that’s not unlike seeing the movie version of a book.  The same way a movie will never hold everything a book did, such as The Hobbit, for example, an individual’s life is rarely ever seen through the full scope of their actions; rather, what we get is the shiny Hollywood version of what an individual became; the life of an individual is seen as all neat, polished, and in a finished form.  That does a great disservice to the study of each of these individuals and others.
This is a consideration that deserves a lot more rumination and will be expounded upon at length given the ramifications that it has for the study of the power of individuals and everything they have accomplished, do accomplish, and will accomplish in history.
[3] Why would I mention that these individuals mentioned are Breakaway Individuals?  Because as individuals, each of the individuals mentioned, and many more, were incredibly ahead of their peers, in fact, sometimes generations ahead.  Some of them were so far ahead that it could be argued they haven’t been topped, even now, millennia later.  If that’s not the definition of a Breakaway Individual, nothing is.  A notion to be pondered more in depth in the future, as it serves as the very foundation for this blog.

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About The Author:

Zy Marquiez is an avid book reviewer, inquirer, an open-minded skeptic, yogi, and freelance writer who aims at empowering individuals while also studying and regularly mirroring subjects like Consciousness, Education, Creativity, The Individual, Ancient History & Ancient Civilizations, Forbidden Archaeology, Big Pharma, Alternative Health, Space, Geoengineering, Social Engineering, Propaganda, and much more.

Who This Blog Is For


“The purpose of life is a life of purpose.”
– Robert Byrne

“The most pervasive disease to plague the human race is the disease of being normal.”
– JP Sears

As a preamble, let’s preface the body of this piece with who this blog isn’t for.

This blog is not for individuals seeking the easy way out.

This blog is not for individuals that are lazy by choice and lackadaisical.

This blog is definitely not for people who value conformity in any way shape or form.

This blog is not for people who are afraid to question anything.

This blog is certainly not for individuals that just want comfort or want issues sugar coated by the media matrix.

This blog is also not for people who want pre-packaged ideas and wish not to put critical thought into understanding their reality structure.

Also, this blog is also not for individuals who don’t practice self-education.

And this blog finally isn’t for people who just want to be told what is best for them. Only the individual can decide what is best for them.

With that, Who is this blog for?

This particular blog is for the many individuals who strive to learn more from life; the individuals who will not be held back on their journey to achieve the pinnacle of their dreams – their true dreams, and not the ones prescribed by society.

This blog is for individuals seeking to breakaway – to become their very best in every way shape and form.

This blog is for individuals who not only want a better world, but are willing to work for it and not lay stagnant waiting for change.

This blog is for individuals who wish to understand reality for what it is, no matter how uncomfortable it is, and not for the what the mainstream media matrix says it is.

This blog is for individuals that are not only willing to help themselves, but also willing to take others under their wing and help create a new culture – a new way of thinking.

Are you tired of the cookie cutter answers the establishment has ready-made for every single scenario that props up, but is never truly solved? Then this blog is for you.

Are you searching for answers as to why the world is screwed up and don’t seem to find any semblance of a viable meaningful solution proposed by the comptrollers then this blog is for you.

Have your instincts taught you not to trust the mainstream media institutions and corporations that lie to you repeatedly? Then this blog is certainly for you.


Now let’s take a side road for a bit.

People are often quick to tell you their likes and their dislikes. Regrettably, many a time we rarely hear an individual’s true passions if those particular dreams go against the grain. This is because some people often criticize everything that doesn’t conform to their particular reality and personal point of views, which prevents nonconforming individuals from opening up to them.  Moreover, this also prevents unique individuals from flourishing as they only share their passions at the outskirts of societal circles.

With all that in mind, what is it YOU want? What is it you truly want? What is it you are passionate about?  Are you living the life you wish for? If not, are you at least pushing beyond conventional thought to solve the issues preventing you from attaining and creating your reality and dreams?

It’s easy to live the comfortable life – the prescribed life. Unfortunately, that tends to get people in a funk, and often takes between months and years to realize, or worse. Heaven forbid you think outside the box.  Or better, that there is no box.

Thankfully, if you’ve read this far, you are either at the vanguard of the tidal wave of change that’s taking place in the undercurrents of our societal ocean, or ready for a significant change. You are the type of individual making changes, pushing against the grain, cracking bricks of conformity with toothpicks of rebellion that give globalists splitting headaches at night.  That is because you are the key to this whole enigma – the free individual, who this blog is for.

Being the only ship making berth towards a unique bearing, while the rest of the armada is anchored at the harbor can be quite daunting. It can seem you are not just the tip of the spear, but the entire spear itself, and can only count on yourself. You are your own help, your own protector – even your very own liberator. But isn’t what life is all about, about challenge? Thankfully, we are not alone in this journey. But some particular battles rest upon on you, and only you.  And how you choose to live your life is one of them.

It is you who ultimately holds the volition for the resounding choices to be made. It is you who will have the knack for success when the chance arises, or will learn from possible missteps on your path to knowledge and wisdom before reloading. It is you who has the brass stones to plow forth through the inferno of conformity, dislodging all obstacles in your path, and it is certainly you who are responsible for your life at the very end, so why not make the choices you want, live the life that you desire?

Striving to create something greater for yourself [and others] takes a lot of drive, inspiration, imagination and courage. It also requires a lot of effort and truck loads of focused intent, that when carried out efficiently leave will your naysayers in the star dust.

Best of all is that, as you learn and grow along your journey and breakaway from the conventional, the monotonous and the prescribed, you will grow and shine brighter as an individual, and the brighter you shine the easier it will be for you to guide others through the darkness.

And if such words resonate with you, then that’s why this blog is for you.


Note: This blog was inspired by the work of Jon Rappoport from, who made a post by a similar name.

Engulfed In A Whirlwind Of Inspiration

“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day of the year.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

“You are never too old to set another goal, or to dream a new dream.”
– C.S. Lewis

Inspiration is a wonderful thing.  When you have it, your consciousness is energized to the core – an ever-present nuclear reactor unleashing energy at magnitudes greater than you could ever catch up.  It is that powerful.  This is one of those moments.

There are various conditions which inspire us.  Some of them are circumstances of myriad types, while others are individuals themselves.  In my case, the inspiration for this blog is an amalgamation of both.

The circumstances that have inspired me are my health getting better in synchronistic fashion, which will be detailed at a cursory manner later, and the incredible personal growth that has taken place and is still ongoing.  As far as individuals who have inspired me are concerned, there are a few that stand far above the rest.

The individuals whom have consistently put out not only high quality work, but a type of work that is genuine, meaningful, inspirational, and yet instantly recognizable, are the following:

Jim Marrs: The late Jim Marrs, was a very well respected, and highly influential individual in the alternative media.  His book Alien Agenda was what cracked the media-related reality egg for me and made me aware that the matrix that we live in was in fact a carefully constructed reality.  Assimilating his profound research on various subject matter helped paved the way for a path I never knew I would get into, yet alone begin researching heavily.  If you want to understand the world, all of his books are fantastic, and that is not an understatement.  Dive into the deep-end, and be prepared to have your reality extended in a plethora of directions;

Jon Rappoport ( Rappoport’s work has been especially influential to me in various ways.  Admittedly, what first caught my attention was his incisive work on the Flu and Viruses, which were covered in such incisive ways that it spawned a lot of my personal research into these subjects.  Be that as it may, what fuels me personally in a powerful way is his work on imagination and the importance of logic.  Rappoport’s work on these subjects is arguably some of the most fascinating because it filters into all other subjects in intriguing ways, and should not be taken lightly;

Dr. Joseph P. Farrell ( Farrell’s work became known to me soon after I found Rappoport’s work.  I had the pleasure of meeting not only Farrell at the Secret Space Program Conference, in Bastrop Texas in 2015, but I also met the late Jim Marrs, and Walter Bosley as well.  This conference significantly cemented much of what I had learned not only from Farrell, but others as well, and it helped me see things in a much larger scope than previously imagined.  After reading Dr. Farrell’s trilogy on the Breakaway Civilization, I thence began to steamroll through his books at a rapid pace, never getting enough of the research he provides.  What’s more is that, unlike many researchers, be them in the alternative media or otherwise, Farrell always footnotes his work in academic fashion.  This has been crucial to my growth as an inquiring mind and an autodidact.  Farrell’s work is indispensable in understanding the reality we are currently in;

Richard Dolan ( – Dolan has not only put out the unofficial UFO history in phenomenal volumes done in an incisive and academic-like fashion with footnotes to boot, but he also came up with the thesis of a Breakaway Civilization.  The Breakaway Individual is a derivative of his idea, but at an individual level.  Needless to say, if you want a sound, carefully thought-out, and robust approach to understanding some of the more abstruse subjects such as UFOlogy, False Flags, and The Breakaway Civilization, Dolan’s work is a must read.  It was his work on the Breakway Civilizations that made me ruminate upon the idea of individuals, and what they could do to lead a different life, a breakaway life, if that’s even possible.  A life which by definition would not be average given the totality of effort and mindfulness that would be required to always strive to be your best self;

Catherine Austin Fitts ( – I had the opportunity to meet Fitts at the 2015 SSP Conference, but in all honesty, I was too shy to introduce myself.  In fact, she was sitting right behind me, during one of the presentations.  My hesitation got the best of me unfortunately.  Needless to say, if and when the opportunity ever presents itself, I will go out of my comfort zone and hopefully meet her.  That said, Fitts has done yeomen’s work in respect to the missing trillions, that has now been corroborated by Dr. Mark Skidmore.  (Read more at: Moreover, on her website,, Fitts is always covering overlooked subjects such as Culture, Space, Geopolitics, and much more.   In her member podcasts, Fitts has also hosted the aforementioned names as well as countless others.  It is in these ongoing conversations that Fitts has been having with her guests that she has gotten into the importance of culture, and how vital it is to create a new type of culture that is not bound by toxic ideals, anti-human values, and all things nonsensical;

Walter Bosley – Bosley’s work has had a similar effect on me as Farrell’s work.  His work has helped open up avenues of thought previously unconsidered, and has helped not only my dot-connecting, but also think about history in a different, and yet fascinating fashion.  Bosley’s Secret Mission’s book series is my favorite, but all his books are important as he broaches various fascinating subjects.  He is currently working on Secret Missions 4 as of this moment, and I am definitely looking forward to that book;

John Taylor Gatto – Gatto’s unfortunate recent passing left a significant personal hole in me.  My acclimation to his work came much later to the work of all of the above, but is certainly not any less important.  Gatto, as Dr. Farrell put it in a Facebook thread, was “the last sane national voice in education!”   With a crumbling educational system, and a targeted torpedoing of American curricula, it’s hard to argue with that statement.   Especially given all the work Gatto has been doing over the years describing what is taking place with the dumbing down of society.  Within the education system, no one fought harder, fought louder, or in a more salient fashion than Gatto.  Becoming familiar with Gatto’s work made me appreciate education in a much deeper way.  Not that I did not appreciate it before, but his work allowed me to view what was taking place for what it was, and helped me realize that if any meaningful change is going to come, it has to come from the ground up, at a grass roots level.  That is part of what this blog is about, to help individuals grow.  This is why Gatto’s work is so vital and influential to me.

My mentioning of the above individuals is in no way shape or form meant to convince you of anything.  If you are reading this blog and have made it this far, you made it by your own volition.  Similarly, whether you believe in any of the theses of the authors above, that is a choice I leave to you – it is yours to make, and only yours.

Coming to your own conclusions is worth way more because it has to pass your litmus test, your personal scrutiny and not those prepackaged by others.  The fact remains however, that whether you agree with the authors above or not, the work that is being put out by them is high-quality work that should not be overlooked, and if you are serious about your attempts to understand this world, this type of work should be carefully considered and ruminated upon at length, and if needed, repeatedly.

Individuals cannot discover new personal horizons unless they are willing to move out of their comfort zones.  And no individual can breakaway unless he is willing to go beyond anything they ever previously conceived in order to master themselves.

As individuals, we can watch the world change, or we can change it ourselves.  All it requires is a shift in our quality of consciousness.

Authoring y/our own future – a new future – begins with a first step – a new journey – into a boundless horizon.

As Paul Coelho once stated:

“The world is changed by your example not by your opinion.”

What example are YOU going to set?

This article is free and open source. You are encouraged and have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Zy Marquiez
About The Author:

Zy Marquiez is a Poker Player, CEO, Business Owner, Open-Minded Skeptic, Book Reviewer, Researcher, Writer, Yoga Dilettante & Reformed Carmel Macchiato Addict.