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“The starting point of all achievement is desire.  Keep this constantly in mind.  Weak desire brings weak results, just as a small fire makes a small amount of heat.”
– Napoleon Hill

Note: I wonder whether Hill would see desire as interchangeable with drive or perseverance?  What do you all think?  Still though, amazing quote and analogy.

Who This Blog Is For


“The purpose of life is a life of purpose.”
– Robert Byrne

“The most pervasive disease to plague the human race is the disease of being normal.”
– JP Sears

As a preamble, let’s preface the body of this piece with who this blog isn’t for.

This blog is not for individuals seeking the easy way out.

This blog is not for individuals that are lazy by choice and lackadaisical.

This blog is definitely not for people who value conformity in any way shape or form.

This blog is not for people who are afraid to question anything.

This blog is certainly not for individuals that just want comfort or want issues sugar coated by the media matrix.

This blog is also not for people who want pre-packaged ideas and wish not to put critical thought into understanding their reality structure.

Also, this blog is also not for individuals who don’t practice self-education.

And this blog finally isn’t for people who just want to be told what is best for them. Only the individual can decide what is best for them.

With that, Who is this blog for?

This particular blog is for the many individuals who strive to learn more from life; the individuals who will not be held back on their journey to achieve the pinnacle of their dreams – their true dreams, and not the ones prescribed by society.

This blog is for individuals seeking to breakaway – to become their very best in every way shape and form.

This blog is for individuals who not only want a better world, but are willing to work for it and not lay stagnant waiting for change.

This blog is for individuals who wish to understand reality for what it is, no matter how uncomfortable it is, and not for the what the mainstream media matrix says it is.

This blog is for individuals that are not only willing to help themselves, but also willing to take others under their wing and help create a new culture – a new way of thinking.

Are you tired of the cookie cutter answers the establishment has ready-made for every single scenario that props up, but is never truly solved? Then this blog is for you.

Are you searching for answers as to why the world is screwed up and don’t seem to find any semblance of a viable meaningful solution proposed by the comptrollers then this blog is for you.

Have your instincts taught you not to trust the mainstream media institutions and corporations that lie to you repeatedly? Then this blog is certainly for you.


Now let’s take a side road for a bit.

People are often quick to tell you their likes and their dislikes. Regrettably, many a time we rarely hear an individual’s true passions if those particular dreams go against the grain. This is because some people often criticize everything that doesn’t conform to their particular reality and personal point of views, which prevents nonconforming individuals from opening up to them.  Moreover, this also prevents unique individuals from flourishing as they only share their passions at the outskirts of societal circles.

With all that in mind, what is it YOU want? What is it you truly want? What is it you are passionate about?  Are you living the life you wish for? If not, are you at least pushing beyond conventional thought to solve the issues preventing you from attaining and creating your reality and dreams?

It’s easy to live the comfortable life – the prescribed life. Unfortunately, that tends to get people in a funk, and often takes between months and years to realize, or worse. Heaven forbid you think outside the box.  Or better, that there is no box.

Thankfully, if you’ve read this far, you are either at the vanguard of the tidal wave of change that’s taking place in the undercurrents of our societal ocean, or ready for a significant change. You are the type of individual making changes, pushing against the grain, cracking bricks of conformity with toothpicks of rebellion that give globalists splitting headaches at night.  That is because you are the key to this whole enigma – the free individual, who this blog is for.

Being the only ship making berth towards a unique bearing, while the rest of the armada is anchored at the harbor can be quite daunting. It can seem you are not just the tip of the spear, but the entire spear itself, and can only count on yourself. You are your own help, your own protector – even your very own liberator. But isn’t what life is all about, about challenge? Thankfully, we are not alone in this journey. But some particular battles rest upon on you, and only you.  And how you choose to live your life is one of them.

It is you who ultimately holds the volition for the resounding choices to be made. It is you who will have the knack for success when the chance arises, or will learn from possible missteps on your path to knowledge and wisdom before reloading. It is you who has the brass stones to plow forth through the inferno of conformity, dislodging all obstacles in your path, and it is certainly you who are responsible for your life at the very end, so why not make the choices you want, live the life that you desire?

Striving to create something greater for yourself [and others] takes a lot of drive, inspiration, imagination and courage. It also requires a lot of effort and truck loads of focused intent, that when carried out efficiently leave will your naysayers in the star dust.

Best of all is that, as you learn and grow along your journey and breakaway from the conventional, the monotonous and the prescribed, you will grow and shine brighter as an individual, and the brighter you shine the easier it will be for you to guide others through the darkness.

And if such words resonate with you, then that’s why this blog is for you.


Note: This blog was inspired by the work of Jon Rappoport from NoMoreFakeNews.com, who made a post by a similar name.