The Black Economy [Pt. 2 of 2] – A Conversation With Catherine Austin Fitts
Zy Marquiez
April 19, 2019

There is simply no other person that understands what happens in the financial sector like Catherine Austin Fitts.

Not only does Fitts understand the Black Budget better than anyone in the public sector, but she’s also an incredibly caring and genuine individual, which is something you rarely see at all, yet alone in financial sector.  Fitts has done yeomen’s work and is highly underrated in alternative media.

Catherine Austin Fitts also have an incredible website at

For more information on this abstruse topic, read and watch:

The Black Budget – Catherine Austin Fitts

In the following interview below, Al from Forum Borealis pursues enquiry with SEC Fitts into the Dark Economy, with facts & figures. How much assets did Bormann control after WW2? Will a world crash end oligarch power? How’s the Deep State looting YOU? How’s minimum 21 trillion $ sacked from U.S. state? How was 911 a plunder party? What’s the hidden system of finance? How many officials know & how many are in on it? Do foreign powers know? Is there in-fighting at the top? How to get out of the mess? Can a POTUS impose change? What’s blackmailing control files? What ECON models work? How’s the black budget laundered? What’s it producing & where?



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